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On the morning of March 3, 1993, Stanley Villavicencio's mother-in-law discovered Stanley moaning and shivering violently in his bed with blood spouting from his mouth. A relative, who is a registered nurse, was called but failed to find a pulse. Already his heart beat had come to a near halt and his eyes had turned white.


He was rushed to Chung Wah Hospital where he was immediately placed in intensive care. His family was told by medical experts that he only had a one-in-a-million chance of survival. His organs had failed and when doctors attempted a blood transfusion they found that the blood was so thick it was unable to circulate around his body.


His wife duly phoned home and arranged for his burial in the family plot. Four of his relatives, who are doctors, were asked for permission to turn off the life support machine, but they refused.


Although family members kept a bed side vigil praying at his side, all hope had been given up of a recovery.


During the three days of coma it had been established that he was clinically dead, but as he was to reveal later he was very much alive.


I saw my whole life pass before me as if in a video screen, everything I ever did was there being replayed before me. During this time I saw a bright light. It was like a fog that was slowly evaporating. As the fog disappeared I saw someone dressed in white who I thought was Jesus. The figure stood by me and we relived my life from childhood to that day. As my life passed before me I could see all the good deeds I had done, but when I committed something really bad it was slowed down and enlarged as if to make the point."


Stanley says that as part of his deal to live, he gave a commitment to go through the world delivering a message from God.


I was also told that Jesus would visit me whenever there was a message through my dreams.


At the end of the vision, he was given a gift of the recorded message of the Divine Mercy dictated to Saint Faustina in the mid 1930s.


Stanley woke from his coma so suddenly that the nurse on duty ran from the ward in shock. When doctors arrived they were dumbfounded. The man they had declared clinically dead was now conscious with no sign of brain damage or loss of blood.


In following days, he was subjected to a series of medical tests and was found to be in perfect health. Pronounced fit, he left the hospital and arrived home to find his family making funeral arrangements. When he walked in, they fled thinking he was a ghost.


Touched by the mysterious events, the doctor who treated Stanley declared it a miracle and left the medical profession to join a Jesuit order to train for the priesthood.


Since that time, Stanley has been evangelizing through the Pacific, visiting hundreds of churches with the support of two cardinals and a number of bishops, according to Dr. Thatcher and Stanley, and will appear on October 9 at an all-day prayer vigil at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. with other speakers.


Stanley claims that Jesus visits him regularly and, like many others, says he receives locutions.


We present a brief interview conducted with Stanley. But first a word of caution. During the past ten years, many of those claiming such prophetic gifts have proven to have serious problems. One indication can be the creation of a frenzy. The deception can be very tricky. Too many people make evaluations based on good first impressions or because respected prominent people are associated with them. We believe in testing the spirits (1 John 4:1). Indeed, the majority of cases involve questions, and in the end, Stanley may be no exception.


The formal documentation of his "death" needs to be directly detailed by hospital personnel. In the interview with Spirit Daily, Stanley offered his opinion that when Christ comes, it will not be the end of the world, but the end of an "era" -- a view that may contradict the official teachings of the Catholic Church (see the Catechism 675-681).


The following is a National Radio interview with Stanley who states that Christ will soon return.


"When they say you were dead for three days, Stanley, were you in a coma or were you clinically dead?"


"They called it clinically dead. I was still in the sick-care unit."


"Did you see heaven?"




"Was it all these extraordinary colors?"


"What I saw was a garden, and [since that time] someone has called it the Garden of Eden."


"It was like the Garden of Eden?"




"Were there flowers and trees?"


"Yes. All sorts of flowers."


"Was the light different from Earth?"


"I was not able to see it."


"Did you see angels?"


"No. Only Jesus and me."


"Did he look like the Shroud of Turin?"


"To me he looked like the picture of the Sacred Heart, the one looking upward."


"Were you also shown purgatory and hell?"


"No. Only heaven."


"There are a lot of people here in the United States who say that you made a prediction of event that is coming in October. Is that true?"


"No. I did not give any prediction."


"So you didn't say anything about October?"


"I did not say anything."


"Stanley, what do you think of the state of the world right now and its morality?"


"Right now the morality is the lowest."


"Do you believe that God will purify the world soon, that he will react to all the immorality, the evil and the sin?"


"Yes, maybe. But Jesus is not coming as of now to judge, but He's coming to offer his mercy."


"Are you saying it's the Second Coming?"


"He is coming soon, but there isn't an exact date."


"He told you he is coming soon?"


"Yes, but there is no exact date."


"Did he say that you will see him?"


"Yes, yes."


"So it will be in your lifetime?"




"Is there anything else he told you about what would be coming?"


"As of now he gives priority for his mercy. He's offering his mercy to the people [this was as of the experience in 1993], because he said now is the time for mercy. It is that we can reconcile to God. Now is the time to reconcile to our family. Now is the time to reconcile to everybody -- not tomorrow -- because when tomorrow comes it is already today."


"Do you believe in Medjugorje?"


"Yeah, I do believe."


"They said humankind faces chastisements for the sins. What about that? Is that what Jesus was indicating to you, that he is coming with mercy but we better straighten out or there will be problems?"


"We have to repent now. We have to make reparation now."


"Or else there will be problems later?"




"In the Bible it says that when Jesus comes it will be the end of the world, or at least this is how the Catholic Church interprets it. Are you saying that we may be approaching the end of the world?"


"I don't think so, no. Maybe an end of an era, but not the end of the world."


"Do you think that Jesus is coming as the Final Coming, or as an apparition?"


"I do not know. He said he is coming, but I do not know exactly what that is."


"With your spiritual eyesight, can you now see things you couldn't see before? Do you have experiences you did not have before?"


"Sometimes, but not always."


"And physically, how are you?"


"Physically I am 100 percent."


"Is there anything else you remember from the time you were dead besides the meeting with Jesus?"


"Yeah, I remember when Jesus showed me the film of my life."

Stanley says Jesus drew down a colored cloud and Stanley saw every moment of his life in that cloud. When he has sinned, the film slowed. When there was a mortal sin it stopped. It was humiliating to relive the sinful moments, every one of which was recorded.


"Were you surprised at some of the sins? Can you think of one example of something that was a sin that you didn't think was a sin?"


"Yes, sometimes I am teasing my friends. I thought it was just a joke, but there are times when a joke creates damage. There are jokes that we think are just ordinary jokes, but create damage, so it is already a sin."


"So you were shown how you affect other people?"




Stanley urges people to do acts of mercy and to take advantage of indulgences this Jubilee Year, especially going through the "holy doors" designated in every Catholic diocese.


"No heaven can come to us unless our hearts find rest in it today." - Fra Giovanni

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