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The following excerpt from your mission page caused me to stop reading and pull out a hankie. It touched something very deep within me.


"When we die, we take this heaven of love with us to the level of heaven that corresponds to the love within us. I have read about many experiencers who affirm this to be the case because love is God and God is love. And love is not limited to any one religion or even religion at all. Religion is a cultural institution but love is universal."


Love is GodThrough a series of events in early 1998, I turned fifty years old, and then I became the legal guardian and caregiver for my father, who at the time was ninety-five years old. This had been a man who had lived almost a century and we all struggled to find a good thing to say about him. He was a very religious Baptist, but he was also mean as a snake! He would benefit from my inner sense of doing the right thing for a person who, if nothing else, was my parent. 

However, during the course of the following one and a half years, I benefited by finding I could actually love this old fossil. Loving spirits walked closely beside me through this journey of forgiveness and discovery. 

As time progressed, I began to tell him each time I had to leave him that, "We are surrounded in the Light of God's love and forgiveness." 

Some members of my family ridiculed me for spending so much time with him after all the abuse he had heaped on me. I always answered them that God was teaching me a new trick, and that I was determined that when he died, he would have at least a little love on his shoulders to take with him. I am so proud to say that when this man stepped over to the other side, his arms were literally outstretched to God and he had been praying as he left. He and I had become very close in those eighteen months and I both mourned and rejoiced in his leaving.

I remember asking God one night if the love I had found within myself for him had helped him. I knew how it had healed places within my own mind and soul, but I wanted to know how it had affected him, since so few people had loved him. My answer came in one of the NDEs I had. 

I was sitting at my computer one night and suddenly, I went into a different conscious state and was taken to him by a group of loving messengers. They explained to me that he was very distraught and felt that I could help him better at that moment if I would. Of course I would. When I walked up to where he was, which appeared to me as a hospital room and bed. 

(This was a familiar sight to me - many times when dementia overtook him, he would be confused, frightened and fighting with the doctors and nurses. When I would enter his room, he would know me and I could calm him and get him to cooperate.) 

In this NDE, he saw me and immediately said, "Susan, they are lying to me. It's not supposed to be this way. This is not what I believed would happen." 

Somehow, I realized that he was trying to make the reality he was experiencing fit into the image of what his strict religious structure was demanding, and he was not letting love be the Master. I leaned over his bed, put my hand on top of his bald head, took his hand in my hand, and assured him that he was indeed in heaven. That it was his obstinance that was keeping him from experiencing all the wonderful things that were in store for him. I reminded him that we are surrounded in the Light of God's love and forgiveness and to allow this to wash over him, be healed by it and rest easy. 

As he began to calm and allow the other spirits to minister to him, I was gently pulled away by the messengers and brought back to my chair here at the computer. They told me that he would be fine now and that yes, the love I had found and given to him was going to make a huge difference in his future existence. Since he suffered dementia and confusion while here in the physical, it would be just a while until the confusion left him. They told me I would know more in the months to come. And this has been so, because I have had several "audiences" with my old fossil since then. I do not cling to him or try to hold him earthbound, but I do enjoy a visit from him from time to time.

Seventy-three days after my Dad died, my mother died. She had almost died from a brain tumor two weeks before I had become his guardian, which is the reason I had to become his guardian. She recovered enough at that time to live a quiet life. I was her guardian and caregiver as well during these one and a half years that changed my life. I was also with her as she left quietly in her sleep. She has also visited me. 

She has always been a joyful and loving spirit. Love always equaled forgiveness to her. In one of her visits with me one night, she explained to me that she was ready to go right after she had the brain surgery, but it was my voice that called her back in the recovery room. She knew I needed to have this experience with my Dad, so she stayed, but with diminished physical capacity. It would "force" or nudge me on to this great lesson and blessing I was to encounter. I don't know all there is about love, but the little I do know is sustaining me and is absolutely wonderful!

I know that I will go there often. And I know that I will encounter Love.


Susan R. Christopher
From Texas, the Great State of Mind 

"It is worth dying to find out what life is." - T.S. Eliot

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