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1. Afterlife Honorable Mention Evidence eBooks
2. Afterlife Commentaries and Discourses Evidence eBooks
3. Afterlife Historical Evidence eBooks
4. Afterlife (Miscellaneous) eBooks
5. Afterlife Books from Amazon in Kindle eBook Format
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 1. Afterlife Honorable Mention Evidence eBookse

The ASCS is an organization with a specific mission to offer an arena where those with an interest in the study of consciousness, afterlife evidence and the fringe sciences can gain access to articles, links and other research; to educate; interchange ideas in the zone where spirituality and scientific research interface; to become a member; subscribe to their journal; and shop in their marketplace. One of their main events of the year is their annual conference.

♦  The source for the following articles can be found under ASCS's Honorable Mentions section.
-- A different sort of "cold case" - by Joel Martin [PDF]
-- A very confidential secretary (1947) - by E.B. Gibbes [PDF]
-- Before the evidence melts away (2005) - by Dianne Arcangel [PDF]
-- Blanche writes a note (1903) - by Frederic W. H. Myers [PDF]
-- Evidence by the book (1922) - by Charles Thomas [PDF]
-- From Bois to Boyce (1939) - by Cummins [PDF]
-- Good ships and witches (2002) - by Gary Schwartz [PDF]
-- Granddaughter Jerri's watch (2005) - by Dianne Arcangel [PDF]
-- Icelandic leg hunting (1975) - by Stephen Braude [PDF]
-- Jung's dream library (1963) - by Carl G. Jung [PDF]
-- Swept to the sea (1899) - by Michael Solovovo [PDF]
-- The books in the iron box (1922) - by Charles Thomas [PDF]
-- The dead debtor (1846) - by Binns [PDF]
-- The killing of Klaas K.(1940) - by Zorab [PDF]
-- The pearl tie-pin (1920) - by William Barrett [PDF]
-- The phantom fingertips (1993) - by Tom Cross [PDF]
-- The post-it that wouldn't die (2002) - by Sylvia Hart Wright [PDF]
-- The prince and the servant girl (1976) - by Jeffrey Iverson [PDF]
-- The Ramhurst revenants (1859) - by Robert Dale Owen [PDF]
-- The rationalist spirit (1971) - by Alan Gauld [PDF]
-- The singing spirit (1924) - by Robert Dale Owen [PDF]
-- The unexpected husband (1892) - by W. O. Crosby [PDF]
-- The unknown plot (1926) - by Lessie Stringfellow [PDF]
-- The wealthy wall (2005) - by Dianne Arcangel [PDF]
-- Uncle Jerry's watch (1890) - by Oliver Lodge [PDF]
-- Where there's a will (1928) - by Society Psychical Research [PDF]
-- Where's the smoke? (1942) - by Thomas Sugrue [PDF]
-- Young soldiers never die either (1971) - by Alan Gauld [PDF]
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 2. Afterlife Commentaries and Discourses Evidence eBooks
♦  The source for the following articles can be found under ASCS's Commentaries and Discourses section.
-- A twinkle in time (2012) - by Miles Edward Allen [PDF]
-- Comparing the afterlife abodes of religion with recent revelation (2013) - by Michael Tymn [PDF]
-- Flush my ashes (2013) - by Michael Tymn [PDF]
-- How scientific proof of survival would affect society - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- In pursuit of proof (2007) - by Miles Edward Allen [PDF]
-- Instinct, intuition, and reincarnation (1945) - by Miles Edward Allen [PDF]
-- Judaism, the Kabbalah, and the afterlife (2010) - by Donald Morse [PDF]
-- Near-death awareness as evidence for survival (2009) - by R. Craig Hogan [PDF]
-- Professor Ian Stevenson on mind-brain duality (2013) - by Miles Edward Allen [PDF]
-- Science doesn't know where you are (2009) - by R. Craig Hogan [PDF]
-- The "impossible" bottle (2013) - by Marshall Payn [PDF]
-- The Fenwicks go to heaven (1930) - by Geraldine Cummins [PDF]
-- The judge testifies on behalf of many languages (2014) - by John W. Edmonds [PDF]
-- The skeptical quagmire (2007) - by Miles Edward Allen [PDF]
-- The social relevance of reincarnation (2003) - by Stephen Sakellarios [PDF]
-- The Wallace revelations (1874) - by Alfred Russel Wallace [PDF]
-- Trembling terriers (1891) - by Alfred Russel Wallace [PDF]
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 3. Afterlife Historical Evidence eBooks
♦  The source for the following articles can be found under ASCS's Historical section.
-- Heroes and highlights of psychical research before 1882 (2010) - by Michael Tymn [PDF]
-- Survival milestones and turning-points (2005) - by Michael Tymn [PDF]
-- Survival research: like shoveling sand against the tide (2008) - by Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies [PDF]
-- The case for the return of Richard Hodgson - by Michael Tym [PDF]
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 4. Afterlife (Miscellaneous) eBooks
-- A discussion on the evidence for survival (1998) - by Arthur Oram [PDF]
-- A physics of consciousness, psi and survival (2013) - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- Accounts of afterlife from the dead: how useful are they for the dying (2007) - by Stafford Betty [PDF]
-- Afterlife (2005) - by William Hasker [PDF]
-- Altered states of consciousness and the possibility of survival of death (1985) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Bibliography of survival of bodily death (1998) by Esalen Conference [PDF]
-- Can consciousness survive destruction of the brain? (1959) - by Hornell Hart [PDF]
-- Comments on Ken Wilber and subtle bodies (2004) - by Michael Grosso [PDF]
-- Comments on survival critic Paul Edwards (2003) - by Michael Grosso [PDF]
-- Compassion, science and consciousness survival (1994) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Compatibility of contemporary physical theory with personality survival (2009) - by Henry Stapp [Word DOC]
-- Cross-cultural dimensions to the afterlife journey (1998) - by Sukie Miller [PDF]
-- Does consciousness continue beyond death?: a search for certainty (2015) - by Michael Urheber et al [Web, PDF]
-- Does man survive death? (1959) - by Rosalind Heywood [PDF]
-- Does mind survive death? (1964) - by J G Pratt [PDF]
-- Empirical arguments for human survival (1959) - by C. D. Broad [PDF]
-- Evidence and the afterlife (2001) - by Steven D. Hales [PDF]
-- Evidence microtubules cause life after death (2014) - by George Hammond [PDF]
-- Feedback and systemic memory: implications for survival (2004) - by Gary Schwartz [PDF]
-- Further observations of the combination lock test for survival (1976) - by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- Future directions for survival research (1998) - by Esalen Conference [PDF]
-- Great expectations by scientific prediction: a typical day in the afterlife (2014) - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- Grounds for belief in life after death (2007) - by Feargus O’Connor [PDF]
-- Human personality and the question of its survival of bodily death (1962) - by C. D. Broad [PDF]
-- Hylic pluralism and survival (2000) - by Michael Murphy [PDF]
-- Integral time and the varieties of survival (2004) - by Sean Kelly [PDF]
-- Is searching for a soul inherently unscientific (1967) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Is there life beyond death? (1997) - by Hans J. Eysenck and Carl Sargent [PDF]
-- Jung and the beyond (2014) - by Eduard C. Heyning [PDF]
-- Let there be light! The scientific bleep on the afterlife (2007) - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- Metaphysical assumptions and the survival hypothesis (2005) - by Eric Weiss [PDF]
-- Non-local mind and survival (2000) - by Marilyn Schlitz [PDF]
-- On life after death (analytical psychology) (1960) - by Carl G. Jung [PDF]
-- Outline of an Esalen lecture on personality survival and transphysical worlds (2004) - by Eric Weiss [PDF]
-- Outline of how is a living body different from a dead one (2007) - by Eric Weiss [PDF]
-- Personality and identity: what is it that survives (2000) - by Adam Crabtree [PDF]
-- Personality and survival of bodily death (1962) - by William Brown [PDF]
-- Perspectival awareness and postmortem survival (2009) - by Stephen Braude [PDF]
-- Research into the evidence of man's survival after death (1977) - by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- Saving souls sans psi (2012) - by Douglas M. Stokes [PDF]
-- Sri Aurobindo and the survival hypothesis (2005) - by Michael Murphy [PDF]
-- Sri Aurobindo's model of the soul (2000) - by Michael Murphy [PDF]
-- Some personal thoughts on survival (1986) - by D. Scott Rogo [PDF]
-- Spontaneous contact with the dead (1986) - by D. Scott Rogo [PDF]
-- State of the survival field (1998) - by Esalen Conference [PDF]
-- Studying the evidence for survival (1998) - by Arthur Oram [PDF]
-- Survival in a multi-world cosmology of subtle realms (2004) - by Eric Weiss [PDF]
-- Survival of death (1978) - by Jan Ehrenwald [PDF]
-- Survival or super-psi?: interchange responses (1992) - by Stephen Braude, Ian Stevenson [PDF]
                  -- Recent responses to survival research: responses of Braude & Wheatley (1996) - by Robert Almeder [PDF]
-- Survival research today: an essay review of parapsychology and thanatology (1996) - by Emily W. Cook [PDF]
                  -- Dr. Cook's reply to Comments on her review of parapsychology and thanatology (1997) - by Emily W. Cook [PDF]
-- Testing the survival of consciousness hypothesis (1997) - by Gary Schwartz et al [Web, PDF]
-- The afterlife according to psychical research (2014) - by Stafford Betty [PDF]
-- The combination lock test for survival (1968) - by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- The concept of survival of bodily death and the development of parapsychology (2003) - by Carlos Alvarado [PDF]
-- The contribution of apparitions to the evidence for survival (1982) - by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- The doctrine of the subtle worlds: Sri Aurobindo’s cosmology...and metaphysics of Whitehead (2003) - by Eric Weiss [PDF]
-- The doors of perception and heaven and hell (1954) - by Aldous Huxley [PDF]
-- The infinite regress of the observer and the stubbornness of fact (2005) - by Adam Crabtree [PDF]
-- The logical necessity of the survival of personal memory after bodily death (1991) - by Titus Rivas [PDF]
-- The necessity for an ascent-descent model (2004) - by Adam Crabtree [PDF]
-- The possibility of survival from a scientific point of view (1933) - by Oliver Lodge [PDF]
-- The possible nature of post mortem states: a discussion (1980) - by Ian Stevenson, Charles Tart et al [PDF]
-- The relationship between physics, death and communication (2002) - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- The scientific proof of survival after death (2003) - by Michael Roll [PDF]
-- The soul and quantum physics: an interview with Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (In experiencing the soul. edited by Eliot Jay) (1998) - by Fred Alan Wolf [PDF]
-- The subliminal consciousness: F.H.W. Myers's approach to the problem of survival (1994) - by Emily W. Cook [PDF]
-- The survival question: impasse or crux? (1986) - by Emily W. Cook [PDF]
-- The transition between life and death exploring the continuum (2007) - by Jeremy Horne [PDF]
-- The zeitgeist, Einstein, and survival (2005) - by Frank Poletti and Sean Kelly [PDF]
-- Through a glass darkly: images of the dead in dreams (1991) - by Deirdre Barrett [PDF]
-- To die for: the afterlife as theoretical science (2008) - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- To die for: the physical reality of conscious survival (2006) - by James E. Beichler [PDF]
-- Two tests of survival after death: report on negative results (1989) - by Ian Stevenson et al [PDF]
-- What death tells us about life (2007) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- What will the critics accept as evidence? (2004) - by Montague Keen [PDF]
-- Why I believe in personal immortality (1928) - by Oliver Lodge [PDF]
-- William James and the search for scientific evidence of life after death: past, present, and possible future (2010) - by Gary Schwartz [PDF]
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 5. Afterlife Books from Amazon in Kindle eBook Format
♦  Learn how to download free books in ebook format from Amazon Kindle Unlimited.
♦  Browse for Afterlife Kindle Unlimited eBooks on Amazon.
-- Book: Afterlife communication: 16 proven methods, 85 true accounts (2014) - by Gary Schwartz et al [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Afterlife: a psychiatrist exploring life beyond death (2015) - by Marcel Westerlund [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Afterlife: startling evidence for life after death (2013) - by Mike Pettigrew [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Brain, mind, cosmos: the nature of our existence and the universe (2014) - by Notable Scientists, Philosophers, Deepak Chopra [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: God and the afterlife proven (2014) - by Tom A Wilson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death redux (2013) - by David Wheeler [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death: a mysterious, paranormal, true story and lessons learned in potential health and wealth (2012) - by Freda Gates [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death: a scientific enquiry (2014) - by Ryno Opperman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death: powerful evidence you will never die (2015) - by Stephen Hawley Martin [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Miracles, angels and afterlife: signposts to heaven (2014) - by Peter Shockey [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Overcoming death: evidence of the afterlife: interviews, poetry, and other writings on life after death (2014) - by Leslee Goodman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: QLP: activate your quantum limitless potential (2012) - by Ronald James Conn [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Quantum, relativity, consciousness and beyond: a scientific quest for ultimate reality (2014) - by Shan Gao [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Socrates in cyberspace: the search for the soul in the 21st century (2012) - by Scott O'Reilly [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The afterlife and the true nature of reality: the quest for answers to the great questions of existence (2015) - by John Mennella [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The afterlife confirmed (2012) - by Miles Edward Allen [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The eleven questions: everything you ever wanted to know about life, death, and afterlife (2015) - by Mark R. Pitstick [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The emergence of quantum consciousness (2014) - by J.C. Gordon [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The everything guide to evidence of the afterlife (2011) - by Joseph M. Higgins & Chuck Bergman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The everything guide to understanding philosophy (2008) - by Kenneth Shouler [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The holographic soul (the God series book 30) (2015) - by Mike Hockney [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The reality of the supernatural (2015) - by Demetra Gerontakis [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The survival files (2011) - by Miles Edward Allen [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Understanding life after death: an exploration of what awaits you, me and everyone we've ever known (2015) - by Cyrus Kirkpatrick [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: We are one: the science of oneness (sacred science chronicles book) (2012) - by Robert Siblerud [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: What to do when you are dead: life after death, heaven and the afterlife (2015) - by Craig Hamilton-Parker [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Will you survive after death?: an investigative casebook (2015) - by John Anne Spencer [Web, Kindle]
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 6. Afterlife Books (Other) eBooks
-- Book: Afterlife: a guided tour of heaven and its wonders by Emanuel Swedenborg (2006) - Compiled by Daniel Rose [PDF]
-- Book: An anthology of the spirit world (2008) - Compiled by Michael Kagiso [PDF]
-- Book: Handbook for a new paradigm: (Vol. 1) a personal message for you (2006) - by George Green [PDF]
-- Book: Handbook for a new paradigm: (Vol. 2) embracing the rainbow (2006) - by George Green [PDF]
-- Book: Handbook for a new paradigm: (Vol. 3) becoming (2006) - by George Green [PDF]
-- Book: On life after death (1916) - by Carl G. Jung [PDF]
-- Book: One hundred cases for survival after death (1944) - by Alexander T. Baird [PDF]
-- Book: Our life after death (2014) - by Emanuel Swedenborg [PDF]
-- Book: Scribe of heaven: Swedenborg's life, work and impact (2005) - by Jonathan Rose et al [PDF]
-- Book: Seven days: a journey into awareness, days one to three (2000) - by Barbara Brodsky, Aaron [PDF]
-- Book: Survival: body, mind and death in the light of psychic experience (2003) - by David Lorimer [PDF]
-- Book: The cult of Dionysos and the origins of belief in life after death, implications for survival research (1981) - by Michael Grosso [PDF]
-- Book: The enigma of survival: the case for and against an after life (1959) - by Hornell Norris Hart [PDF]
-- Book: The way of life: life after death of the physical body (1974) - by Arthur Findlay [PDF]
-- Book: Your eternal self (2008) - by Craig Hogan [PDF]
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 7. Afterlife Book Review eBooks
-- Book Review: Afterlife encounters: ordinary people, extraordinary experiences, by Dianne Arcangel (2006) - Reviewed by William Roll [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Can the mind survive beyond death? by Satwant Pasricha (2010) - Reviewed by Jim Tucker [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Ghost hunters: William James and the search for scientific proof of life after death, by Deborah Blum (2007) - Reviewed by Michael Schmicker [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Immortal remains: the evidence for life after death, by Stephen Braude (2004) - Reviewed by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- Book Review: Is there an afterlife?: a comprehensive review of the evidence by David Fontana (2006) - Reviewed by J. O. Bockris [PDF]
-- Book Review: Is there an afterlife?: a comprehensive review of the evidence by David Fontana (2004) - Reviewed by Tricia Whitehouse [PDF]
-- Book Review: Paranormal experience and survival of death, by Carl B. Becker (2000) - Reviewed by J. Beloff [PDF]
-- Book Review: Science and the afterlife experience by Chris Carter (2012) - Reviewed by Stafford Betty [PDF]
-- Book Review: Searching for eternity: a scientist's spiritual journey to overcome death anxiety, by Don Morse (2000) - Reviewed by Alexander Imich [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Spook: science tackles the afterlife, by Mary Roach (2006) - Reviewed by Michael Schmicker [PDF]
-- Book Review: Swedenborg's hidden influence on Kant, by by Gottlieb Florschiitz (1999) - Reviewed by Gregory Johnson [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: The astonishing hypothesis: the scientific search for the soul, by Francis Crick (1995) - Reviewed by J. Beloff [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: The survival of human consciousness: essays on the possibility of life after death, by Storm et al (2007) - Reviewed by E. W. Kelly [Web, PDF]
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 8. Afterlife Book Excerpt eBooks 
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 9. Afterlife Websites 
1. Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies -
  Home Page - About - Membership - Library - Publications - Community - Conference - Events - Marketplace - Links - Facebook
  The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (ASCS) offers a place where those with an interest in the study of consciousness and the fringe sciences can gain access to articles, links and other research to educate and interchange ideas in the zone where spirituality and scientific research interface.
2. Afterlife Evidence: A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife -
  Home Page - About - Afterlife Evidence - Articles - FAQ - Newsletter - Skeptics - Online Book - Links - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube
  Victor Zammit is a retired lawyer now working as a full-time writer and researcher on empirical evidence for the afterlife. His book, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for an Afterlife, has been read by thousands of people from around the world. On his website, Victor keeps readers abreast of emerging evidence and links with others active in investigating the afterlife.
3. AfterlifeData Online Database -
  Home Page - About - Afterlife Library - Afterlife Sections - Research List - FAQ - Links - Facebook - Twitter
  This website is the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the Internet and is made possible partially by the creator of
4. Dr. Gary Schwartz's Website -
  Home Page - About - Books - Research - Articles - Videos - Powerpoints - Controversy - Inspiration - Amazon
  Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona, at the main campus in Tucson. In addition to teaching courses on health and spiritual psychology, he is the Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.
5. Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment -
  Home Page - About - About Cayce - Blog - News - FAQ - Join - Education - Conferences - Events - Online Learning - Store - Donate - Reincarnation - Dreams - Psychic - Spirituality - Oneness - Health - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Amazon
  Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) founded the non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in 1931, to explore spirituality, holistic health, intuition, dream interpretation, psychic development, reincarnation, and ancient mysteries -- all subjects that frequently came up in the more than 14,000 documented psychic readings given by Cayce.
6. Esalen Center for Theory and Research -
  Home Page - About - Current Initiatives - Past Initiatives - Resources - Institute - Scholarly Resources - Donate - Contact - Facebook - YouTube
  Directed by Esalen Cofounder Michael Murphy and Professor Jeff Kripal, Esalen’s Center for Theory & Research (CTR) is charged with helping to transform and evolve world culture through initiating new areas of research, theory, practice, and action, in cutting edge fields often ignored by mainstream educational institutions.
7. Ian Lawton's Supersoul Spirituality -
  Home Page - About - Contact - Store - Supersoul Spirituality - Rational Spirituality - Other Books/Papers - Facebook - YouTube - Amazon
  Supersoul Spirituality takes you on a journey to unlock your true divinity... to remind you that, however insignificant or troubled you might feel, behind the illusion you're a magnificent being of unparalleled wisdom and creative power. It will help you to understand: (a) that all your lives are happening at the same time, not one after the other; (b) that each of us is a hugely powerful "creator god"; (c) that you’re never, ever a victim of anyone or anything else, because as an adult you’re creating or attracting every single thing you experience via the "Law of Attraction".
8. International Survivalist Society (ISS) -
  Home Page - About - Articles - Library - Books - Researchers - Theory - News Archives - Links
  The ISS was founded by Thomas Jones of Wales and David Duffield of West Virginia in 2002 with the aim of publishing articles, books and photographs relating to survival after death and psychical research. The ISS is an independent group which regularly cooperates with several distinguished psychical researchers and parapsychologists. The website is now managed by Kevin Williams of
9. Swedenborg Foundation -
  Home Page - About - Foundation - Books - eBooks - Afterlife - Spirit World - Writings - News - Newsletter - Resources - Membership - Contact - Donate - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Amazon
  Their website was developed by the Swedenborg Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help people learn about Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic. He is best known for his book on the afterlife, "Heaven and Hell". The Swedenborg Foundation was founded in 1849 and chartered by the state of New York in 1850 as the American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society. The sole purpose of this organization is to print and distribute the theological writings of Swedenborg.
10. The Immortality Project -
  Home Page - Blog - Archives - Team - Timeline - RFPs - Conferences - Essays - Resources - Bibliography - Background - Lexicon - News - Press - Research - Hinduism - Buddhism - Judaism - Christianity - Islam - Mormonism - Workshop - Contact - Twitter
  Funded by the John Templeton Foundation, this scholarly endeavor issues requests for research proposals to fund scientific, philosophical, and theological projects that advance understanding of immortality and belief in immortality, and of how each of these is relevant to the way we live our lives at present.
11. Your Eternal Self -
  Home Page - About - Chapters - Resources - Mind/Spirit - Bibliography - Buy Book - Reviews - Interviews - Mediums - Forums - Greater Reality - Induced ADCs - ADC Guides - Wise Souls - Mind Studies - Yeshua Before 30 CE - Facebook
  R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D. is the author of the book "Your Eternal Self". He is also a writer and trainer of writers with more than three decades of experience. In addition to the dozens of courses, online interactive training materials, and print training materials he has developed, he is author or co-author of many other publications and websites.
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