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Light of GodCaught Up to Heaven


This was a time of great sorrow in my life. I had just recently been through a terrible divorce. To me it was death or the end of existence as I knew it. I wasn't suicidal. I just had given up on life -- no desire to live anymore. I had been praying for quite a time after the divorce for God to end my time on this Earth. I wanted to be in his eternal rest. 

I started to pray to God, and ask him what was going on, when suddenly I heard a strange pop noise, kinda like the sound of soda pop in a can being opened. After the sound I found myself in dark blackness. A very scary and lonely feeling came upon me and I heard myself (my soul) say, "Am I in hell?"


Suddenly after I had said this, I felt this wonderful peaceful feeling and love that I had never felt on Earth come over me. I saw up ahead of me a pin prick of white light. I started to go toward this brilliant white light at tremendous speed and I could hear this incredible trumpet sound it made that I can't explain along with the same beautiful music I had previously heard.


I then heard my soul say, "Jesus, please let me stay on the Earth. It isn't my time to leave. May I please stay? I love you, but I have more to accomplish."


No sooner did I say this than I was back, alive in the physical body. 

I remember when my ex-wife was separating with me and the last day we spent in the same house. I remember I was talking to her about how I felt that our physical body and our soul think and act totally different when it comes to the heart. I told her that I bet if we were to see and talk to God as souls in the next life that she would see that she really loves me and would want to stay with me and not leave me. 

Here I was in the physical body asking God to please take me off this world and let me be with him and on the other side in my soul asking God to please let me stay on Earth for a little while longer.

It is my hope that when people get discouraged in life that they will look into there hearts and souls and look for answers. The soul knows our purpose and knows what is best for us. I hope this true story might touch some lives. But most of all my friends, God is real and he loves us more than you can possibly imagine. 

"Normally we do not like to think about death. We would rather think about life. Why reflect on death? When you start preparing for death you soon realize that you must look into your life ... now ... and come to face the truth of your self. Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected." - Sogyal Rinpoche

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