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Crossing Over & Coming Home

Crossing Over & Coming Home: 21 Authors Discuss the Gay NDE as Spiritual Transformation

By Liz Dale

This is the first book to examine the NDEs of gays and lesbians. One gay man was told that God creates homosexuals. Another gay man was told that his sexuality was a gift from God. This groundbreaking research will open your eyes and heart to God's perspective of homosexuality.

We're Here: An Investigation Into Gay Reincarnation

We're Here: An Investigation Into Gay Reincarnation

By Lynn Kearr
Ebook Edition

A ground-breaking book which focuses on true stories of reincarnation by gay men and lesbians. Learn what scholars, researchers, and others say about the connection between reincarnation and sexuality. A ground-breaking book which focuses on true stories of reincarnation by gay men and lesbians. Learn what scholars, researchers, and others say about the connection between reincarnation and sexuality.

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes

By Tony Kushner
Ebook Edition

One of the most honored American plays in history, Angels in America was awarded two Tony Awards for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It was made into an Emmy Award-winning HBO film directed by Mike Nichols. The New York Observer said of this drama, "Angels in America is the finest drama of our time, speaking to us of an entire era of life and death as no other play within memory. It ranks as nothing less than one of the greatest plays of the twentieth century."

You Only Live Twice: Sex, Death, and Transition

You Only Live Twice: Sex, Death, and Transition

By Mike Hoolboom, Chase Joynt
Ebook Edition

This book explores two artists' lives before and after transitions: from female to male, and from near-dead to alive. What if it's not true that you only live once? In this genre-transcending book, trans writer and media artist Chase Joynt and HIV-positive movie artist Mike Hoolboom come together over the films of Chris Marker to exchange transition tales, confessional missives that map out the particularities of occupying what they call "second lives": Chase's transition from female to male and Mike's near-death from AIDS.

The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later

The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later

By Moises Kaufman, Leigh Fondakowski et al
Ebook Edition

On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence outside Laramie, Wyoming, savagely beaten and left to die in an act of brutality and hate that shocked the nation. Matthew Shepard’s death became a national symbol of intolerance, but for the people of the town, the event was deeply personal. In the aftermath, Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie and conducted more than 200 interviews with its citizens. From the transcripts, the playwrights constructed an extraordinary chronicle of life in the town after the murder.

Journey Toward Complete Recovery

Journey Toward Complete Recovery: Reclaiming Your Emotional, Spiritual & Sexual Wholeness

By Michael Picucci
Ebook Edition

Using a structure of 12 stations, which can be visited and revisited in any order as often as needed, he guides readers through six fundamental and six emergent modules of this process for healing the "spiritual-sexual split" and the "cultural pain of oppressed minorities," and ultimately achieving the "shame-free presentation of self." Picucci says he offers "nothing less than a re-birthing process" through a combination of one-on-one psychotherapy, support groups and spirituality. His own life experiences as a gay man, once married, now HIV positive, surviving AIDS, cancer, a heart attack, triple-bypass surgery and drug and alcohol addictions give him a uniquely credible perspective on healing and wholeness. In his cogent, well-organized handbook.

My Afterlife After a Life: A Gay Man's Account of His Personal Journey

My Afterlife After a Life: A Gay Man's Account of His Personal Journey

By Dru Hylen

Meet Dru Hylen. He's gay, outspoken, a cancer survivor and is living with AIDS. He has lived a life that took him on a bumpy roller coaster ride. But, that roller coaster dove down into a life led by heavy drinking, drug addiction, health issues and family problems. Meet the wiser Dru who cared full-time for his dying mother, whose serious relationships broke his heart more than once, who endured brutal chemotherapy that took him to knocking at death's door, who was visited by two psychic spirits on his long road to recovery and who still follows a major drug regimen to keep his AIDS in remission. My Afterlife After a Life is told with wit, humor, self-deprecation and a strong dose of sobering reality. It is an inspiring memoir that will tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh out loud and shake your head wondering how one person could pack so much into a life.

Gay Widowers: Life After the Death of a Partner

Gay Widowers: Life After the Death of a Partner

By Michael Shernoff
Ebook Edition

A recent gay widower may find that once the shock and initial confusion of losing his partner is overcome, there are still many hard, lonely, and overwhelming stages of grief to be worked through. Often, the bereaved feels isolated, and looking around for comfort, realizes that he doesn’t have many resources to turn to, but Gay Widowers: Life After the Death of a Partner is a start. By offering first-person accounts of becoming a widower, this book, the first of its kind, allows others who are about to lose or already have lost a partner to find support, validation, recognition, and fellowship. Its editor and contributors hope that by sharing their stories of loss, pain, and bewilderment, they will help others in mourning as well as make one more step forward in their own healing.

Heaven's Coast: A Memoir

Heaven's Coast: A Memoir

By Mark Doty
Ebook Edition

Mark Doty is deeply in love with his partner of many years, Wally Roberts. The harmonious existence these two men share is shattered, however, when they learn that Wally has tested positive for the HIV virus. From diagnosis to the initial signs of deterioration to the heartbreaking hour when Wally is released from his body's ruined vessel, Heaven's Coastis an intimate chronicle of love, its hardships, and its innumerable gifts. We witness Doty's passage through the deepest phase of grief -- letting his lover go while keeping him firmly alive in memory and heart -- and, eventually beyond, to the slow reawakening of the possibilities of pleasure. Part memoir, part journal, part elegy for a life of rare communication and beauty, Heaven's Coast evinces the same stunning honesty, resplendent descriptive power and rapt attention to the physical landscape that has won Doty's poetry such attention and acclaim.

It's All About LOVE

It's All About LOVE: A Mother and Her Gay Son's Loving Journey Through the Ravages of AIDS to the Riches of Heaven

By Elaine McKee Dancer

The author says, "My hope is that everyone who reads this book will realize this is a book about love. In fact, it is about extreme love; unconditional love; love that surpasses what many people ever feel. It is not only about my love for my son, but his love for me. Truly he and I were blessed to experience this kind of forgiving, supporting, long suffering love."

Queer: A Graphic History

Queer: A Graphic History

By Meg-John Barker
Ebook Edition

Activist-academic Meg John Barker and cartoonist Julia Scheele illuminate the histories of queer thought and LGBTQ+ action in this groundbreaking non-fiction graphic novel. A kaleidoscope of characters from the diverse worlds of pop-culture, film, activism and academia guide us on a journey through the ideas, people and events that have shaped "queer theory." From identity politics and gender roles to privilege and exclusion, Queer explores how we came to view sex, gender and sexuality in the ways that we do; how these ideas get tangled up with our culture and our understanding of biology, psychology and sexology; and how these views have been disputed and challenged.

The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World

The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World

By Alan Downs

Today’s gay man enjoys unprecedented, hard-won social acceptance. Despite this victory, however, serious problems still exist. Substance abuse, depression, suicide, and sex addiction among gay men are at an all-time high, causing many to ask, "Are we really better off?" Drawing on contemporary research, psychologist Alan Downs’s own struggle with shame and anger, and stories from his patients, The Velvet Rage passionately describes the stages of a gay man’s journey out of shame and offers practical and inspired strategies to stop the cycle of avoidance and self-defeating behavior. Updated to reflect the effects of the many recent social, cultural, and political changes, The Velvet Rage is an empowering book that has already changed the public discourse on gay culture and helped shape the identity of an entire generation of gay men.

Queer America: A People's GLBT History of the United States

Queer America: A People's GLBT History of the United States

By Vicki L. Eaklor

Placing GLBT people at the center of the history of the twentieth century, this book is a major new effort to popularize a long overlooked chapter in the American experience. It provides a decade by decade overview of major issues and events in GLBT history including the Harlem Renaissance, changes in military policy, the Stonewall riots, organizations and alliances, AIDS, same-sex marriage, representation in the media, and legal battles. Eaklor brings the steady hand and perspective of an historian to the task of writing a sweeping work of narrative nonfiction that is both meaningful and relevant to all Americans.

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Near-Death Experiences of Gays and Lesbians
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
Dr. Liz Dale photo

Dr. Liz Dale ( is a clinical psychologist who was motivated to work on a near-death experience study in the gay and lesbian community. Her motivation came to her upon learning that no such studies existed. After putting together a questionnaire she contacted the gay community through a popular San Francisco newspaper. Over a two-year period, more than 30 people responded to her questionnaire. Her findings are documented in her excellent book entitled Crossing Over & Coming Home published through Emeraldlink which also published the excellent NDE book entitled When Ego Dies.

 Table of Contents
1. Dr. Liz Dale's LGBT and Non-Gay NDE Aftereffects Survey
2. Christian Andreason's NDE Testimony and Why It Is Notable
3. A Gay Man's NDE with Jesus and Gay Angels
4. Lesbian Kerry Kirk's NDE
5. Lesbian Helen's Suicide NDE
6. An NDE Analysis of Homosexuality
7. A Scientific Analysis of Homosexuality
8. Kevin Williams' NDE Analysis of Homosexuality
9. The Bible and Homosexuality
10. A Humorous Open Letter to Dr. Laura Schlessinger
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 1. Dr. Liz Dale's LGBT and Non-Gay NDE Aftereffects Survey 
Liz Dale Survey

Dr. Liz Dale is currently seeking LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) and non-gay near-death experiencers to take a survey about NDE aftereffects. The survey is entitled "A Survey of Near-Death Experience Aftereffects Among LGBT and Non-Gay Near-Death Experiencers" and can be taken on her website. The survey results will be the subject of Dr. Liz Dale's next book which is to be published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The survey also provides a method for near-death experiencers (NDErs) to submit their NDE story either anonymously or non-anonymously. If you are an NDEr, especially a LGBT NDEr, and are interested in taking part in this historic project, please take this survey. Also, Dr. Dale asks to please be so kind as to pass this information on to others who might be interested. The survey's goal of quantifying the similarities and of differences between these two NDE groups will greatly add to the body of NDE literature available at the present time. A second study, sponsored by the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), is also in progress. If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact IANDS.

Dr. Dale's website has been redesigned and now includes new LGBT resources such as: LGBT article links, Wikipedia LGBT portal links, Open Directory Project LGBT links, Google LGBT search result links, and Gay and Lesbian product links. If you would like to contact Dr. Liz Dale to submit your NDE story, you can email her at: or snail mail at: Dr. Liz Dale, PO Box 153, Pinole, CA 94564.

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 2. Christian Andreason's NDE Testimony and Why It Is Notable

Christian Andreason photoI consider one particular gay man's NDE testimony, that of Christian Andréason (pronounced On-dray-son), to be perhaps the greatest revelation and inspirational testimonies about Jesus, God, and heaven I've ever read. Best known for being an award-winning, critically acclaimed, recording artist, Andréason is a singer, songwriter and producer of inspirational music. Since 1987 he has professionally recorded hundreds of songs and produced a total of 9 albums. Praised by celebrities, major press and even former United States Presidents, Christian's music and messages of love have so far reached millions of ears Internationally via Internet, television, stage and radio. It was on June 2nd of 1995, that Christian Andréason ( had his NDE. Once out of his body, Christian took a rare, highly transcendental and extensive tour of "The Divine Realm" where he entered into the light of God. Read more here...

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 3. A Gay Man's NDE with Jesus and Gay Angels

Immediately after the impact from falling forward onto the metal grating, I felt myself floating up, out of my body, and hovering above my body and all the people who were watching it, and who seemed paralyzed by shock and horror at what had happened. I think they pretty much assumed that I was dead. I remember looking down and seeing my body three-dimensionally for the first time. And it was such a shock, because we never see ourselves except in a one-dimensional mirror reflection, or a photograph. But I felt no pain at all; I felt completely whole and free, and I thought, "This is who I really am."


I saw my physical body, all crumpled and bloody and lifeless; and this enormous wave of compassion washed over me and I wanted to tell all of the bystanders that everything was going to be OK and not to be sad or alarmed.

Earth photoThen suddenly I felt myself being pulled, literally at the speed of light, farther from the physical Earth, and I saw all of the people on the planet simultaneously in that one moment. I saw people in China and Sweden and Uruguay; I saw people sleeping and dreaming; I saw people preparing food in their homes and in restaurants; people traveling in all manner of transportation, to and from work and school and appointments; I saw children playing together, and bankers and teachers and factory workers at their jobs. I saw mothers giving birth to children, which was especially beautiful and moving to me.

I saw people in hospitals and prisons, mental institutions and nursing homes and orphanages who felt desperately alone and abandoned and afraid. And I saw people painting pictures and planting gardens; writing stories and composing music, and people dancing.

I saw people praying in mosques and temples, synagogues, and churches; and people individually expressing their own silent prayers. I saw indigenous tribes in all different parts of the world drumming and chanting. And God was sending multitudes of angels to the Earth, to assist in answering all of the countless, millions of prayers being offered up at that single moment.

As I seemed to move further into the light, I saw the Earth as though from outer space. It was like a beautiful, shimmering blue and green jewel floating in the cosmos. As I moved closer I saw that the Earth was vibrating and pulsating, as though it was a living, breathing entity and not just some physical mass.


And I thought, "This is Mother Earth; this is our Divine Mother."


But as I looked even closer, I saw that there were terrible wounds and sores on different parts of her body, and that she was gasping for breath, and calling out to God and to her children to stop the killing and destruction and hatefulness - that she was dying and praying for all of us to help her to heal and regenerate. Again I felt overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and compassion, and I desired to hold Mother Earth in my arms - to whisper words of love and hope.

I remember that a part of me felt frustrated and powerless to actually do anything of value - just as I have often felt in my physical body. Yet another part of me felt completely powerful, as though there was nothing that I couldn't accomplish.


At that moment I asked God, "What do you want me to do?"


And the answer that came to me was that I had to go back into my physical body in order to complete certain goals that had already been set into motion.


And I thought, "But I can't go back because my body is too far gone, it's beyond repair."


And I was also afraid that I could never accomplish, with all of my physical limitations, all that I could do as a spirit form, which felt so free and unencumbered.

I remember feeling angry and fearful about going back, after being in all of this light - to have to go back to the darkness. And then I felt the presence of Jesus Christ all around me. The feeling of love was completely overwhelming. I felt as though I was swimming in an ocean of ecstasy.


And I asked him, "Do I really have to go back?"


Jesus Christ portraitAnd his answer was that I was a part of God's divine plan, as is every person, and that my ultimate purpose is to love and serve God and all sentient beings. And I could tell that he understood all of my fear and doubt. And he assured me that I would heal and recover, but that it would be a lifelong process; and that I did have the power within me, only I didn't realize it until now, and that all I had to do was to ask for the courage and strength to persevere in my life and in my work. This particular information held enormous value for me, as I had often questioned whether I would ever really find a place in the world - having always been somewhat of an outsider - a place where my passionate concern regarding so many compelling modern issues could somehow take solid form, and that I could hopefully make even a small difference.

Then Christ said that he would send me guardian angels to aid me in my healing, and to guide and protect me. Then the light became even brighter, and suddenly there were angels everywhere, playing the most transcendentally beautiful music, and singing "Hosanna!" and hymns of praise to God. And some of the angels were crying, which I didn't understand. And Jesus said that the angels were weeping tears of joy for my new life on Earth and that they were also expressing compassion for the hardship I would endure for the rest of my earthly existence. And he said that he had summoned the angels to guide me on my journey back to the Earth, and to my physical body. I remember feeling so grateful that Christ was there to help me try and understand everything that was happening. I also remember feeling that I wasn't afraid anymore; that no one could ever hurt me again. And that I would try my best every day to serve God's will.

I awakened to find two men kneeling over me, with expressions of apprehension and concern on both their faces. For some reason I felt that they might be gay men. They both looked to be in their thirties. I couldn't help but notice how handsome they both were, and that they were beautifully dressed in what appeared to be very expensive business clothes. I remember thinking that they might be some kind of executives working for a corporation, which in fact is exactly what they turned out to be. One of the men obviously had some type of first aid training, and had monitored my vital signs. They informed me that an ambulance was on its way and to try to remain still and not speak, which was easy to do, considering the extent of my injuries. They had both taken off their jackets and laid them over me, and I was horrified to discover that the jackets were covered with blood and completely ruined. I remember feeling embarrassed, and yet enormously grateful for the kindness of these two strangers. Their entire presence was completely warm and comforting, and I felt strangely safe and protected.

They waited alongside me until the ambulance came, and then arrived at the hospital to make sure that I was properly attended to. They visited me in the hospital on two separate occasions. I made a somewhat feeble offer to replace their ruined clothes, but they simply laughed it off, and insisted that the only thing that mattered was that I was alive and more or less in one piece. Again their mere presence filled me with a sense of hope and courage. I felt very strongly that both men symbolized what would prove to be a succession of "angels" that Christ had promised to send me. This, in fact, turned out to be truer than I could possibly have imagined.

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 4. Kerry Kirk's NDE

Woman facing in the LightKerry Kirk is a lesbian who corresponded with Kevin Williams and described her near-death experience. This experience appears in Mr. Williams' book, Nothing Better Than Death.


The following happened to me during the summer of 1981. I was nineteen at the time. It was a time in my life when I had pretty much decided that there could be no God, no great being in control of the world around me. If there were, he wasn't doing a very good job. I didn't realize it at the time, but once I had made this "decision" I started going downhill. I became selfish. That is self-centered but not very self-concerned.

I should mention that I had been having episodes of tachycardia for several years. I was never diagnosed (up to that point) with any kind of heart defect. Had I been asked, I would have denied any problems with my heart. I thought it was very normal to get light headed and almost pass out during periods when my heart would race. Duh.

One evening I was in the back seat of a car traveling to San Francisco from Los Angeles. All of a sudden my heart began to race and the nausea hit. Next everything started spinning and I could see lots of colors. Then I had a sense of blackness come over me. Like a dark damp cloud. I was terrified. I have never been so scared. In my fear I said, "Jesus."

Immediately I witnessed a fight. It seemed there was a battle between a being in white/light and this blackness. Immediately following, the light overtook the darkness.

"I found myself on my face in worship in front of this Being of Light. I felt a warmth, the most intense love filled me. It was an energy that penetrated every fiber of my being. I had never felt such a complete and total love. That unconditional love I hear many talk about.

I know there was conversation between us but I can not remember what was said. I feel like it was a time of healing for me, kind of a regeneration if you will.

In the next instant, I was floating above the car moving down the highway looking at myself in the back seat. I knew it was me sitting there, and yet I was up here. I wasn't afraid or confused. Everything was as it should be.

There was someone there to my left. I don't think it was the same being that I had just been with. He (I had a sense it was a he) seemed to be in a white robe or something. Funny, I never really looked at him. His identity didn't seem to be important. I think he was there to guide me. I didn't make myself go, it was more like he took me or led me.

We began moving through space. I was aware of that because the stars and planets were passing very quickly. It was very exciting, I felt so free.

The order of the next [series of episodes] I am unsure of. I know each was a distinct episode, but it is hard for me to put them in an order or time frame.

The next thing I knew there was a white "room." I can't say it had walls but it seemed to be somewhat enclosed. Maybe its boundaries extended to the edge of the light that filled it and that is why I call it a room. There was a man in a white robe behind a podium with a book on it. I knew it was the book of life from the Bible.


I remember thinking, "Uh oh, that stuff was for real."


I suddenly realized that the "God" I had been presented wasn't anything like the reality. I saw that it doesn't matter if you call him God, Allah, Great Spirit or whatever, he is the same thing.

The different religions just have different ways of explaining the same Creator. I also realized that little voice inside us that prompts us to do good things comes from this Creator, it is that light of love inside each of us. I don't remember specifically being told this, more like I just knew it.

I came to a place, maybe a room maybe a space. I was shown my life. If it was my entire life. I do not remember all of it. The only part that I remember now was just the last week or so. Since I had given up on God. I saw how selfish I had been. I felt the pain I had caused one person in particular and it bothered me very much. The things I had the most guilt for was hurting other people, lying, not being sensitive to their feelings, just being selfish. The fact that I was a lesbian didn't even seem to matter then. That was surprising to me, given what I had been brought up to believe.

There was another room or area. It seems like there were others there, I sensed some were female, some male, but I can't say I recognized anyone.

I was shown a diagram. I could see that it represented choices. A choice led to other choices which lead to other choices. Basically, actions have consequences.

I began receiving "all knowledge," or at least that is what it felt like. They were there teaching me. This didn't come to me as words like you and I speak. More as complete thoughts. When I think, it is generally in words and pictures, this is how I received the information. As complete words and pictures in my mind. As I could form a question in my mind I had the answer. Not just the answer to that question, but the why and how and the answer to every other question that the answer would bring up.


EVERYTHING in the entire universe fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. EVERYTHING MADE SENSE.


I remember thinking, "I have to remember this."

I looked over to the right and in the distance I could see a beautiful valley with lots of people. There was someone looking out over all of it. I felt that it was Jesus. I then looked down and saw a line. My foot (Yes, I did have a spiritual "body" as did the others I encountered) was stepping over the line to go to be with the others.


Then I was told, "If you cross that line you can't go back, it would mean you would have to die."


Funny as it may sound, up to that point I didn't realize I would have to die or was about to die. It never occurred to me. I didn't realize that I was separate from my body even though I had seen it in the car. I felt complete. I remember laughing and thinking this isn't how I pictured death.

I said I wanted to stay. I was then told that the people I was with (in the car), as well as my mother, would not understand and it would hurt them deeply. I understood.

At some point I was shown a map and was told to leave and go to Virginia.

The angels were singing and it seems like I could see the clouds all lit up (it was nighttime).

The next thing I knew I as sitting in the back of the car. I could hear the most beautiful music.

I didn't tell anyone what had happened to me for a long time. I felt out of place the next several days. I wanted to go back. I knew instinctively that I could not do anything to bring that about though. I tried and tried to remember everything I learned when I was filled with knowledge but it isn't there.

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  5. Helen's Suicide NDE

Woman with third eye shiningIn Jean Ritchie's excellent book entitled Death's Door, she has documented the suicide attempts and subsequent near-death experiences of a woman named Helen. Her near-death experiences demolish the myths held by many religious people that suicide and homosexuality are one-way tickets to hell. Although today Helen is very comfortable with the fact that she is a lesbian, coping with it has not always been easy. By the time she was seventeen, she was drinking heavily and experimenting with drugs. Over the years, her problems greatly escalated which led her to decide to take her own life. After writing suicide notes and taking an overdose of pills and drink, Helen was rushed to a hospital in very serious condition. Her heart stopped four times, she learned later from the medical staff.

I remember clearly floating up above myself, and looking down on my body. It was connected to numerous machines. I could see the drip and the oxygen mask. I could see the doctors working to restart my heart with electronic pads. I could see that my parents were there. It felt very peaceful, much better than where I had been before. I was bathed in warmth and light, and the calm was almost tangible. I felt it was up to me to decide where I wanted to be, up there or back in my body, but the peace was so overwhelming that I knew I wanted to stay.

And then I was in a small supermarket, floating between the aisles. It was like any ordinary supermarket, with shelves loaded with goods. My grandmother, who died when I was very young, was at the checkout, and so was my auntie. I knew without anyone telling me that it was my auntie, my mum's sister, although she had died of a brain hemorrhage before I was born. They were beckoning to me to go to them, but through the plate-glass window I could see my parents and my immediate family, also beckoning and urging me to hurry.

[The next thing Helen remembers is waking from her coma with the oxygen mask pressing on her face and causing some pain. She felt regret at having left the peace behind.]

Helen's second near-death experience occurred a couple of years after the first, after another suicide attempt. This time she took pills and tried to swallow bleach. Her partner found her and called an ambulance. The following is her experience.

I was drifting in and out of consciousness, more out than in, but I remember being wheeled from the flat on a stretcher. Again, I floated above and could look down and see two men carrying the stretcher, and I felt secure and safe in the knowledge that I was walking away from all the chaos of my life. Again, I felt it was my decision to walk away. Then I remember a very powerful force pulling me towards a serene, very beautiful realm, a higher realm. I traveled very slowly along a tunnel toward a bright light, and I could feel an overwhelming sense of warmth and peace and whiteness. I wanted to walk into the whiteness, which was so tranquil and happy. It was like stepping into a vacuum, there was nothing tangible, no scenery to look at, but a tremendous feeling of being somewhere, like nirvana. I felt okay, as though this was where I was meant to be, as if I had arrived home, and I was at ease with myself for the first time in a long time.

I also felt at one with the forces of the universe, as though I was part of something much much bigger, and yet I was also the whole of it. It was a tremendously powerful feeling, and such a contrast to the despair and depression that had led me there.

[This second time Helen did not see any relatives, and although she experienced the same sense of there being an element of choice in whether or not she returned to life or continued in that lovely place, she did not feel any panic when she awoke in the hospital a few days later.]

I knew I had not wanted to relinquish the good feelings the place had given me, but at the same time I did not feel regret at returning. This time, the experience seemed to give me strength. I felt refreshed.

[Helen was told by hospital staff that she was lucky to have survived.]

Helen's two near-death experiences have taken away any fear she may have had of death, and she now anticipates that when it comes she will once again experience those feelings of peace and tranquility. She does not believe that her near-death experiences encouraged her to make more suicide attempts: suicide, she says, is born of despair with this world, not a hankering after the peace and serenity of the next. Eventually, Helen was able to beat her alcohol and drug addiction. She is back with her partner, studying for a master's degree and doing volunteer work.

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 6. An NDE Analysis of Homosexuality

God loves gay peopleCountless near-death experiences describe the unconditional love that God has for everyone. This, of course, includes gays and lesbians. Just the fact that God created so many homosexuals (approximately 10% of the population) should be enough proof for any reasonable person. Unfortunately, there are people out there who, out of ignorance, fear, and bigotry, persecute them by treating them as second class citizens.


The following insights comes from near-death testimonies concerning bigotry. These insights show how homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality and is certainly not offensive to God as some religious texts claim.


multi-colored icon Creed, race, gender, and sexual preference have no real meaning to God. No matter who we are, we were all children joined under one God. The only rule is God's true law "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (P.M.H. Atwater)


multi-colored icon Those religions which claim superiority over others, or exclude people for various reasons, go against God's law that we love one another as we love ourselves. (Sandra Rogers)


multi-colored icon God is really only concerned about what is within us, our heart and spirituality, not our sexual preference. The way to heaven is through love for everyone unconditionally. We do not go to heaven by worshipping Jesus, or by believing in his name, or by believing in the cross, or by accepting him as our Savior. We grow to heaven by creating heaven within us by practicing the unconditional love of Jesus for everyone no matter who they are. (Kevin Williams' research)


multi-colored icon There is no one religion just as there is no "chosen" people or person. We are all children of God in the sense that we are all souls of God's creation. What counts is what comes from the heart, not what one professes to believe. The most difficult thing for a person who has been deeply steeped in a particular religious tradition is to realize that the form alone is not what elevates a person; it is the heart. (PMH Atwater)


multi-colored icon It also needs to be recognized that not all teachings described as religious are beneficial. Religion which is judgmental, prejudicial, critical, and narrow may impede the spirit's natural growth. It is love, not religion, which creates spiritual growth. Where religion teaches love, there is growth. Where religion impedes love, there is stagnation. (Nora Spurgin)

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 7. A Scientific Analysis of Homosexuality

Dr. Ian Stevenson photomulti-colored icon According to Dr. Ian Stevenson, the foremost reincarnation researcher, many of children with past-life memories show abilities or talents that they had in their previous lives. Dr. Stevenson's research led him to conclude that homosexuality is a natural human trait resulting from the reincarnation of a person of one gender as a person of the opposite gender. Such people must adjust to their new gender and sexuality at an early age. Former girls who are reborn as boys may wish to dress as girls or prefer to play with girls rather than boys. Former boys who are reborn as girls may wish to dress as boys or prefer to play with boys rather than girls. Former men who are reborn as women will be attracted to women and will therefore be lesbian. Former women who are reborn as men will be attracted to men and will therefore be gay. (Dr. Ian Stevenson)

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 8. Kevin Williams' NDE Analysis of Homosexuality

Kevin Williams photomulti-colored icon Dr. Stevenson's research supports scientific evidence that defines homosexuality as a natural human genetic trait and not a lifestyle of personal choice. Modern medical research has found that the brains of homosexuals are genetically different than heterosexual brains. A study by Dr. Simon LaVey reported in Science News, August 31, 1991. Vol. 140, No. 9, page 140 discovered this fact. Such research reveals homosexuality to be a natural process; and therefore, a divinely created process.


Anyone who has grown up on a farm or ranch, as I have, knows that farm animals frequently exhibit homosexual behavior. These facts of nature and of God discredits self-righteous religious beliefs that homosexuality is merely a choice, a sin and a lifestyle which people can easily chose to abandon. Near-death and metaphysical evidence shows people are born the way they are for a higher purpose known to God and our Higher Selves. It also makes logical sense that God creates and loves everyone unconditionally no matter what their sexuality.


And finally, pardon my adult language here, but does God really care if a person prefers the anus and/or genitals of a man over the anus and/or genitals of a woman regarding sex? My understanding is that God is concerned about a person's "heart" and not so much about their genitals.

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 9. The Bible and Homosexuality

Bible shinging lightmulti-colored icon The Bible was written during a time when society considered all "sinners", homosexuals, adulterers, and prostitutes as outcasts and worthy of death. Women had the same status as cattle, slavery was sanctioned, and so-called sexually immoral people were stoned to death. But Jesus didn't follow the social norms of those days. He hung out with sinners, prostitutes, tax collectors and even made some of them apostles.


The following is a presentation of the case that Jesus is not concerned about a person's sexual preference which was contrary to Paul's opinions.


multi-colored icon Paul did not know Jesus except from a vision of the resurrected Christ. He also didn't take the opportunity to visit the twelve apostles until fourteen years after his conversion. Nor did he spend enough time learning at the feet of those whom Jesus lived with, taught, and appointed. Instead, Paul rebukes Peter and clashes with the Twelve on several occasions despite the fact that Jesus told the Twelve they would rule on twelve thrones and judge Israel. The only real historical facts Paul mentions in his letters concerning Jesus was that he was crucified and had a brother James. Paul's letters display a bizarre degree of ignorance of Jesus' teachings. In fact, Paul contradicts the teachings of Jesus so many times, many scholars conclude Paul was the founder of Christianity instead of Jesus.


multi-colored icon The following is a list of some of the major contradictions of Paul's teachings with Jesus concerning social issues and religious issues.


multi-colored icon Paul contradicted Jesus on these important issues:


       Issue   Paul   Jesus
  1.  Sexuality   Romans 1:26-27   Luke 7:36-50
  2.  Sex   1 Corinthians 6:9-10   Matthew 21:28-32
  3.  Bigotry   1 Corinthians 10:18-21   John 4:1-10
  4.  Poverty   2 Thessalonians 3:7-10   Matthew 25:34-40
  5.  Racism   Titus 1:12-13   Matthew 8:5-13
  6.  Women   1 Corinthians 14:34-35   John 4:27
  7.  Jews   1 Thessalonians 2:14-16   Matthew 2:1-2
  8.  Slavery   Ephesians 6:5   Matthew 23:8
  9.  Good works   Romans 3:28   Matthew 5:17-19


multi-colored icon Bible scholars speculate how Paul's views on these issues are largely responsible for some of the atrocities that have plagued humanity in western civilization, such as anti-Semitism, the Inquisition, Nazism and the Holocaust, and slavery. To Paul's credit, it may have never been his intention for his personal letters to the churches to be elevated to the status of "God breathed" Holy Scripture.


multi-colored icon When you consider all of the teachings of Jesus in the gospels, it is safe to assume Jesus loves homosexuals; and nowhere in the gospels does Jesus condemn homosexuality.

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 10. A Humorous Open Letter to Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dear Dr. Laura Schlessinger,

Thank you so much for educating people regarding God's law. I have learned a great deal from you and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When anyone tries to defend homosexuality as a sexual identity and not a lifestyle choice, for example, I simply remind them the Bible clearly states it to be an abomination (Leviticus 18:22) ... End of debate! However, I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the specifics of the law and how to best follow them as a true believer:



Although eating shellfish is also an abomination to the Lord (Leviticus 11:10), my friend believes it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?


When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Leviticus 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. How should I deal with this?


I know I'm not allowed to have any contact with a woman while she is having her monthly period of uncleanliness (Leviticus 15:19-24). The problem is, how can I tell? I have tried asking them, but they take offense.


I know I can buy slaves only from the nations around us (Leviticus 25:44); but a friend of mine claims this applies only to Canadians and not Mexicans. Can you clarify?


I would like to sell one of my daughters into slavery according to the Bible (Exodus 21:7). In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?


I suspect my other daughter is pregnant by a man not her husband. For women to have abortions in such situations, God gave Moses "water that brings a curse" (Numbers 5:20-22). Any idea where I may obtain some of this water? Perhaps I should instead just pray to God for the abortion. It worked for the prophet Hosea when God answered his prayer and aborted the fetuses of his enemies (Hosea 9:14-16). Please let me know which abortion method you believe God recommends most.


I have a neighbor who insists on working during the Sabbath despite my constant warning that he should be put to death (Exodus 35:2). He thinks I am crazy. So am I morally obligated to kill him myself?


I know I cannot approach the altar of God because of my physical defect (Leviticus 21:21-23). But I do have prescription glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20 or is there some wiggle room here?


Should I mutilate the head of my penis as all men are commanded to do (Exodus 12:48)? I'd like to have my doctor do it; but I think I can save money by doing it myself. Any idea on the best way to do it?


 I have read that young girls in Asia are being sold as sex slaves and that our Congress is trying to stop it. We must prevent Congress from doing this and encourage all sex slaves to obey their masters as it says in the Bible (Ephesians 6:5). How do I file a protest against Congress?


I know we are not to associate with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). The problem is there are so many of them at work. Is there a polite way to tell them to keep the hell away from me?


A woman at church has authority over men and teaches Bible study which is clearly forbidden (1 Timothy 2:12). How do I get her to sit down and shut up?


I want to greet all God's people at church with a kiss (1 Thessalonians 5:26); but I get strange looks from the women when I do -- especially from their husbands. What should I do?


Because it's permissible for a man to have many wives (1 Kings 11:3), I have asked many women at church to marry me; but I continually get rejected and people are beginning to talk. On the other hand, I know it's good for a man to not have sexual relations with a woman (1 Corinthians 7:1), so I can't decide whether to get married or not. Can you please advise?


Dr. Schlessinger, I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding me how God's word is eternal, infallible and unchanging.


A Bible worshipper

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