R.B.Y.'s Out-of-Body Experience

Out-of-body manI had just come out of a meeting several years ago. I was about 20 years old. I fell on ice. My children were in the car with my brother. I remember going to the ground and trying to grab onto the car door for help.

I experienced going up in the sky and I viewed my automobile and the others coming out to my rescue. But what puzzles me is that while I was up above them, I heard a voice that I can never get out of my head. It said, "Noooooo!" It was resounding. The "Nooooo" was not an angry "Noooo" towards me. It seemed as though it was a protective "No" with love. But it was a direct order for something else. This "No" sounded like authority - like death could not take me now. 

I saw no one. I did not experience anything that I have been researching about, such as conservations or lights or etc.. It was just peaceful. I felt no pain.

When the words "No" were said, I was swooshed back real quickly down into my body - like going on a Ferris wheel going down. I felt no gravity pull. It was like I was following directions without even being questioned. I knew and understood. 

When I was in the ambulance, I saw the ambulance personnel shaking their heads in puzzlement at my feet. They commented that they had never seen anything like this in their life. 

I was rushed to the hospital. I had a double spiral leg break (my foot was turned around backwards). Instead of my foot facing the front of my body, it was facing backward. My leg bone had turned several times around. I did not experience pain until later though. They did have to give me shots because they were saying I was experiencing high blood pressure and they had to slow down my heart. I was breathing like I was out of breath or that I had been using up a lot of energy, the nurse commented. They were confused. 

I never had a heart problem and I have never experienced heart problems since. But since that time, I seem to have a special blessing from God that I can not explain. I am so close to God and I feel God's presence every second of the day. 

Prior to this experience, I was fearful of dead people and death. Now it doesn't phase me. But now I am fearful of heights which was something I was never fearful of before. 

Without even thinking, I am always speaking to others about God without a doubt. It is not like I am programmed, but I do not need to even think about God's love or God's word. It just seems to flow. 

I did ask the doctor and so many others about who could have said "No" or whatever and they all brushed it off saying it was my imagination. Maybe I said "No". But saying "No" is not my characteristic. 

Since that time, when I dream, they come true. Or when a problem comes about, I know how to handle it. Or when I speak with someone, I can see their problem and I may have just met them. 

I have mentioned this to preachers and they all seem to not want to discuss it.

"Death is nothing more than a doorway, something you walk through." - Dr. George Ritchie

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