Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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Out-of-Body Experiences
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
1. Dr. Charles Tart's OBE Research
2. Robert Monroe's OBE Research
3. Jerry Gross' OBE Research
4. OBE Research Conclusions
5. Silver Cord Research Conclusions
6. Sylvan Muldoon's Astral Projection Research
7. Greg Burkett's Out-of-Body Experience
8. Lynn K. Russell's Out-of-Body Experience
9. Mihbond's Out-of-Body Experience
10. Paul Beecher's Out-of-Body Experience
11. Sandy Lemke's Out-of-Body Experience
12. Victor Borras' Out-of-Body Experience
13. How to Have An Out-of-Body Experience
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