Benjamin's Suicide Near-Death Experience 

SunsetI had a near-death experience over 4 years ago. It was in 1999. It was a couple of days before my 20th birthday.


I took an overdose of barbiturates on a cold autumn night in April beneath a city building. After I finished taking the pills, I went to sleep.


I felt this tugging at me. It was really warm and sensual, like something touching me very softly and very warm.


I felt this incredible euphoria. I felt like a feather floating from place to place.


There was this orange glow. It was like a sunset but a wide bright orange sunset and there was this coolness like a breeze blowing past me.

The next thing I knew, I was in this tropical paradise and there were these tourists walking around.


There I was sitting in this cafe that was shaded with palms and bamboo rafters.


I felt this cool moist misty breeze. It was like that misty air you get when someone is spraying the hose and you are in the vicinity.

OceanI was talking to this man who said that it wasn't time for me to go down to the beach. I wanted to go to the beach but this man told me that it wasn't the right time yet. He walked away.


The misty breeze got a bit cooler and I was swept off my feet.

Next, I am in the local city hospital, lying there.


The following day, I started vomiting because they pumped my guts out to remove the toxins from inside.


I felt weird. Everyone said I had been unconscious and in a critical condition but everything was going to be okay.

Well, that day ended and I was whisked off to the psychiatric unit that night.

I'm wondering if heaven lies in the oceans.


"Hell is a state of being we create by being away from God until we choose to return to him. It is a state totally devoid of love." - Sandra Rogers, near-death experiencer

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