Sandra Rogers' Suicide Near-Death Experience

Sandra Rogers

On April 30, 1976, following an unsuccessful suicide attempt by drug overdose the previous night, Sandra Rogers placed a .38 caliber pistol to her chest, aimed it at her heart and pulled the trigger. At her darkest hour, Sandra committed suicide. She expected to die. Instead, she found herself in the presence of a brilliant light. Instead of the nothingness she sought by committing suicide, Sandra was given an amazing look at life beyond death, and the infinite wisdom of the Other Side. The Light gave her the choice of remaining in the Light with the provision that she reincarnate and experience once again all that brought her to suicide; or she could return to life and live out the rest of her life. She chose to return to life. What she learned on the Other Side profoundly changed her. On April 28, 2000, Sandra Rogers finally made the transition back to the Light due to complications resulting from her suicide attempt in 1976. The following article is an excerpt from her excellent book, Lessons from the Light, reprinted by permission, describing her near-death experience and some of the insights she learned while in the light.  

  Table of Contents
1. Sandra Rogers' Near-Death Experience
2. Insights from Sandra Rogers' Near-Death Experience
a. Sandra's Insights About God
b. Sandra's Insights About Love
c. Sandra's Insights About Spirituality
d. Sandra's Insights About Religion
I. Sandra's Own Experience With Religion
e. Sandra's Insights About Evil and Sin
f. Sandra's Insights About the Physical World
g. Sandra's Insights About Death and the Afterlife
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 1. Sandra Rogers' Near-Death Experience

Lessons From The Light"Before the ambulance arrived I had what is now commonly called a near death experience.

"I came into the presence of a brilliant, wonderfully warm and loving Light. While I was in the presence of this Light I was shown a review of my life and all the events that brought me to that point.

"I was fascinated as I watched my life unfold, that I was aware not only of my own emotions, but also the feelings of those around me as well as those whose lives we touched. I experienced their pain or pleasure and understood what motivated their actions toward others and me.

"As my life review continued, I encountered again all of the pain and hopelessness of my next several years; a series of bad relationships, pregnancies, miscarriages, broken marriages and suicide attempts. I saw myself as a young woman of twenty-five, married and divorced three times and hospitalized for drug overdoses six times. I felt how I hated my existence and could not understand how a loving God could allow these things to happen.

"I was aware as I relieved each of these terribly painful events in my life that the light, which was with me as I watched, felt all of my pain and sorrow and never judged me, but instead understood and loved me.

"The love I felt from the light was overwhelming and I never wanted to leave it. While I was in Its presence I had unlimited knowledge about anything I wanted to know. I was given the choice of remaining with the light, provided I return later to the physical world and experience all that brought me to the point of shooting myself, or I could return now and pick up my life where it was. I was told that I would eventually have the family and love I so desperately yearned for. I was also told that I could only take back the knowledge I needed to sustain myself, although I would be given insights to help others and me along the way as I continued my life journey...

"During my NDE I followed my angel guide into the light. The angel was absorbed by the light and so was I. While in the light I learned that everything in existence was created from the essence of God, the light."

"Lessons from the Light is my attempt to provide some of the understanding gained through other's and my near-death experiences, as well as insights I have received along the way."

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 2. Insights from Sandra Rogers' Near-Death Experience  
 a. Sandra's Insights About God
blue dot God is Love, Light, and energy in all. God is the source of perfect Love and all; life.
blue dot All you do and think is known to God, and God understands everything perfectly, and loves everyone just the same.
blue dot God loves and forgives you, and expects you to love and forgive others.
blue dot All the pain we feel or cause is felt by God.
blue dot Our soul is a part of God and God is a part of us; therefore, our souls are immortal and eternal.
blue dot Just as the smallest atom of your physical body is part of you, you are a part of God.
blue dot We are all one with God, and to hurt even the smallest part of God hurts us all.
blue dot Everything is a part of God.
blue dot Light is the single source through which all are united.
blue dot God is love, light, and the energy in all. God is the source of perfect love and all life.
blue dot

God does not punish, He only loves. He has given us free will to grow in knowledge and find happiness. Every thought or action causes a reaction by which we must live with the consequences. As an example, if I choose evil over good I suffer the natural consequences which I may perceive as God punishing me.

blue dot God sends truth through many channels to those who ask.
blue dot God is in all places at all times.
blue dot Listen to that small inner voice in your thoughts; it is the voice of God.
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 b. Sandra's Insights About Love
blue dot Love, being God, is too immense and profound to ever be fully understood or experienced in the physical world.
blue dot The only thing that lives forever is Love.
blue dot God's paradise for us is Love. We can create paradise again if we learn to Love one another as ourselves.
blue dot Life is a road full of lessons teaching Love. When Love is learned, you will forever be home.
blue dot To have an abundance, do what you do with Love, and Love what you do.
blue dot In the search for truth and understanding, all paths lead to Love.
blue dot Where Love dwells, God is there.
blue dot God transforms the results of man's sins into opportunities to learn Love.
blue dot When we work for God, we create Love.
blue dot Every action of Love has a reaction of joy.
blue dot The greatest joy is to share Love.
blue dot Love at its best is Love motivated to action.
blue dot Indifference is the opposite of Love.
blue dot Forgiveness is the capacity to give Love in the most difficult circumstances.
blue dot Forgiveness shows God's Love in action. It is as close as we get to God's nature in this physical world.
blue dot Love in the physical world is a reflection of Love throughout eternity.
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 c. Sandra's Insights About Spirituality
blue dot You are much more than you think you are. Others are much more than you think they are.
blue dot If everyone knew their true nature, there would be peace on Earth.
blue dot

In order to become one with God, work must be done to remember or find the truth. The truth is this: your true self is a spirit and your spirit is one with God.

blue dot When you do unto others, you do unto God and yourself.
blue dot Those who seek to do good are on the quickest path to God.
blue dot If practice makes perfect, why not practice being good?
blue dot What you think is where your heart will be.
blue dot We can only gain what we are willing to accept.
blue dot If you want to find happiness, look for those in pain and help them.
blue dot A simple act of kindness, like a ripple on a pond, radiates from the giver throughout eternity.
blue dot Kindness finds its way back to you.
blue dot React to the faults of others as kindly as you do with your own faults.
blue dot That which you loathe in others is the very aspect you forbid yourself.
blue dot Others judge us by our actions; God judges us by our motivations.
blue dot Our character is built by our dominating thoughts.
blue dot Sleep is a time in which our spiritual body connects in a focused manner with God to recharge our energy.
blue dot Dreams are messages from your subconscious in the form of a puzzle. To comprehend your dream, piece the puzzle together.
blue dot Dreams without action remain dreams.
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 d. Sandra's Insights About Religion
blue dot There is one God who is worshipped through many different teachings of many different religious faiths.
blue dot God is in all of us. God is male and female, all races, and the reason for all religions.
blue dot

Even those who say they do not believe in God believe in energy and/or a life force; therefore, they do actually believe in God, they just have not figured out the name for "God" yet.

blue dot The gods of one faith are the angels, saints, or supernatural beings of other faiths.
blue dot Angels only need to be asked to intervene in your life.
blue dot God created differences in religion because of the different lessons we all need to learn.
blue dot There are only two true religions - the religion of love and the religion of fear.
blue dot A wrathful and threatening god is a god of man's creation.
blue dot The universe is God's cathedral.
blue dot

The problem with institutionalizing God's church through religions is that each religion tries to limit that which is limitless. God created differences because there are different ways to serve God, and different lessons we all need to learn.

blue dot The more spiritually evolved one is, the more one sees truth in different religions; one less spiritually evolved sees only differences.
blue dot To be fixed in beliefs is to try to make the infinite finite.
blue dot The belief that we are limited is an illusion. We are limited only by our beliefs.
blue dot Cries, wishes, hopes, desires, and thoughts are all forms of prayer.
blue dot Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.
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  I. Sandra's Own Experience With Religion


"During my youth I grew up believing that God is unfair. I was taught that when Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, but by me,' this meant that only those who publicly profess their faith in Christ go to heaven. I felt if this were true, God is unjust because not everyone wants, or has the opportunity to be exposed to, Christian teachings. I asked the light, which I call Christ, how people from other religions get to heaven. I was shown that the group, or organization, we profess alliance to is inconsequential. What is important is how we show our love for God by the way we treat each other. This is because when we pass to the spiritual realm we will all be met by him, which substantiates the passage, 'No one comes to the Father, but by me.'

"The light showed me that what is important is that we love God and each other, and that it isn't what a person says, but the love in their being that is examined in the afterlife. In reviewing and reliving your life, your acts and thoughts of love bring you and God great joy, and your acts and thoughts of indifference, selfishness, and anger bring you and God deep remorse. We are all part of God's family, and are all interconnected. Those organizations, or religions, which claim some singular relationship with God, claim superiority over others, or exclude people for various reasons, go against God's law that we love one another as we love ourselves."

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 e. Sandra's Insights About Evil and Sin
blue dot Satan and demons are what you make them. Evil only exists because we fear and think unkind thoughts.
blue dot The beginning of all sin is seeing self as separate from others and God, creating the illusion that the deeds of self will not cause harm to others.
blue dot

Anger is not the opposite of love. Indifference is. Anger is an expression of our free will, often manifested as a result of feeling controlled and feeling the need to assert our willpower over others.

blue dot There is no unforgiveable sin. It is best to think of sin as the mistake of forgetting our oneness with God.
blue dot Anger is love's energy misused.
blue dot Bigotry is self-hate.
blue dot When we hate others, we hate ourselves.
blue dot When you see someone full of hatred or anger, treat them with love so that you can be an example they may later reflect.
blue dot As long as you are a child of rage, you will not find the power to know your potential as a child of God.
blue dot An act of hostility, like a ripple on a pond, radiates out from the giver until eternity.
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 f. Sandra's Insights About the Physical World
blue dot The physical body that the soul enters into is chosen prior to birth.
blue dot Souls choose to be born to parents who will help their spiritual advancement as well as the spiritual advancements of the parents.
blue dot Souls who choose lives which end in childhood deaths often feel the need to comfort the parents with after-death visits.
blue dot Most younger children have memories of their life before their birth, but those memories are dismissed as imagination by parents and others.
blue dot Those born with mental or physical afflictions are more spiritually advanced than others, born to help others evolve spiritually.
blue dot Hardships are necessary for the growth of our soul.
blue dot Obstacles are opportunities in disguise.
blue dot The greatest desire of your heart, when granted, can become a burden.
blue dot The greatest burden of your heart can become a blessing.
blue dot Life in the physical world is a struggle to find true happiness.
blue dot Pleasure is of the physical world. Happiness is of the spiritual world.
blue dot God wants us to have abundance. You will have physical abundance if what you are doing is spiritually fulfilling.
blue dot If an addiction isn't conquered before your physical death, it could keep your spirit earthbound.
blue dot Moderation during physical life is the key to a successful transition to the spirit world.
blue dot

The forbidden fruit symbolizes the spiritual body entering the physical body and starting the spiritual body's desire for things of the physical world.

blue dot Earth is just one realm of learning; there are many.
blue dot Knowledge is more valuable than gold. It is something of value you can take with you to the spiritual world.
blue dot Using knowledge is far better than having knowledge.
blue dot

From the point of view of our conscious mind, life's not fair, but our spirit being knows there's a purpose to our dilemmas: to experience in order to gain knowledge.

blue dot In our physical life we continually search for answers to the "whys" of life. When we die we will know the "whys."
blue dot A society that asks, "What's in it for me?" instead of "How can I contribute?" is a society that is doomed.
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 g. Sandra's Insights About Death and the Afterlife
blue dot After death, you take with you what you are, not what you own.
blue dot Communication in the spiritual world is telepathic. Your thoughts are answered as rapidly as your mind can send and receive them.
blue dot When you die, everything you have said, thought, or done will be known by all.
blue dot Souls with like thoughts are drawn to each other in the afterlife.
blue dot There are no secrets in the afterlife.
blue dot Souls with evil thoughts avoid the light because they are too ashamed to have their life revealed.
blue dot You will eventually know the motivation of others who have touched your life.
blue dot Hell is a state of being we create by being away from God until we choose to return to him. It is a state totally devoid of love.
blue dot You will be judged as you judge others. Your prosecutor will be yourself.
blue dot That which controls you in the physical world (such as an addiction) will control you in the spiritual world.
blue dot We can help a deceased loved one's spiritual transition through prayer. Prayer helps because our connection of love with that person.
blue dot

Grief for a deceased loved one is like the pain felt by mothers who experience "the empty nest syndrome." It is only a temporary loss, because they have only gone to their next stage of life.

blue dot Death, as the end of life, is an illusion.
blue dot Death is only a change from one state of existence to another.
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"Hell is a state of being we create by being away from God until we choose to return to him. It is a state totally devoid of love." - Sandra Rogers

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