Tiffany Snow's Near-Death Experience

Tiffany Snow ( came from a very strict religious background and never believed in the supernatural. But that all changed when a sudden and profound NDE brought her before God in heaven where she was given knowledge and love beyond understanding. Tiffany says, "The best thing that happened in my life was almost losing it." At the time, Tiffany was a successful songwriter and record producer in Nashville when lightning struck her and almost took her life. It resulted in a profound NDE where she received the gifts of healing and psychic ability. She discovered her mission in life is to heal, teach, and help others manifest their God-given gifts with power and love in their own lives.

Tiffany sees the lightning strike that almost killed her as divine intervention because of the divine gifts she received which she uses to help others. She has used her psychic gifts in working with the FBI regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks. Her psychic abilities were also utilized for a nationally publicized child abduction case. Today she serves as an ordained minister, a Divine Healing practitioner (Christian prayer combined with hands-on-healing), a Reiki Master, teacher, and author of three books, "Forward From the Mind: Distant Healing, Bilocation, Medical Intuition & Prayer in a Quantum World", “Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life - Tools to Connect” and “The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide - Tapping Into The Miracle.” Her NDE testimony was filmed in a TV docu-drama to be aired on PAX in spring 2004. 


She has been called a modern-day mystic but she simply refers to herself "a worker for the Big Guy." She also continues to write songs and produce records. Concerning how to develop your God-given gifts, Tiffany says, “It's all about learning to yield, and loving the Giver, instead of just the gifts; then He will give you both in unconditional love. We all have gifts!”

The following is a high-level overview of her NDE and the events surrounding it in Tiffany's own words. Her entire NDE testimony can be found in her book, “Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life - Tools to Connect.”

"Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life - Tools to Connect"
Chapter By Chapter Synopsis
 Chapter 1: Are We "Sinning" by Ignoring the Gifts?, The Holy Spirit,
  The Supernatural Power of God

It is time to become the true potential that you already are. God traditionally used Supernatural ways to connect with humankind, and still does today, through the created implant of the “God-Spot.” Why, where it is, how to fill it, and with what. Modern science and Biblical “Signs and Wonders,” empirical evidence and traditional knowledge. How semantics change, but the gifts don't. Prophetic dreams, “visions,” healings, “energy modalities / Reiki / Therapeutic Touch,” halos “auras,” etc., Stories: Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Cloud, the Cast of Lots.

 Chapter 2: Struck By Lightning! My Near-Death Experience,
  Christ Face-to-Face, My Life Unfolds

The author's experience of awakening. Fundamentalist minister and record producer who didn't believe in NDEs, modern miracles, healings, spirit communication, etc., finds herself struck by lightning and dies, comes before the Presence and is given supernatural abilities and a mission that incorporates all these things. View of heaven, reason why each of us is here, what we need to accomplish on our spirit journey. Stories: God, Lightning, and Healing Hands, Tiffany's Brokenness.

 Chapter 3: Prayer as Directed Energy, Free Godly Gifts, With Responsibility

The grace of direct access. Einstein said matter is slowed down energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. Prayer as energy. How to manifest new outcomes, and access the responsibility of gifts through Focused Intention. Communication is a two-way street, how to hear the God Side. Developing prayerful undertone, how reason and validation destroys doubt and opens doors. Where to pray and when. Prayer God-Spot. Stories: Monster Waves in Mexico – the Vision of St. Christopher.

 Chapter 4: Tools to Widen Our Divine Connection,
  A Buffet of Suggestions to Fill the Hungry "God-Spot"

Ancient and modern methods to help connection. Many ideas to choose from. Altars, sacred space, ritual, incense, meditation, smudging, visual imagery, fasting, retreats, diary of prayer and blessings, lucid and prophetic dreaming, being with someone dying/giving birth, reasons for deliverance, animal communication, divine coincidences, subconscious energy attachments, the uniqueness of you, etc.

 Chapter 5: Games to Sharpen Our Ability to Yield,
  Developing the Sensitivity to See, Hear and Feel

Learning to yield. Making a spirit journal, the colors of healing, the shapes game, right and left brain, sirens and emergencies, sharpening our many senses, consciously entering altered states, developing focus and concentration, connection through sound, aroma, energy tracings, divine protection, active games with domestic and wild animals, etc.

 Chapter 6: What You Will See and Why, Energy Tracings, Ghosts and Angels,
  You Are Protected in Unconditional Love

Awakening, sanctification and purification. Types of angelic messengers and their responsibilities, the “Magic-Eye blur” to see spirits and auras, energy dustings/tracings, ghosts and how to “send them on,” good spirits and bad angels and the vibrational qualities of both. Stories: Treasures in the Trunk, More Ghosts, Southern Style, A Father Asks Forgiveness, etc.

 Chapter 7: The Healing Connection, Miracles in the God-Spot,
  Healing Prayer, Reiki and Medical Intuitiveness

Many Styles, Many Methods, One Spirit. Physical, emotional and spiritual healings, spontaneous remissions” and miracles, God's “sonar” (medical intuitiveness), the Holy Spirit as God's active energy force, how to channel healing “for the Highest Good.” Keeping your ego/self out of the way, how the healer feels when it's done right. Stories: 93 Year Old Woman Escapes Surgery, Crippled Hand Revived, Brain Tumor Shrinks, God is Stronger than Chemo or Cancer, No Withdrawal Symptoms from Heroin, etc.

 Chapter 8: Archeology Comes to Life, Old Souls Go to Heaven,
  Civil War in Tennessee, 1100 A.D. Hawaii, Indians in New Mexico

Unusual responsibilities, adventures. Seeing visions through the eyes of ancient ghosts, God-directed mysteries lead the way to working with medicine woman, Pueblo healings. Archeologist confirms unpublished Hawaiian information. Civil War ghosts sent home. Twilight God-Spot, Metal God-Spot, Earth God-Spot, Rock God-Spot, etc. Stories: The Scared Circle, Civil War Mary, The Cave of the Outcasts, Petroglyphs and Mountains, Adobe Walls and Open Hearts, Medicine Bear, Healing Under the Shroud of Turin, etc.

 Chapter 9: Love Never Dies, Sometimes God Allows Communication,
  FBI on September 11, Abducted Child, Parents Who Have Crossed

We are spirit in fleshly bodies. Training for “out of the usual,” Divine purposes and The Highest Good in both spheres, Free Will on heaven and Earth, love and fear, empathy and attachment, faith in following God wherever His Spirit leads – even in out-of-body (astral) travel. Stories: FBI, Terrorists and 9-11, “Let Us Know …We Keep a File,” One Missing Child – Many Broken Hearts, Father and Son Reunion, “We Are Not In The Grave.”

 Chapter 10: Letting God Be God, Out of the Box,
  Why Bad Things Really Happen, The Power of Brokenness

Unlocking the secrets of heaven. Vulnerability and innocence as protection and power, when God must reach down to save, the reality of good versus evil, real reasons for events. Stories: What Happens When God Goes to Church, Gina's Brokenness, Nature Knows Brokenness, Abraham's Brokenness, “Love Each Other,” Using the Gifts.

 Glossary: The God-Spots, Deliverance and Exorcism

Review of God-Spots, plus new ones. Cleansing and binding ceremony of Deliverance, and Exorcism. Rare information - when to use, what to say, why, and how according to ministry manuals and author experience. Calling on the authority of Jesus' name has power, why.

"Know that you are part of the bigger picture, and recognize the angelic forces maneuvering around you for the best possible outcome of all involved." - Tiffany Snow

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Forward From the Mind: Distant Healing, Bilocation, Medical Intuition & Prayer in a Quantum World

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Tiffany shares advanced methods for becoming a junction point between heaven and Earth through distant healing, medical intuition and remote viewing while out of body.


Psychic Gifts in the Christian Life

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Learn step-by-step how to tap into the Divine Connection and your own natural-born intuitive abilities.


The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide

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Tiffany removes many of the fear-based and man-made traditions that have overshadowed modern teaching about hands-on-healing, while explaining the difference between spiritual healing and Divine Healing.


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