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Tunnel of lightI was not dead when this happened, nor was I asleep but completely conscious and I felt that I could open my eyes at any time but this was such a magnificent view that I had to just look in awe. The day this happened was the day after the market bombing - Iraq war March 27, 2003.

What happened was I was trying to sleep when I saw in my mind three visions in full color, two in very vivid color like looking through my Sony camcorder. And for a period of time, two of the visions were at the same time. When I saw the tunnel vision, it took me a few minutes to understand what I was looking at but I fully understood.

The vision started like this as I was resting, trying to fall asleep...

I started to see black and white cloud like images in my mind, this started to take form and I started to make out 2 military vehicles, one at a time, light tan, camouflage. As these vehicles disappeared, I started to see beautiful rings of light that were in color, yellow that illuminated gold.


These rings of light were going to a very white and bright light. It was beautiful.


I could not see a barrier but noticed that it looked like an invisible barrier as these rings of light would go the light. The best way I can explain the rings is when I saw the Frankenstein movie, the electricity that would flow up the two poles, but this was not static electricity nor poles but beautiful round rings, like hallo looking that started out as small rings that would eventually get larger as they would reach the white light at the end of this tunnel.


The tunnel was turned at an angle so I could see a pitch-black part to a very white light. And, these rings or souls would go about one every second ... it was a lot. I always wanted to know or I guess I would worry what would happen when a lot of people died at once. Well, I guess I got my answer or perhaps it was shown to me the way I would understand.

I realized after about one to two minutes that this was the tunnel that people see when they died and these were souls that I believed died in the war.


Towards the end of the vision, I started to get another vision.


I now believe this was to confirm to myself that I was not going crazy.


I also started to see at the same time, in a very clear, vivid color similar to looking through my Sony camcorder, a red truck driving onto my street. I saw the houses, grass and street curbs, etc. and then I opened my eyes, the vision was over.


That evening as I was driving to the store, there was the red truck parked at the end of the street.

Also, I was very much for this war in Iraq prior to seeing this vision but now I am not sure if war is right. So many people were dying.


After viewing this vision for what I thought was what seemed like five minutes, actually had been an hour and I am positive that I was not asleep. I remember turning on the TV to see if there had been an explosion or something that would explain what had happened but there were no headline news to this effect.

"Although my near-death experience was nearly thirty four years ago, there is virtually not a day that goes by that I am not aware of making decisions based on that experience." - Geraldine Berkheimer, near-death experiencer

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