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The following is the NDE testimony of a married couple each of whom had an NDE within two months of each other. Their NDEs were influential in bringing them together in holy matrimony. These two people wish to remain anonymous because they are not seeking religious persecution from the religionists they know. For this reason, they refer to themselves as Sixwings (the wife) and Sixwings11 (the husband). The following is an excerpt of their writings which appears in long form at I want to thank LC the owner of whose email is for bringing these wonderful people and their NDEs to my attention.


The NDE of Sixwings


You may be wondering why I am called "Sixwings." This is from my NDE. Traveling through the 'tunnel' of light at incredible speed, there were two beings on each side of me. They told me telepathically they were angels. We began to slow down and I could see a portal or doorway ahead. I remember thinking that it was similar to a landing pad. I began taking in what I could at this slower pace. I saw that the tunnel of light were actually angels standing side by side on both sides of us each possessing six wings! Two placed as we are traditionally taught, however much larger and magnificent. These touched the same wings of the angel on either side of them. They each had another set coming off their upper backs. These extended up and over -- touching the same wings of the angel opposite them forming a half circle "roof." Then each had two more coming from their ankles. These formed the other half circle - the "floor" of the tunnel.

This is an interesting side note: I understood that only the Light gave them any form similar to air giving a balloon form. Later I was shown the fall of Lucifer. The best example is a fully blown balloon (untied) and released -- chaotic with no direction just as a balloon would be.

These angels forming the tunnel were sculpted in a human form, instead of marble or granite, they would be described as light bulbs! I looked beyond them and saw this darkness -- deep and blacker than black. I was getting terrified. I understood this as "outer darkness." There were places and levels there also. It was not hell; but that's another topic.

I then saw Jesus at the portal opening. He was expecting me. There was no doubt of that. He is a thousand times more loving than anything this realm can perceive. I even hesitate that I should place a limit on this love. Some would ask how I knew this was Jesus. Because I KNEW him. I knew I had known him before. It was like dearly beloved old friends too long apart.

He reached out not able to wait for my actual landing and pulled me into his arms. Instantly, or the veil is pulled down on memory concerning anything that took place in between, to my memory, I felt as though I tumbled into what would be described as "the throne room." Perhaps this was another level and in traveling there, I didn't slow up to land. But I was crumpled on the floor wondering why this didn't hurt. This floor was as a soft cushion yet at the same time without any give. It appeared to be pure gold combined with techniques that are yet to be discovered in this realm. It was blown (glass) gold. I looked around me and it was then I realized I must have died.

This was written by John [of the Book of Revelation]. Yet, we cannot perceive its truth. There is little reference for us here to understand what John truthfully described.

There was a throne before me. There were holy beings lined up and in rows on each side. Hundreds. There was a shift in the atmosphere. A holy music telepathically came from these beings and I heard telepathically many voices saying, "HE'S HERE ... HE'S COMING IN." At the same time, these beings in a human form and beautifully colored and arrayed began "sprouting" wings.

I must define sprouting. These wings are retractable! Years later I was to see here in this realm some of the fantasy movies' armour "form and retract" exactly how these wings did also. Each being had three sets of wings. This was just awesome to me! I understood also that all things do proceed from above. I believe that one day this concept will not be a fantasy of which I had no reference to on Earth even in fantasy form for years thereafter. Yet the fantasy was birthed here from "above." I also understand why some people believe that angels do not have wings at all or with only two. Ezekiel saw four two-sets of wings on the cherubs.

The next event was that I looked up and saw the Father -- wrathful. I'm referring to my belief prior to my meeting him. This was due to fear-based religion. Jesus, I had perceived as love, but the Father as this wrathful, angry, punishing God that only Jesus could control as if they had cut a dysfunctional "deal."

As I look back on this belief it truly seems to me that the fear in religion is so occultic -- like the sacrifice (Jesus) to appease the god(s) ...

I was terrified. This was my belief living this Earth realm so it was there also for me.

In speed that cannot be described, I was taken through what some refer to as a "life review." I felt everything I had ever done to another and myself from the least act to the greatest. This terrified me even more. I was literally groveling on the floor before the Father and this did not set well with Him at all. Whoa! And what I felt from Him I perceived as that hell was just around the corner. What I felt was Righteous Anger. Oh yes, but there is no reference for this on Earth. Man's anger has no part whatsoever in what is true Righteous Anger. But what I felt from Him was about this. He said, "Why is she groveling??? (and this to everyone in the room)

I peeked through my hands and I knew He was telepathically speaking with Jesus. I must add that when He asked this question his voice was like thunder. It was booming and resonated through me. It kept echoing outward through the universe. My word does not go out void.

He then spoke to me so tenderly. "Don't you know that my children do not grovel before me? Stand up. Now come to me."

He took me in his arms and upon His lap like a father with their child. He spoke to me about fearing Him. There was nothing to fear of or in Him. There is no punishment in or of Him. This is from man alone.

"They are lying about me," He said. "Man punishes themselves and others."

I could not possibly write here of every knowing that was placed in me by Him. Does this sound egotistical? It would to me. I must clarify once again that I only received a drop of knowledge out of the oceans of the world in comparison to what is contained in the Father. This full realization was known to me at that time.

This "program" was what I needed first and that yet would have to be integrated fully into my system when I returned. There were still those shadows I must heal with Spirit and the Truth and the help of those who made agreements with me before this lifetime began.

"WE speak that WE do KNOW and testify that WE have seen and ye receive not our witness." -- John 3:11

"And NO man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven." -- John 3:13

This scripture is evidence of pre-existence. Why do I have a feeling that some of you also know this already? It was another burning question! I remember questioning this scripture to those in the church long ago. This was met with irritation. Or, I would receive a great deal of theological distractive jargon which in fact had no reference to the question. The answers I received were nonsensical.

The Orb was light proceeding from within the Father. It wasn't a perfect circle. It was flowing and bursting forth from Him at the same time. There were rays and also small orbs or balls of light breaking off of the whole. Oh, yes! These smaller orbs breaking off the whole had various reasons for doing so. Some were returning to this realm (and I understood other realms) as "ghosts." I would say in this context, some come to help those who are wandering on this plane. They don't know they are dead or they are terrified of moving on because they believe they will go to hell. Some are ancestors -- even to these dark entities -- some ancestors or friends to those alive here. Some are about to enter a fetus and begin their incarnation here.

The levels are Infinite! There is no arrival destination other than the light! I know I am inadequate in defining this. We desire home -- the whole of the light -- but once in this light there are absolutely magnificent worlds or levels of further destinations "deep unto deep" into the light. This would describe I AM!!! There is one major difference: the oppression that is in this Earth realm, including the body, is not within the light and these levels of light worlds. There is also a "prison." Those that have learning, not punishment, to evolve their fearful beliefs into the understanding of the love of God. This may take more than one level to learn through before they go on to the Father. My husband experienced this on his NDE as I did on another level. I will add though, Jesus was in this place he went to. He was there for him. The great teacher! As he was for all in these levels. There is no hell which religion declares to control the people by fear!

When I heard, "HE'S HERE -- HE'S COMING," I was to understand in the Father's arms that He came to me from at that moment from a much deeper level -- to the level I was only able to reach. His love is that great. He resides within and moves throughout these levels of the whole of his light.

From that I know that one does not understand all they have seen and heard. I have to say there is a handicap in knowing through an NDE that is the integration of this into our body system. One who receives knowing while in their body is in fact at an incredible advantage. I did see as face to face. That is remarkable. But it also presents an incredible burden. It is not unheard of to take many years to integrate all one has seen and heard on the Other Side. One who receives on this side -- the knowing -- well I know what that's like also. It permeates through one's entire system. What I have experienced in my past and still do when more integration is flowing could be likened to a paralysis. One knows how to walk but one cannot bring it forth.

"Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet believed."

I intimately understand this truth. Although I am grateful beyond words for my NDE I also understand the burden. I was even instructed how to fast a particular way for one reason so that being in my body once again would be more tolerable. Also, I understood this is due to the flesh DNA. This is another reason we here are having difficulty in attaining what we know to be true. Science has proven just how much information is passed on through DNA. This is evolving from us. The Dark Ages were particularly damaging and this takes time to purge from our DNA. Just that alone! I also experienced misunderstanding of what I heard! Yet the path is narrow. These misunderstandings did not fit. I also believe Paul experienced a martyr victim persona. I believe due to guilt for his vengeful persecutions upon the early church. He evolves from quite a bit of abuse upon himself to "miraculously" skating out of stonings and beatings. This guilt would also filter through his understanding of what he hears within or from his NDE. Also I see a gradual change in Paul's writings over time. He seems to begin the integration -- the theme of "hell fire" seems to be purging out of him a little. I think the mistake is made in believing Paul could possibly be "All Knowing" by religion.

Angels? I can't begin to describe to you what I saw in that "throne room." There were "creatures" -- the most beautiful creatures imaginable. I just looked up John's Revelation Chapter 4:7. This is John's description:

"In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures, and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back. The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle." - Rev. 4:7

And see Chap 5:11:

"Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders." - Rev. 5:11

There are probably more. I haven't studied Revelation since I had my NDE.

I knew from that time on that I didn't need to worry about it anymore. I knew the truth about myself and why I really studied this particular book. Worry, or rather fear, and somehow I believed in studying them I could control what was pre-ordained for me to go through or not. My interest is sparking me to begin studying it again for different reasons now! These "creatures" John calls beasts, that strikes our modern minds as with a monstrous appearance; but, they are truly beautiful. I knew at the time they had abilities that the "angels" did not have. I knew that there were many more creatures. Rev. 5:11 gives some agreement to this.

The angels with the six wings in the "throne room" were different than the ones who had six wings and lit the tunnel. They were more solid -- not so much as an appearance of a "light bulb" form. They had exquisite coloring and garments. I also understood that as on Earth there are so many wonderful creatures. Why shouldn't there also be on the Other Side?

Jesus even spoke to my amazement at this. He said there were actually unicorns on Earth and are now extinct because the horns were believed by men to possess magical powers. The myths surrounding them are just that. (Rhinos are facing this same thing today for their horns!)

I knew and understood that "mankind" could act as "angels" also. I truly believe that many encounters we have with what we believe are traditional angels are actually those from the Other Side and not limited to direct "relatives" to a person.

I truly believe "the elders" (who I also saw and who Jesus was standing with in the "throne room." I heard "the Masters" and "the Ancient Ones" in terming who they were) visit us at those major moments of spiritual awakenings throughout our lives. I believe the angels who visit us on Earth are also messengers. There were also cherubims. Like the beasts or creatures, I could not describe these to you. Even re-reading John's account of the beasts, I have no memory recall other than they were exquisitely colored and magnificent. No bird on Earth is arrayed like these!

I've been asked to describe Jesus. What color is his hair? Well, like his eyes, the color of love. That's exactly why I can't describe him physically! Just about all of us have been there -- in Love. Ah! So completely in love we didn't even notice a flaw -- those minor physical flaws that all of us have. No, our beloved was perfect.

I'm struggling with verbalizing what has been locked inside me for so many years. I feel I should write first more concerning my life review. This NDE was first and foremost my wakeup. I saw myself in my nakedness fully when I went through my "life review" me, the Spirit-filled, Church-going, tithing, plus love offering, Christian. This was not a pretty sight. This was also my hell. I am my own Hell.

When Jesus said "entering into hell," this was it -- myself -- this life review. Quite frankly, it is worse than what religion describes as hell. I'm not saying this to place fear in anyone. I would add that this life review took a time not of hell's eternity; but in the twinkling of an eye. Grace without a doubt took on a completely different meaning and value to me.

Eternal hell -- this is the fact that who we are upon the time of leaving this realm we do take with us into eternity. Jesus isn't up there with a magic wand turning us into all perfection and all knowledge upon arrival. The Love there honors all. We don't breathe air there. We breathe in Love. Is that fantastic! Your "spiritual skin pores" breathe this in also without toxicity but love released. No one views anyone as beneath them or, "Boy, didn't they mess up." Whatever we go through is viewed as being courageous in this life. Didn't Christ take sin upon his own self in this realm? We all do. We even take on other's too -- being scapegoats without knowing this. There's few of us who have not experienced having to transform this within ourselves. Sometimes this is extremely difficult. Was not Jesus courageous for this and honored? So are we. As he is our example.

Hell is a prison. Jesus spoke of being in prison until the last debt was paid. He paid this debt. The question arises that if we aren't tapped with a magic wand and we arrive there as we are, what about the criminals? The insane? There are levels and anyone can grow and learn within these levels. When I wrote about the blackness and levels outside the tunnel earlier and I was terrified of going there, I'll say again, I was also terrified of the Father at that point. These levels which are outside the tunnel of light are places of darkness -- varying depths of darkness dependent on the depth of fear of God.

Yes, I said I was terrified of the Father, but prior to my NDE I was also seeking out the truth concerning this very fear. A person who is acting out violent crimes which would also be lacking in intimacy in any way would have fear magnified much more so.

Jesus spoke to me of Charlie Manson at this point. His loving tenderness in speaking of him quite shocked me. Jesus knew also that I had close relatives who were intimate with someone who arrived on the Tate crime scene; therefore, we heard the unpublished gruesome details within hours. I could not imagine anyone doing such atrocities to another and "have a chance in hell," of escaping hell. Now, hearing Jesus speaking of "My, Charlie"???? With such tenderness??? He said this to me, "You wonder at my love for him at how dear he is to me. It is because I know why he did what he did. I knew Charlie from the beginning. I was there when he was a child. I know the pain that his sin is rooted in. I know his pain."

I have read much on NDEs. I have read one widely publicized book that states that hell is reserved for the worst of people like Satanists. I agree with much of this author's writings, but having experienced an NDE myself, I also understand that we can make an assumption or misunderstand what we might only glimpse on the Other Side and how difficult it can be to integrate it through false worldly beliefs in the world. I also am fully aware that this that I write here is not going to be popular in the least. But I can't cover this up. Jesus did come for the whole world. That would include everyone. Charlie Manson was the leader of a Satanic Cult. There is a level in this darkness provided for healing, growth, and fears dissolving. Then entering into the next level. No "altar call" necessary. Jesus didn't have one altar call. He knows how people can be saved from themselves.

Jesus took me through many visual learning experiences. The following is another.

Jesus took me to this great room filled with the masses. As Jesus and I stood there, as if we were spirits looking through the veil, Jesus was also on that Other Side of the veil with these masses (this could lead some to believe he is omnipresent, rather virtual reality, in its perfect form!) Everyone in the room knew he was about to honor someone in this room. I saw at the front of these masses many preachers & evangelists, all being very pleased with the "work" that they had done on Earth for God. Jesus walked right past them all to their shock. He wandered through the crowds way to the back. There he stopped by an old woman. You could hear the buzz. "What's he doing? Who is this woman?" No one knew who she was. The woman herself was suddenly understanding that he was by her and not someone close to her.

She said, "Oh surely not me Lord?"

He placed his hand on her shoulder and said, "You did exactly what I told you to do. You did not do what man told you or, what you thought you 'should' do. But you did the very works that you were on Earth to do -- nothing more -- which would crowd out what you were here to do. These works had great effect as a result. Without them many other planned works would be jammed."

I'm not saying that this actual event takes place on the Other Side. This was a learning tool for me like the parables. I can forego the public honoring. That without a doubt. My sole desire is to do only what I am here to do and that by love. If it is only one word, so be it. The least is the greatest. This "greatest" is not always publicly known. But very much the simplicity of doing what seems to man to be the least, yet one is greatly fulfilled by fulfilling this perfect plan that the Father has pre-ordained for us. Small acts, if led from obedience to God, are involved in a ripple effect. Again, "My word does not go out void." This would not exempt great scaled works either. But all are as nothing if manmade in any shape or form. Love is central to this all. We all must learn to be "abased" and also to "abound" Perhaps I am also stuck on the small things and I must allow my vision to broaden.



The NDE of Sixwings11

I was killed in a lone auto accident. I wrapped my car around a telephone pole at 90+ mph, not intentionally. The road followed three sets of train tracks and I had just crossed over the train bridge and was going down a hill with an abrupt turn at the bottom. I remember turning and straightening out and that's all.

After the impact, I was conscious. My head hurt. I was not wearing a seatbelt and had flown into the corner of the roof post and the windshield on the passenger side. I felt my head and it was bleeding profusely. I remember saying, "Oh s***" and opened the drivers door and fell out of the car.

The next thing I remember, I was standing next to my body. The pain was gone. In fact, I felt pretty good. I knew I had died at that moment and felt sadness for a time that my life was over. I thought of my parents, family and friends, and ... uh oh ... what have I done here? I knew this was it. Then I wondered what happens next.

I started to hear a low pitched hum and it grew louder and louder. I began to float over the scene of the wreck and then over my body as if to say goodbye to myself, "It is almost time to go on." I didn't think to "go" to my parents or anyone at the time which now seems odd to me, almost selfish, because I was very close to them all. I was enamored with wonderment at my situation. I felt strangely at peace with the entire scene before me. Then I felt pulled rapidly from the scene as if I were being lifted up backwards and began to enter into a tornado-like tunnel. The humming sound was very loud now and I was traveling very fast for a long time. I remember wanting to stop because I could feel every atom of my being strained to its limit. I felt like I was being torn to shreds by the velocity.

I saw a bright light and slowly, slowed down and "landed" on the top of a grassy hill. I was standing there and thought to myself, " I must be dead." I heard a voice in my chest and in my head reply, "You are."

I was also aware of someone behind me, though I didn't turn around. I looked out from my vantage point and saw a pulsating orb to my left. Kind of like our sun, but closer and with a white/golden color. Beams of light were emanating forth slightly and returning to it. I looked forward and could see a valley, surrounded by mountains with millions of people in this valley dancing, singing and raising their arms in praise. They were bathed in the light of this orb. I was asking questions and they were being answered immediately; telepathically.

Then I felt a hand on my back gently but forcefully "leading" me toward the valley. As we approached the valley, I noticed these clay-like figures surrounding the "worshippers." They were hideous, tall, and their eyes staring blindly forward. They seemed "wrapped in darkness," stoic, and lifeless. Each one was about eight feet apart and formed a gruesome "fence" about the valley. They all faced away from it. I looked through into the valley between them and saw a woman (whose daughter I met four years later -- a friend I had yet to make on Earth, Her mom) singing and clapping and praising God for all she was worth. She looked at me as if to say, "Praise Him and do it now!!!

I was led up to one of these figures and I instinctively repulsed, but to no avail. The "leading" put me face to face with this cold clammy being and my hair stood up on end like I had just put my finger into an electrical outlet. I had seen myself and knew I belonged inside this self-entity. Yet I couldn't accept it.

I screamed in sheer terror, "Jesus !!!" I turned to my left and saw Him there. I jumped into Him, wrapping my arms and legs around His body and squeezed Him, and wouldn't let go. He comforted me and carried me to a place of peace and asked if I wanted to go back to my life and right the wrongs I had been doing. I must have agreed to, because all of the sudden, I was back over the scene of the wreck and there were all the lights flashing from the police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. My body was surrounded with paramedics and their equipment. A crowd had gathered across the roadway.

I heard them say, "Give up. He's gone."

And one paramedic said, "I'll give it one more try."

They hit me with the paddles again, and I remember thinking, "I really don't want to return" but I knew I had to if I wanted to get things righted.

I "put on my body" as you would put on a set of clothes. I sat and stretched into each leg, laid back, and enveloped myself back into my body. I had no more conscious memory until I awoke in the hospital the next afternoon. I had two large deep gashes to the right side of my head narrowly missing my eye. Nothing broken. No brain damage (contrary to some opinions). No organ damage from loss of blood. I spent almost two days in the hospital and the doctor said I could go home if I could get up and walk across the room. I ran and am still running to this day. I wore an eye patch for a few weeks and bandages over my wounds until they were fully healed (as my eye stretched white due to the swelling). I still am blessed with 20/20 vision. "Miracle" upon "miracle" has been given to me and I am thankful for them all.

I told my family about my experience (Catholicism ruled) and they just laughed and said it was probably a dream (unable or unwilling to comprehend) and between themselves said, "He must have suffered brain damage."

My senses were heightened (especially hearing). And I had developed a capacity for healing and clairvoyance where I could literally tell you what the next day's paper's headline would read.

I was different after this experience and my family knew it. They did everything possible to thwart my progression spiritually and mentally. I broke free completely from the catholic church and began my "investigation " of my spiritual development in many different churches: Lutheran (that went over big with my family), Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc. couldn't find the answers I needed. I tried everything and ended up discouraged until I really started seeking God outside of the "religious atmospheres." I would simply take walks alone in the woods and commune with Him one on one receiving the truth and applying it where possible. I was still "on the fence" dealing with my family of origin and confused religious upbringing. I abused drugs and alcohol to cope with their onslaught of dysfunctional abuses. I somehow got it into my head that I was to somehow save them and this was my purpose. I finally allowed myself to break free of them completely after meeting my wife (Sixwings). At first it was a struggle, a war that is still being skirmished, not by us but by them. They want me back in the "family" only as what I realize I was to them: a scapegoat. They have used my "gifts" to abuse me with them. I am an empath and have an enormous capacity to love, having been quite literally in the arms of "Love" itself. They are like ravenous wolves and if I laughed or showed joy, it was immediately rejected, and harshly. I love them dearly, but I cannot be with them. I understand how powerful family is and the great importance placed on it, as blood is thicker than water. But it occurred to me after much seeking with God, that it takes a heart to pump the blood. I began to understand the teaching of Jesus in Matt. 10:34-40 (that religion has never adequately defined for me). I discovered that I could not follow Jesus and my family. I discovered that when I made my decision to separate myself from them, my walk with Jesus toward the Father opened up and has continued to grow stronger. They wanted to control me like religion.

My hope is that I have not caused anyone offence with this writing. I have yet to tap the fullness of my experience as I am still trying to integrate it into my life. Many times in meditation, much more about my encounter is revealed. It is real difficult to express in words, the messages and feelings revealed. But I promise to do all I am able to do; to be clear and concise as I progress.

May God's love and peace dwell in your hearts.




More Spiritual Lessons From The Heavenlies

We are all one. Yet each one of us are so different -- the snowfall and the snowflake. I was shown this to emphasize more so the "lilies of the fields." How if God would value the intricate diversity within every single snowflake, how much more valuable are we are as individuals. I needed this lesson. Religion was tearing away at my value before God and, as a result, myself. I'll go so far as to say He told me he needed us (yet He doesn't -- paradox again) as much as we need Him. Yep. We are from Him. This further convincing me of Him not desiring any should perish. God will have what He desires! If He can't, our desires are dust! I swore in the Father's arms I felt it -- not just His love -- but the reaction from Him when I loved Him in return! Abba. PaPa. That this great God -- I AM -- would even want to be a Father and know us before we. I also believe in pre-ordained, chosen, and free will choice, and those all working together, and quite poetically and harmoniously. No contradiction. I will write of this further later.

And those traveling downward to enlighten others? Yes. Yes. I will go so far to say I believe in reincarnation. I saw many masters agreeing to come back here to be born in the flesh. This is multiplying in this time now. I would agree that it is the time for spiritual truth and liberation. Also, because we carry everything we are into the levels -- and we are given the opportunity to undo -- yet, we remember. I can remember, although forgiven and repented and delivered from the worst sin I ever committed. Although I am not haunted about this -- just remembering gives me the creepy-crawlies. This is also the state in the upper levels.

I was shown Elijah and also John the Baptist by Jesus (taken to these realities in the past). I had asked him about the Baptist and Jesus saying this was Elijah. Elijah fled, in fear, from Ahab's wife Jezebel. Elijah would forever be able to recall this, although forgiven.

We there in a proper time are giving the opportunity to make things right if not done so on Earth. The liberation of this is eternal. Zaccheus was shown to me also concerning this making things right, restoring in multiples. John did not run from "Jezebel." He completely faced her and her passive husband knowing that he must decrease. The crown on this is a paradox. Horrid to us that his head was served on a platter in the court; but John, Elijah, was redeemed in another court. He had an eternal memory overshadowing the one he for so many years and possibly, eternity. Would not the loving Father find this good?

I certainly don't believe we come back as an ant. But for very specific eternal needs and blessings. Only through the co-existence of the levels here on Earth could this be an opportunity for us to make right, things for our blessing of eternal existence. So this co-existence is profitable for many reasons. Without a doubt the masters come in spiritual form also. Elijah and Moses to Jesus. Once, when my husband and I and our daughter was in prayer together, we knew -- all three of us -- that Jesus and a handful of the masters were present. We did not see them, but we knew. All of us knew. There followed a major awakening of memories from the Other Side and liberation for us concerning many things. My daughter has even known her "angels" name -- Michael -- and she says she has known him for centuries -- a trusted friend -- one who if he makes a vow to another will give his life before breaking that vow.

Perhaps the reincarnation topic is too much. I would very much understand. Had I not seen this shown to me, I would not be able to accept it. I have come to understand this as being another way of the Father's great love toward us.

Sixwings and Sixwings11


"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." - Hebrews 13:2

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