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I was working on a construction job in Puerto Rico. It was 1967. I was 17 years old. I contracted a severe case of gastroenteritis and was unable to afford proper medical care. I went to a clinic, got a bottle of pills, and went back to the room where I lived. To put it mildly, I had the most severe diarrhea you can imagine. I was losing water at this fantastic rate, just going to the bathroom all the time. The woman who ran the rooming house was good enough to bring me water, but basically I ate nothing. Oh man, I was SICK! I was getting weaker and weaker.


On the eighth day of this misery, I seemed to just float right up out of my body.


So, I'm looking down at my body lying in the bed still as a corpse, and I said, "Oh, &$#@*!  I've died!!" I was basically unnerved by this. But in the next second, I thought to myself, "Hey, if I'm dead, who is thinking these thoughts??"


So, then I felt calm and very good, thinking, "Well this sure beats being sick as a dog. This is quite okay."


So, I'm floating in the room, right? And its daytime. Outside there was a church (this was in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, near the University) and the bells started ringing. This was normal. I had a strong urge to go check it out so I floated out of the window.


Outside it was blindingly bright. Whoa! It was SO BRIGHT. In a word, it was hard to see. Don't ask, "See with what?," because I don't have a clue. My eyes being back in my body. But I could see the church steeple and made a circuit of it.


At this point I'm feeling very exhilarated. I'm flying around free of my body! And two things really hit me at that moment. First, the body isn't ME. It's just a body. Second, the whole heaven and hell thing is nonsense. We all just float off peacefully because the spirit endures. So that was a great thing to know.


At last though, some part of me got lonely for my body and I went back inside. I sort of lay down in my body and slept. The next thing I knew, the illness had broken and I was recovering.

Now, as a result of this experience, I came to think that the spirit endures and we go off peacefully. This idea I have had ever since, deep down.


I do accept the idea it could be a hallucination of some sort; but, it seemed very genuine. So, on the real significance of near-death experiences, I just don't know. But I've not feared death, per se, during my life for which I am very grateful.


"Truth sits upon the lips of dying men." - Matthew Arnold

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