Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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Out-of-Body Experiences
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

Woman out-of-body. An out-of-body experience (OBE) is a sensation of floating outside one's body and perceiving one's physical body from a place outside one's physical body (i.e., autoscopy). The term "out-of-body experience" was coined in 1943 by George N. M. Tyrrell in his book Apparitions and was adopted by researchers such as Robert Monroe ( as an alternative to metaphysical terms such as "astral projection", "soul travel", or "spirit walking". One in ten people have an OBE once, or more commonly, several times in their life. Scientific materialism considers the OBE a type of hallucination that can be caused by various neurological and psychological factors; however OBE verified "veridical" perceptions falsifies scientific materialism. Dr. Charles Tart ( and is a transpersonal psychologist and parapsychologist who is the foremost researcher who has done more to falsify scientific materialism through veridical OBE perception. Robert Monroe (1915-1995) was a pioneer in the investigation of OBEs and the author of several ground-breaking books on the subject. His record of OBEs to locales far removed from any physical reality led him to found the Monroe Institute to conduct learning seminars in self-control of human consciousness using his patented HEMI-SYNC method for inducing OBEs. Jerry Gross ( is an other leader in the field of OBEs as a teacher and practitioner who holds workshops on astral projection in the U.S. and abroad. The difference between OBEs and astral projection is that astral projection is a consciously induced OBE. Another OBE pioneer is Sylvan Muldoon (1903-1969) whose spontaneous OBEs provided a wealth of details about the astral world, the silver cord, and the formation and movement of the astral body. Such OBEs provide excellent veridical evidence for the survival of consciousness after death. If you had an OBE and would like to share it with the world -- or if you would like to read more OBE testimonies -- visit Dr. Jeffrey and Jody Long's Out-of-Body Research Foundation website (

Out-of-Body Experiences Index
1. Dr. Charles Tart's OBE Research 8. Lynn Russell's Out-of-Body Experience
2. Robert Monroe's OBE Research 9. Mihbond's Out-of-Body Experience
3. Jerry Gross' OBE Research 10. Paul Beecher's Out-of-Body Experience
4. OBE Research Conclusions 11. Sandy Lemke's Out-of-Body Experience
5. Silver Cord Research Conclusions 12. Victor Borras' Out-of-Body Experience
6. Sylvan Muldoon's Astral Projection Research 13. How to Have An Out-of-Body Experience
7. Greg Burkett's Out-of-Body Experience    
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