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LightIn 1982 I was about to leave to go to Navy boot camp and as a final act of celebration me and another idiot decided that the thing to do would be to go drag race our street bikes. We broke into the old abandoned air base in Hobbs and set up the race. It was me and Gary. His girl friend Tracy her cousin and my Girl friend Carol were in Tracie's pinto. We went to the finish line and made sure to say exactly where it was. Gary would sometimes argue semantics. Then me and Gary on the bikes and the girls went to the other end of the strip. Carol flagged us to start the race.

I leaped off the start line like a bolt of lightning. Gary's bike was bigger than mine but I was a more experienced rider, so I knew that if I did not get a great start I was toast. Well as it turns out Gary started out in second gear, so he was wayyyy behind at the start. Close to the end of the race I notice him right behind me and catching up fast. After crossing the finish line I started veering right to get out of Gary's way. I noticed that he was going to pass me on the right and we were on a collision course. I then veered left to avoid him it must have been a great idea he did the same. I could see the end of the runway coming up so I did an emergency shutdown of the bike (front and back breaks and shifting down all at the same time) knowing that Gary would see the tail lights and do what ever he needed to to avoid the crash. This was a great plan. Gary was going to miss me by like 10 feet at over a hundred MPH. He had not seen the end of the runway and was still racing.

Suddenly there was a shower of sparks from under Gary's bike. Something had broken loose and it made his bike change directions. The new direction was simple, MINE. I popped the clutch and gave it full throttle and hoped that I could get away. No such luck the impact was severe the front of the bike came up and the whole bike began to become airborne. After riding dirt bikes my whole life I stretched out both legs when it falls you will sprain an ankle but not drop the bike. When I hit the ground I had no way of knowing I had no back tire any more. Both feet landed flat, my back was against the back rest and Gary hit me again. It sounded like a sword cutting threw an old beer can.

Every thing was still and calm, it was so calm that my only response was ok I'm dead. I opened my eyes and saw the moon. My next response was well at least I am going the right direction. Then there was a strong pull, like one of those high speed roller coasters at the park. Bam. I was in a tunnel of light. Being anal retentive, I looked to the left and saw streaks of light. Oh, it's not really a tunnel I am just going reallyyyy fast. The travel time in the tunnel was about 5 minutes. It was a long trip. When looking to the side for the third or fourth time I saw the light. I looked straight ahead and there it was, the room of lights. It is more a single light actually. Very bright and very intense. You can look at it but not see what it is. You do not have to shade your eyes because it does not hurt. You can feel the light flowing through you. It is warm and comforting.

I then heard a voice that sounded like a Catholic mass of a million plus people say "Not yet". It sounded a lot like fast flowing water. Very cool. Then in an instant I was back on the motorcycle. I could now see the ground and the headlight of the bike was illuminating the asphalt. I was immediately aware that I had just lost something. A calm and peace and a total absence of pain that was amazing. The instance before everything was wonderful. Now panic and pain ruled my world. The bike did a nose dive and crashed to the ground. It landed on top of me with my hands on the handle bars and the back rest in my armpit.

The girls said that the crash threw my bike six feet in the air. So my six minute travel time was actually a second MAX. I broke my hip in three places and pushed my right leg threw the hip socket. Gary lost his right kneecap and had road rash over 60% of his body. After "the event" I convinced myself that it was a self-induced panic response, until a number of years later when I read similar events by other survivors.

Later I became an active Christian and began to do my testimony for a mission trip I was going on. In writing down my testimony I discovered a flaw with my faith. You see I am convinced in my head and Heart that I heard the voice of God. At the time of the crash I was not a Christian. A few years later I was telling my mother about my dilemma and she reminded me that I was "saved" at a Baptist church camp when I was 7, then it all made sense. So when I hear Christians arguing on whether you can loose your salvation or not I always say two things.

(1)  If you can do something to lose what God gave you, then Christ dying on the cross is not enough.

(2)  I was there and you can not argue with that....


C. David Johnson
Missionary serving in my appointed field



Kevin Williams' reply: Your NDE is an example of how extreme stress can trigger an NDE. While you where in mid-air, you left your body and had an NDE during what is known as "lost time," found particularly in NDEs and alien abductions, and returned to your body just in time to hit the ground. This kind of thing reminds me of a phenomenon that occurs in deadly accidents when victims are pulled out of their bodies before they are killed. This phenomenon has been reported for a number of years. The latest one I am aware of is during the 9/11 terrorist attack when a woman witnessed the plane hitting the Pentagon. The woman saw a multitude of orbs of light leaving the plane and rising through a tunnel before the plane slammed into the Pentagon. It is a very interesting account. You can read more about it on this web page.

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