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Near-Death Experiences of Gays and Lesbians
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
Dr. Liz Dale photo

Crossing Over and Coming HoimeDr. Liz Dale ( is a clinical psychologist who was motivated to work on a near-death experience study in the gay and lesbian community. Her motivation came to her upon learning that no such studies existed. After putting together a questionnaire she contacted the gay community through a popular San Francisco newspaper. Over a two-year period, more than 30 people responded to her questionnaire. Her findings are documented in her excellent book entitled Crossing Over & Coming Home. Dale is currently doing a new study concerning the aftereffects of near-death experiencers -- especially among the LGBTQ community -- where NDEs can have their NDE testimonials published and take a quick survey.

NDEs of Gays and Lesbians Index
1. Dr. Liz Dale's LGBT NDE Research
2. Experiences of Light in Gay and Lesbian NDEs
3. Christian Andreason's Near-Death Experience
4. Testimonies of NDEs by Gays and Lesbians
5. An NDE Analysis of Homosexuality
6. The Biblical Case Supporting Homosexuality
Dr. Liz Dale's LGBTQ Resources
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3. Wikipedia LGBT Portal Links
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