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Kevin Williams

Greetings! I am Kevin Williams, the webmaster of www.near-death.com. For the first time since I began this website in 1996, I am actively seeking donations to help maintain this website and to finance new site features. I will be completely frank with you concerning how this website is financed and who owns it today. 


When I became permanently disabled from bipolar disorder, I could no longer work full-time as a computer programmer. My health problems required me to live on a Social Security Disability income which is basically a vow of poverty. Unfortunately, living on a government paycheck doesn't permit me to earn any income -- even "passive income" such as sales commissions from Google and Amazon ads on this website or from my book royalties. So I decided to donate this website and all the passive income with it to the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Ultimately, my vow of poverty and donation to such a great NDE organization has become a tremendous spiritual blessing to me; but that's another story...


When I donated this website to IANDS, I continued on as a webmaster with full creative control and the responsibility to maintain it. As webmaster, I decided I would continue to pay the bills toward maintaining this website -- otherwise, it wouldn't be a donatrion to IANDS. But over the years, maintaining this website has become more expensive for my limited funds. So I have decided to turn to the wonderful visitors of this website to help raise funds toward supporting it.


So if you use the PayPal Donation button on the left to donate $5 or more to this website, you can access a special web page to download free 1,300+ ebooks (PDFs) including editions and articles of the Journal of Near-Death Studies (1981-2009), free NDE books such as "Nothing Better Than Death" (PDF) by Kevin Williams and books from Amazon Kindle Unlimited (in AZW format). and scholarly NDE papers and articles. This is your ultimate NDE library, completely categorized and updated regularly, which will help support this website at the same time.

Below is a "wishlist" of projects I would like to implement given sufficient amount of funds raised. Thank you in advance. Your support is greatly appreciated.


A Wishlist of Near-Death.com Features to Fund

1. REDESIGN OF NEAR-DEATH.COM: I would like to transform the www.near-death.com site into a professionally designed site complete with all the functionality of most Web 2.0 sites. This means I need to convert this HTML website into a website that is incorporated into a content management system, such as Joomla, or into another more powerful system that has more extensions and addons. When a website is incorporated into a content management system, it frees the webmaster of the endless technical problems that often occurs with regular HTML sites, and allows the webmaster to focus exclusively on content. The reason this site has not been regularly updated over the years is because it has grown too large for me to maintain which means I have less time to add new content. A content management system will fix this problem and allow me to add much more outstanding NDE content.

(2)  AN ETERNAL WEBSITE:  I will not live forever in this world, but I want the www.near-death.com website to live long after I am gone. To achieve this goal, I need to implement self-sustaining revenue-generating functions to pay for such things as web hosting, web services, maintenance, and a wishlist of new Web 2.0 functionality. As of today, there are practically no web services that offer such functionality. I would like to develop my own eternal website plan that includes "digital afterlife" components for this site.

(3)  HIRING OF WEB DESIGN SERVICES:  To provide a quicker and more professional realization of this wishlist, I would like to hire a web design service to help me meet this goal.

(4)  A NEWS AGGREGATOR FOR NDE NEWS AND EVENTS:  I would like to build a comprehensive NDE "news radar" composed of syndicated NDE-related news which the public can freely receive by either email, website, or newsreaders such as Google Reader. I also would like to build a custom NDE newsreader for people not familiar with newsreaders. The goal of such a news rqadar is to provide the public with free centralized tools for maintaining the highest possible current awareness of near-death studies and NDE-related information.

(5)  THE UTILIZATION OF WEB SERVICES: Web services provided by companies such as Amazon offer outstanding functionality for websites including site storage, site server, and other services. The web service Amazon Glacier provides a very low cost storage option based on its S3 storage solution. Amazon CloudSearch provides basic full text search and indexing of textual content. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides scalable virtual private servers. Amazon Product Advertising API allows webmasters to search or browse Amazon.com's product catalog; to retrieve detailed product information, reviews, and images; and to interface with customer shopping carts.

(6)  A PROFESSIONAL EMAIL NEWSLETTER SERVICE:  With a paid service such as Constant Contact, I would be able to easily create professional newsletters and/or zines in order to provide the public with free and up-to-date information on everything near-death. Such newsletter services are pay per month according to the number of newsletter subscribers.

(7)  PARTNERSHIP WITH IANDS.org (The International Association for Near-Death Studies): By partnering with IANDS, I plan to help fulfill their mission to bring timely NDE research to the general public.

(8)  NDE LINK BLOGS:  I envision building a number of link blogs focusing specifically on various NDE topics. For example, one link blog will contain links of information specifically dealing with NDEs and consciousness. Another link blog will contain links of information specifically dealing with NDEs and philosophy, etc. The number of link blogs I build is largely limited to my imagination and, of course, funds.

(9)  AN ARCHIVE OF NDE NEWS:  For many years now, a multitude of outstanding news articles about the NDE have appeared only to disappear for one reason or another. And, unfortunately, I do not have a good system to capture and maintain an archive of past NDE news. I would like to develop such an archive that scrapes the Internet for these articles to store them for safe keeping.

(10)  An NDE EBOOK LIBRARY:  There is a multitude of free ebooks on the Internet about the NDE. I would like to centralize them into a searchable library database, categorize them, and make them more easily accessable to the public. As for the NDE ebooks available on the Internet for purchase, a separate database can be created to categorize and centralize them as well.

(11)  An NDE MULTIMEDIA LIBRARY: There is also a multitude of multimedia files about the NDE on the Internet including video, audio, podcasts, images, animation, and interactive content forms. I would like to centralize them into a searchable library database, categorize them, and make them available to the public.

(12) A MOBILE WEBSITE:  With the explosion of electronic mobile devices these days, webmasters around the globe have been scrambling to create a mobile version of their website to meet the demand for this audience. The technology used to accomplish this task is relatively new and expensive. But mobile devices are the way of the future and I would like the www.near-death.com site to have a mobile version to meet the demand.

(13)  An NDE EXPERT BLOGGING NETWORK:  In the tradition and business model of the great Huffington Post, I envision building a centralized network of blogs where NDE-related experts, organizations, websites, etc., are able to post whatever NDE-related information they have available. This means attracting such NDE experts and organizations by giving them incentives to post on the network such as the promotion and marketing of their ideas, products and services.

(14)  AN ARCHIVE OF NDE SCHOLARLY RESEARCH: The time has come to build a free and open access online NDE library that would centralize NDE resources from the Library of Congress, Google Scholar, WorldCat, Zotero, RefWorks, EndNote, and many other excellent sources. Such a library could become a MEGA-resource of NDE-related scholarly communication much of which will be free.

(15)  An NDE CONTENT CURATION PLATFORM for the e-discovery and organization the massive amount of NDE information scraped from the Internet and Deep Web.

(16)  NEW NDE STATISTICS:  This website contains hundreds of NDE testimonies and I plan to analyze them and develop important statistics regarding them such as the percentage of NDEs involving time travel, telepathy, teleportation, out-of-body perception, prophecy, and much more.

(17)  A SEARCHABLE DATABASE OF NDE TESTIMONY (comprehensive) scraped from the Internet including testimonial submission.

(18)  THE CREATION OF NDE TOPICAL PORTALS for easy access to NDE category information.

(19) An NDE WIKIPEDIA:  When it comes to parapsychology, it is no secret that the editors of Wikipedia are "stacked" in favor of the pseudo-skeptics. So I envision building a wiki devoted to supplying the public with UNBIASED NDE INFORMATION that includes true skeptical input without the psuedo-skepticism. Along with building an NDE wikipedia site, an NDE wikisource can also be built, as well as an NDE wikidictionary, an NDE wikiversity, an NDE wikiquote, etc.

(20)  AN INTRANET where visitors to this website can customize and maintain a "My Near-Death" personalized web page;

(21)  A COMPREHENSIVE NDE LINKS DIRECTORY:  I plan to add a links directory based on the Open Directory Project to create a "Near-Death Directory" of the Internet. I also plan to implement a social bookmarking function to publish my extensive IE Favorites.

(22)  An NDE PODCAST PLATFORM to stream the audio files from the internet.

(23)  A FAQ DATABASE based on frequently asked questions that people email to me.

(24)  PROFESSIONAL NDE SOCIAL FUNCTIONALITY:  Chat Rooms, NDE Forums, and an NDE Community network.

(25)  SCHEDULING SOFTWARE for tracking NDE-related conferences, webinars, talks, and events.

(26)  A VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEM to stream NDE-related events.

(27)  A PROFESSIONAL ONLINE NDE STORE:  I plan on building the first online e-commerce store containing free and paid products of every imaginable type concerning the NDE from as many sources as possible. For example, an online store could be built which provides digital NDE products of every format including PDF, MP3, PPT, EXE, DOC, XML, etc. for immediate downloading. It would also function as a central marketplace for NDErs, NDE researchers, and NDE enthusiasts to buy and/or sell their own NDE products and services.

(28)  E-COMMERCE SOFTWARE for NDE related online auctions, catalogs, billing systems, and classified ads. 

(29)  MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR NDE DOCUMENTS such as educational documents, courses, FAQ, knowledgebases, user input and feedback.

(30)  PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN SOFTWARE for building high-quality NDE websites, blogs, portals, wikis, feeds, and multimedia.

(31)  SITE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE for backup, link management, site monitoring, site security, site statistics, and error handling.

(32) CUSTOMER RELATIONS SOFTWARE for advertisements, affiliate programs, customer relations, form management, and social networking.

(33)  SITE INDEXING SOFTWARE for every word of the entire www.near-death.com website be indexed for NDE e-discovery.

(34)  POLL and SURVEY SOFTWARE for conducting professional NDE research.

(35)  An NDE HELP DESK for near-death experiencers seeking help anf information.

(36)  A CUSTOM NDE SEARCH ENGINE for finding NDE resources on the Internet.

(37)  A CUSTOM SITE SEARCH ENGINE for the www.near-death.com website.

(38)  A FOREIGN LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR:  Because this website is frequented by people from many different countries and languages, adding language translation to this website would make it easier for non-English visitors to enjoy this website. The best language translator tool is from Systran.

(39)  A PROFESSIONAL SITEMAP AND NAVIGATION SYSTEM:  There are more sophisticated sitemap software available to automatically create a better site map than the one I currently have.

(40)  MORE NDE CONTENT:  Because I have spent that last several years focused mainly on the technical aspects of my website and newsletter, I will soon be able to focus once again on adding more NDE testimonies and research once all the above technology is implemented. A lot of people have been asking me why I haven't been adding new NDE material.

(41)  NEW NDE RESEARCH CONCLUSIONS:  I have new NDE research conclusions that I want to add. Some of them are: Physics, Abortion, Angels, Animals, Capitalism, Marriage, Dreams, Prayer, Sex, Suicide, Barrier, Return to body, After-Effects, and Missions.

(42)  ADD NEW EXPERT PAGES:  I want to add expert web pages for the following NDE researchers: Bruce Greyson, Peter Fenwick, Sam Parnia, Pim Van Lommel, and Karl Jansen.

(43)  WEBMASTER TUTORIALS:  I have accumulated a wealth of information for anyone wanting to have a website or blog. I plan to freely publish my webmaster resources on my website to help others do what I am doing. I have invested a lot of time and money to learn my webmaster skills and I plan to freely share it all. Included will be my recommendations for building and maintaining a website and/or blog.

(44)  FIX BROKEN LINKS:  I have a large number of links on my website and a certain percentage of them are broken and don't work. I would like to use professional link-fixing software to use to fix all the broken links on my website.

(45)  FIX GRAMMAR AND TYPO PROBLEMS:  Typos and grammar errors are the bane of all webmasters. I know that my website is full of them and I finally found an excellent grammar checker which I plan to find and fix all typos and grammatical errors. Whitesmoke software is the best grammar checking software.

(46)  PRINT, EMAIL, DOWNLOAD WEB PAGE FUNCTIONALITY:  A method to allow visitors to be able to print all the web pages on this website from printer-friendly web pages;

(47)  An NDE VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEM based on NDE testimonials.


Thank you once again for your consideration.


Peace and Light,


Kevin Williams
Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife


“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success ... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” - Nikola Tesla

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