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Hell fireI'm a high school student and something really weird is happening to me. I'll tell you first what I saw, then what I'm going through and you'll tell me what you think. 

Two weeks ago, exactly on the 4th of January I had a short of NDE. I was cycling through the woods, heading back home at dust time. Suddenly I felt a chill running on the back of my spine and my heart squeezing into my chest. I remember falling of the bike and the sound of my shoulder being dislocated, like a firing pistol. Then a mass of "dark matter" appeared at the end of the winding path and started spreading towards me, blocking all light, as if consuming it. Soon, I became oblivious to my surroundings and the darkness raptured me, emptying me of all emotion and thought. 

Then I saw a divine, misty, colossal form-like a Greek God - appearing out of thin air. He was darker than darkness itself and more terrible than death. (Actually it could have been death.) But, I believe he was Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld, eternal keeper of the departed souls. Why you may ask? Kevin ... because at the moment he appeared I remember my lips speaking a language that I could not understand and the next thing I knew is that all sense of fear and mortal terror left me and I saw myself outside of my body.

What is truly staggering is that I saw it from the spirit's point-of-view (be it death or Hades) and through all the darkness I saw as Hades, my body, the only source of brilliant light, illuminating the whole place, while the core of this celestial, pure light was my heart. Then, from the spirit's point-of-view always, I reached out to grasp my body's gem of light ... my heart.

Suddenly, I was slammed back into my body where the weirdest thing happened. I could see colors ... strange colors, which I had never seen before, which no human eye can see. I saw the darkness for what it really is, full of energy and movement and shapes and elements and I saw the spirit in this strange colors. It's like I'm that dog who saw the rainbow.

Still, I could see the hand reaching it and then I spoke a weird incantation in this strange language ... the spirit vanished. I woke up in a hospital wing with my father by my side.

Now the spirit visits me every night in my dreams and I understand and speak with it. I can speak this language - which after searching in both internet and the school library is Ancient Greek - even when I am awake. 

But my problem is that the colors I had seen are still here. I realize the world as I did before but now I CAN SEE THE STRANGE COLORS. I see them passing me by in masses of orbs and mists, I see them in people hearts and faces. I am coping with the situation but I am very confused.

I will be waiting your answer eagerly,

Yours sincerely


Kevin Williams' reply:  I must admit that your experience sounds far-fetched on the surface. But because of the several very unusual personal experiences I have had myself in my life, I know now that anything is possible. So, here is my own interpretation of your experience:

I think you were being visited by your guardian spirit (also known as guardian angel, or guardian). It also sounds like you also had a brief spontaneous NDE also. Seeing people who resemble a "Greek god" during NDEs or dreams or visitations is not unusual. You shouldn't be afraid of this angel because it wouldn't have any power over you if it wasn't of God. Your description of "orbs" is a good description of how some people see other souls during an NDE. The various colors of light you saw is typical of these kind of experiences. Also, there are various languages on the Other Side that people encounter, so hearing and speaking a foreign language is not unusual either. Usually, people return from their NDE and forget how to speak the language or what they said.

If this is your first encounter with the spirit world, then this is quite an "awakening". That is to say it is quite an interesting experience. 
Also, fear can be a normal reaction to such an experience. In the Bible, men are described being afraid at the sight of an angel. And it may be just that your higher angel has contacted you. Why he is doing so only you can find out. But here is an NDE on my website where the experiencer converses with a being who looks like a "Greek god":

Also, here are the internet search results for websites dealing with angels and spirit guides.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Peace and Light, Kevin Williams 

"If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life. For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one." - Kahlil Gibran

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