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Cloudy heavenIn the National Institute of Health, I underwent brain surgery to rid hot spots causing seizures. As they operated, still awake for them to tell what could be removed and what could not as they probed in my brain, when I was put to sleep in the very cold room, I was to rise. Thinking I was levitated, I fought to go back down as I thought soon I would fall. However, high in the room, I was turned and sat up as I watched the many surgeons operate quickly on my brain.


As I felt at peace, I was laid down and was pulled up through floors and ceilings passing many others that seemed worse off then me on other floors.


As I was lifted out of the rooftop and quickly went to the clouds. They separated as rays of heat and brightness cleansing my soul as I realized only that my soul had come that far. As I saw the clouds open, bright rays of light shot down blinding me as my soul was cleansed or seemed to be as I wondered why my eyes were still with my soul.


The rays were blocked by one in a white robe with curly hair and no beard or mustache. He looked like my uncle Mac who had earlier died.


"Not yet, not yet," he kindly stated as the clouds covered up the rays and he blocked my passage in. So upset that I was not allowed yet, I swiftly fell from above and through the floors/ceilings. Entering the operating room, surgeons were quickly working on me as if to save my life. As I reentered my body, everything went black as I had already been out for the count.


Nobody in the hospital believed me many days later. My speech had to be retrained and also my walking and other senses.


At times still today, I meet dead relatives in my sleep as nobody else around can see them. Having seizures since 13 months old, the hot spot that was taken out promoted the dormant hot spot to fire up. So you see, I am not blind but am an epileptic until I die!

"The conquering of self is truly greater than were one to conquer many worlds." - Edgar Cayce

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