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Having surgery for a hysterectomy in 1986 at the age of 29 years, I woke up half way through the surgery.


Having heard the voice of my doctor saying, "She looks good. Let's stitch her up now," the next comment I heard, was "Oh, oh. She's coming out of it. Quickly give her -----."


At that moment, I saw my feet hanging out of the bed, lying flat. I saw a white sheet. Wondering what was happening, I remember looking under the bed, to see the sheet flap (as if being blown by the wind) but no bed, nothing. At that moment, I started to move forward - feet first. I started to accelerate. It was as though I was moving through a star system, only it was faster than anything I have ever experienced. I saw my husband, working at his desk, flash past me on the left hand side of my body. Just like a picture, I saw my mother-in-law hanging out the washing and my two oldest children riding their bikes around the clothes line. I then went even faster. The stars passed by me like the speed of which I could only imagine what light would be. 

I then arrived in a void. It was completely black. I felt there was an edge to where I was. I sensed there were others near me - animals and humans. It was echoey and I saw nothing but black and I felt frightened. I remember yelling out as loud as I could, "Please I don't want to die. I have to say goodbye to my baby and my other children. Please don't let me die."


At that moment the next thing I remember was lying in a hospital bed with drips etc. My mother told me I was yelling out, "Please don't let me die," over and over. This was 3 days later. 

I spoke to my doctor 5 days later after I had broken down after sharing my emotions. He told me that I did wake up during surgery and I had a massive asthma attack. I had not been given anything hallucinogenic and something had happened and I was one of many. He could not help me understand why I did not see the white light every other person he had spoken to had seen. I have come to terms with this now and I believe I only went to the lower plan of dying. 

I am a Christian and always have been, but this only added to my confusion at the time.

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal." - Thomas Moore

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