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Heavenly energyMy OBE/NDE-like experience happened sometime in July, 2000. Please bear with me during some background info. 

I'd been having an exceptionally stressful time at work for over two years. I felt ground down with overwork. The hostile criticism never seemed to abate. I was in constant fear of losing my job. In fact, I had been "set up" to be fired twice by my manager and her boss. Both times before I was terminated, facts were investigated and write-ups against me were rescinded because they were found to be blatant lies. After the second attempt, my supervisor's boss was essentially fired (his privileges working at our facility were revoked) and my supervisor was forced during a meeting to enumerate the many ways I was valuable to the company and indeed an exemplary employee. I was also given a hefty raise. I could literally "feel her pain". I apologized for whatever role I had played in the matter though I really felt completely innocent. Unfortunately, the harassment just went underground. My boss and a few of her "friends" increased their efforts to sabotage my work. I had to try harder and harder to outsmart their conniving to ruin my professional reputation. In the process they were harming the customers they and I were supposed to be serving. I didn't complain for fear of sounding paranoid and also I desired to be "above all that nastiness". I found myself hating those who I felt were responsible for my misery.

After one amazingly horrid day I turned to the Bible for comfort. I've always believed in a Higher Power, though I wasn't really religious - not affiliated with any religion. I opened a Bible right to the part that said, "Pray for your enemies".

I thought, "No way! I just detest these people!"

Then I prayed to God, whatever or whoever God is, to help me not hate my enemies so I could pray for them with a genuine heart.

Suddenly, I was in the presence of light - incredible, indescribable, pure white light. I saw my acts of vanity and realized they arose from needless insecurity. There was no condemnation in this revelation. I actually laughed with relief after seeing how things I had taken quite seriously were really quite silly. I felt enveloped in love and peace and joy and knew that these were what the light was. I loved myself and everyone else as well.

I then found my mind was able to contact someone from my work who I thought hated me. I communicated without any uncertainty (or actual words) that I loved him.

Then I was able to contact another "enemy" and tell her that I loved her. Then as immediately as I had "left" I was back sitting on my bed, with the Bible in my lap, with incredible feelings of love and acceptance surging through me. I will NEVER forget that experience!

My relationship with these two individuals changed dramatically. They became my advocates. Co-workers began mentioning how patient and kind one of these individuals had become. The other "contactee" ceased ridiculing me. She soon received a chance to advance in her career and moved to another worksite.

For about three months after this event, an energy, which for want of a better analogy felt like a continuous adrenalin rush, flowed through me in rhythmic waves. It was invigorating, relaxing and pleasurable. The arm pain (resulting from the repetitive motion injury sustained from overwork) which had plagued me for two years disappeared completely a couple of hours after that energy began. I also had a series of inexplicable "psychic" events. I had never believed in precognition before.

I wish everyone could have a similar experience so they could know how profoundly they are loved in spite of their flaws. I wish everyone's infirmities could be healed in that energy. I am not God and I just trust there must be a very valid reason why this is not so. I now desire more than anything else to express the love that I felt in that light in each precious moment of my life. Already, this attitude has brought a little bit of heaven into my earthly existence. I hope it has done the same for others as well.

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. He also said the kingdom of heaven is within. How exciting if the kingdom of heaven could be here on Earth right now! He also said, all we need to do is love our neighbor as ourselves (even if they aren't Christians, or followers of whatever we think the one true religion is, and even if we think they are our enemies), and love God with all our mind, heart and soul (even if we believe we haven't seen God).

Though all NDEs are a little different, in most cases (including mine), this seems to be the basic "take home message".

"A miracle is not the breaking of physical laws, but rather represents laws which are incomprehensible to us." – G. I. Guirdjieff

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