Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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The Self Does Not Die

The Self Does Not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences
By Titus Rivas,
Robert Mays, et al

Nothing Merciful Than Reincarnation

Nothing Merciful Than Reincarnation: Evidence of Reincarnation in Early Christianity
By Kevin Williams

Nothing Wonderful Than Heaven

Nothing Wonderful Than Heaven: Evidence of the Afterlife from Near-Death Experiences and After-Death Communications
By Kevin Williams
Nothing Greater Than Love
Nothing Greater
Than Love
: The Scientific, Psychological, Parapsychological, Philosophical, Reincarnational, and Religious Evidence of the Afterlife
By Kevin Williams
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2020 IANDS Conference
God Is With Us: What Near-Death and Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences Teach Us About God and Afterlife - By Dr. Ken R. Vincent
1. Main Page 16. Omar Khayyám: Sufi Universalist
2. Dedication to Wife Pam Vincent 17. Universal Salvation in Hinduism and Its Children
3. Foreword by Webmaster Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. 18. Scientific Investigation of the "Dark Side"
4. The Search for God and Afterlife in the Age of Science 19. Magic, Deeds, and Universalism: Afterlife in Religion
5. Developmental Revelation 20. What NDEs and STEs Teach Us About God and Afterlife
6. Ken's Guide to "Universals" in Religion 21. The Salvation Conspiracy: How Hell Became Eternal
7. Separating the "Super" from the "Natural" 22. Where Have All The Universalists Gone?
8. Religious Experience of Jesus and Modern Research 23. References
9. Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as ADCs 24. About the Author Dr. Ken R. Vincent
10. Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as ADCs: Rejoinder 25. Selected Resources
11. Religious Experience Research Reveals Universalism 26. Permissions
12. Mystical Religious Experiences and Christian Universalism 27. Acknowledgements
13. The Near-Death Experience and Universal Salvation 28. "God Is With Us " (Single Page)
14. An 18-Century NDE: The Case of George de Benneville 29. "God Is With Us" (PDF Version)
15. Zoroaster: The First Universalist    
Four Universal Truths From Near-Death Experiences and World Religions - By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
Nothing Better Than Death
(1)  The Bible and world religions reveal God is life; God is light; and God is love.
(2)  Life is God because all things are a part of God.
(3)  Light is God because all things are made of light particles.
(4)  Love is God because all things are held together by the power of God.
These truths were revealed to people who have had a near-death experience.
These truths were revealed to Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Muhammad, Zoroaster, and Philosophers.
-- Kevin Williams, B.Sc., author of "Nothing Better Than Death: Insights from Sixty-Two NDEs"

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