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In 1969, I gave birth to my son. My husband was in Vietnam at the time. I was 17 years old and had a very complicated delivery. Both the baby and myself were in very serious condition and were not expected to live. I was bleeding to death and it got to a point that I didn't care. All I could think of was the peacefulness I was experiencing. I just wanted to wrap it all around me like a child.


I passed out before the baby was born. When the delivery was over, I was taken to my room and packed in ice from the neck down. My mother and father were there, as well as several other family members and friends.


My mother was sitting to my left and holding my hand. My father was standing behind her with his hand on her shoulder. My oldest brother was sitting a chair at the end of my bed and had his arm resting on the footboard holding my foot. There was several people standing around in the room holding each other and weeping ever so softly.


I saw all of this from the ceiling and there were two "beings" with me, both to the left of me. They were talking to each other and I was mesmerized by the sight below. I was totally "detached." I felt no emotions what so ever. I asked the "being" closest to me, "What is everybody weeping for?"


The being said, "You will have to go back soon in order to complete God's will. But don't worry. Both you and your son will be fine very soon. Do not fear for we are with you always?"


I didn't get a feeling of drifting back into my body or anything, just like I didn't have a feeling or memory of leaving it.


I opened my eyes at the very second the doctor came into the room and made everybody leave but my parents. He sat in the chair that my mother was sitting in and took hold of my arm and said, "We have sent to Vietnam for your husband. You have had a lot of complications and it is very serious. You've lost a lot of blood."


I stopped him at that point and said, "Don't worry, me and my son are going to be just fine very soon."


The doctor looked at my parents and asked how long I had been awake. Mom said, "She woke up when you came in."


The doctor asked her, "How did I know the sex of my child?" I don't think he believed her.


The following day, I got word from the nurses that my husband was on his way from the airport. They picked my husband up right out of the DMZ (combat zone) and he had his orders waiting on him when he reached stateside. There was an NCO waiting at the airport for him with his orders.


My son was removed from the critical that same night as well as myself. My husband got to stay home for 35 days before going back to Nam. When he got back there, he learned the same day he was picked up by chopper and removed from the DMZ, that his unit was caught by firefight and the tank in which my husband would have normally been sitting as gunner was destroyed. All but two of the crew died.


I have a knack for pulling things right out of thin air. Things about people that I don't even know. I have been this way ever since the birth of my son. I was connected to every kind of life saving equipment you can think of. I felt very calm with the "beings" like they were a part of me. Yet, I can't remember why.

I believe that I was used, to save the life of my husband. My son today is a Jet Mechanic at the Navel Base in Maryland and is very, very intuitive for his age.


A little unusual, don't you think?

"Your religion is where your love is." - Henry David Thoreau

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