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-- Book: 10 real life near-death experiences in the press and media: global evidence of the near-death (NDE) phenomenon (2013) - by Richard Bullivant [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A distant world beckons: embracing the mystical (2014) - by Thomas Eberhard [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A future for tomorrow: surviving anorexia, my spiritual journey (2015) - by Haley Freeman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A glimpse of heaven: a near-death tale to provide comfort and hope to the dying and grieving (2014) - by Susan Harrington [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A glimpse of heaven: the near-death experience in science, medicine and religion (201) - by John C. Iannone [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A journey to balance: making sense of it all (2012) - by Barry Brown [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A measure of heaven: near-death experience data analysis (2009) - by Vince Migliore [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A second in eternity: the true story about a near-death, out-of-body experience and a voyage beyond space and time and into the infinite (2012) - by Gary Wimmer [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: A spiritual evolution: how 14 after-effects of a near-death experience helped cure my addictions and changed my life (2014) - by Louisa P. [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: AFGEs (Another F###ing Growth Experience): A Guide to Self-Awareness and Change (2013) - by Barbara Whitfield et al [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Afterlife connections: true stories that prove love never dies (2015) - by Blair Robertson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Afterlife tracks: glimpses of the occult (2015) - by Louis Villalba [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: All about the spirit world (2012) - by Tony Scazzero [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: All we have is today: a story of discovering purpose (2014) - by Michelle Wulfestieg [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Amazing evidence: grounds for belief (2012) - by Terrence Hatch [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: An introduction to the soul (Book #7) (2010) - by Ian Lawton [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Angel miracles, near death experiences and healing miracles: stories of faith, hope, and love (2015) - by Cheryl Leonard [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Awakenings from the light: 12 life lessons from a near death experience (2015) - by Nancy Rynes [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Backwards: returning to our source for answers (2007) - by Nanci L. Danison [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Believe: let the truth set you free (2014) - by Dennis Heyns [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Between heaven and earth: proof beyond doubt that life and love are eternal (2014) - by Esther Luttrell [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Beyond heaven and the afterlife: more real life stories (book #2) (2014) - by Richard Bullivant [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Buried treasures: the journey from where you are to who you are (2014) - by Guru Singh [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: By the light (2013) - by Lionel Bascom [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Carlos Castanda doctrine practice of lucid dreaming (2015) - by Sergy Matyushkov [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Carlos Castaneda 2014: practice of lucid dreaming (2014) - by Sergy Matyushkov [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Code blue: a doctor's view of his own near-death experience (2013) - by S. R. Carson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Conscious dying: the final frontier (2014) - by Kael Parker [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Consciousness, human enigma and parapsychology: human enigma and the human sciences (Volume 1) (2012) - by Stephanie Thorburn [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Dance through it: gleanings from a near-death experience (2011) - by Cami Elizabeth Renfrow [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Dancing in the light: my near-death experience (2015) - by Linda Mango [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Dead or alive (2012) - by Erika Hayasaki [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Death dream (a short account) (2012) - by Bryan Edmondson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Destiny: the true story of one man's journey through life, death and rebirth (2014) - by Martin Heald [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Divine truths revealed: a glimpse behind the veil of the material world (2013) - by Ariela Pereira [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Do not be afraid: a true story (2013) - by Michael Demchak [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Dying and death and near-death experiences (2012) - by John Harnish [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Dying for a change: survival, hope and the miracle of choice (2012) - by William Murtha [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Dying to film: creating a documentary on near-death experiences (2013) - by Monica Hagen [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Enter the light (2013) - by Daniel John Neiman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Escorting the dead: my life as a psychopomp (2012) - by T. A. Sullivan [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Facing light: preparing for the moment of dying (2014) - by William Horden [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Flight of a lifetime (2014) - by Philip Watling [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Food of the gods:mystical journey through the Caucasus (2015) - by Sergy Matyushkov [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Gifts from the train station: healing yourself by helping others (2012) - by Glenn Croston [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Glimpses beyond the horizon (2012) - by Jorgen Bruhn, Andrew J Broadhurst [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Glimpses of eternity (2013) - by Raymond Moody and Paul Perry [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Glimpses of life after life: near-death experiences and after-death communications (2013) - by Ronald Beshara [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: God at the speed of light: the melding of science and spirituality (2013) - by T. Lee Baumann [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: God heals, documented proof: God was with me and let me to the light (2014) - by M. Teresa [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: God says when! Christian living through prayer and healing (2012) - by Vickie Bradley et al [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Guarded by Him (2012) - by Mary Snyder [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Guarding the tunnel of light (2014) - by Cynthia Orr [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Heaven: 33 stories from a real place (2015) - by Jim Harwell [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Heaven and the afterlife: is heaven real? true life stories from those who died and lived to tell the tale (2013) - by Richard Bullivant [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Heaven I saw: an explosive, phenomenal mind blowing, unbelievable account of my real experience (2015) - by Marria Guzman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Here be angels: sojourn in a different world (2013) - by John Gagway [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Higher call: God has more work for us to do (2012) - by Jacob Bembry [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: How to live forever: the secret of eternal existence (2015) - by Reynald Bell [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: If I could do it, you can do it: mind power, willpower, determination, love and faith (2014) - by Sybrand Anema [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: If morning never comes (2003) - by Bill Vanderbush [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Implications and applications of the near-death experience (2015) - by Edward Riess [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: In God's presence: one woman's story of her life with God and her glimpse in heaven (2015) - by Catherine Maurer [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Is there life after life? (2012) - by Andrew Ferrier [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: It's a springtime thing (2015) - by Verwayne Greenhoe [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Jesus is no joke: a true story of an unlikely witness who saw Jesus (2012) - by Heidi Hollis [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Journey to an afterlife time (2008) - by Dominick J. Villella [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Jung and Swedenborg on God and life after death (2015) - by Leon James [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Lessons learned (2014) - by Howard Storm [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after: beyond a near-death experience (2014) - by Alex Myers [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death and modern day miracles: over 50 true tales of evidence of life after death ... near death experiences (2015) - by James Cook [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death revealed: the God within us! (2014) - by John Borreca [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death, powerful evidence you will never die (2015) - by Stephen Martin [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death: a step by step account of what comes next (2015) - by Richard Rosen [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life after death: what are your odds? (2013) - by C. W. Patterson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life is a trip (2010) - by Howard Sadowsky [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Life's curtain call: what happens and what to do when you get to the end of you (2015) - by Dave Michael [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Lost in the moment ... for the moment (2013) - by Daniel Cramer [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Love is the link (2013) - by Pamela M. Kircher [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Love life 101: what near-death experiences and the mystics teach us about love, romance and the school of life (2011) - by Daniel Flynn [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Loved: a transcendent journey (2014) - by Mary Deioma [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Merging with the mystery (2013) - by Rich Heart Wonder [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Moments of truth: a tour of the the other side (2012) - by Nancy Jaye [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: My "journey between two worlds": beyond life and death (2015) - by Heather Guerett-Palaez [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: My near-death experience (2013) - by Louwrens Erasmus [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: My near-death experience and events leading up to it (2012) - by Dean Davis [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: My near-death experience and the healing power of God (2012) - by Craig Boyd [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near death in the ICU: stories from patients near death and why we should listen to them (2015) - by Laurin Bellg [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near death: after-death dreams, spirits, souls, astral projection, quantum physics, evolution, neuroscience, spirituality and God experiences (2011) - by Mathew Alper et al [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experience: a brief analysis (2014) - by Amy Teller [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experience: how limitless consciousness becomes a reality (2013) - by Gerd Lakowitz [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences: a glimpse at what lies ahead (2015) - by Francisco Valentín [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences: after-death, out-of-body, dreams, hallucinations, neuroscience and evolution of spirituality (2011) - by Jean-Pierre Jourdan [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences as evidence for the existence of God and heaven (2012) - by J. Steve Miller [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences based on true stories: life after death, what happens after death, out-of-body experience (2012) - by Liam Hill [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences of children who say heaven is for real (2014) - by John Graden [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences of doctors and scientists: people of science go on the record about God, heaven, and the afterlife (2014) - by John J. Graden [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences: the truth revealed (2015) - by Conrad Bauer [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Near-death experiences; true stories of near-death experiences told by real people (2014) - by Tessy Rawlins [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Nondenominational quantum spirituality lay manual for hospice patients and their families: how science proves there is an afterlife (2010) - by T. Lee Baumann [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Now or never! reach your most important goal in 21 days (2013) - by Ryan Jeffery [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: On angels wings: angelic interventions (2012) - by Marybeth Nelson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Original grace and the principles of Christ (2015) - by Mark Clavelle [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Overcoming the nature of fear: recognizing and replacing the destructive tendency to fear (2013) - by Sterling Davidson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Paranormal mystic forces (paranormal trilogy) (2013) - by Mary Harrison [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Parentheses: a memoir of my life before, during and after my death (2014) - by Frederick Swan [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Paths to your soul-self (2014) - by Marybeth Nelson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Pink roses for the ill (2013) - by Sandra Nicole-Concepcion [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Portals and passages (Book #1) (2012) - by Ian Prattis [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Proof of God: presenting the evidence for God's existence (2013) - by T. J. Lakeman [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Proof of heaven: heaven is for real (Book #1) (2013) - by Jason Black [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Prophecies from the afterlife: what God told me about mankind's future [Preview Edition] (2014) - by Philip Murphy [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Quantum physics, near-death experiences, eternal consciousness, religion, and the human soul (2013) - by William Bray [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Quiet angels: life after stroke (2014) - by Evelyn Mundy [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Recent near-death experiences (2011) - by Jim Highfield [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Reflections from beyond: sharing a message of hope, peace and kindness (2014) - by C. J. Golden [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Roadside: one man's look at the afterlife (2012) - by Scott Moss [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Sacred journeys and vision quests (2013) - by Lois Wetzel [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Sacred light Spirit Eagle: my visionary life and near death experience (2012) - by Cristael Ann Bengtson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Seeing beyond the natural: student: me... professor: God (2014) - by Tanya Taylor [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Several times "beyond" and back in the near-death experience (2014) - by Gerd Lakowitz [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Six hours with god: my near death experience spent with Jesus (2012) - by Darrel Young [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Soul bared: a metaphysical journey (2013) - by David Oakford [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Soulful journey: walking with faith after my near-death experience (2014) - by Sheri Stanley [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Spirit (2015) - by Narelle Hudson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Spirits: holy and not holy: experiences of the Holy Spirit, those before us, and other paranormal events (2015) - by G. B. Salavante [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Sudden death: God's overtime (2014) - by Jacob Bembry [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Supersoul: a radical worldview for a new consciousness (2013) - by Ian Lawton [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Suspended in mid-air: journey of a spiritual awakening (2013) - by Doneen Westwood [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Swedenborg's daughter: memoirs of a mystic (2012) - by Donna Gatti [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The afterlife: near-death experiences and what comes after death? (Book #15) (2015) - by Andrea G. [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The big book of the soul: rational spirituality for the 21st century) (Book #1) (2010) - by Ian Lawton [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The DMT diaries: from materialism to modern mysticism (2014) - by Steven Turner [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The fine line (2006) - by Margaret Watkins [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The five emanations: aligning the modern mind with the ancient world (2012) - by William Horden [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The friend from Mexico: a true story of surviving an intensive care unit (2012) - by Apostolos Mavrothalassitis [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The hidden truth: A logical path through compelling evidence to discover the nature of reality and the meaning of life (2012) - by Wade Wilson [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The light through the water (2015) - by Ernie Howard [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The little book of the soul: true stories that could change your life (Book #2) (2010) - by Ian Lawton [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The long journey home: a treatise on the effects of PTSD to the combat veteran and their loved ones (2014) - by Earl Fowler [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The meaning and purpose of life: the BIG jigsaw puzzle (2014) - by Brian Sadler [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The mystery of death: navigating the great divide (2011) - by Tal Brooke [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The naked soul: the astonishing true story of how a mind was torn apart and rebuilt (2015) - by John Smale [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The near-death experiences of suicide survivors: 10 suicide survivors describe their experience in the afterlife (2014) - by John Graden [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The ox and scorpio: stories for my sons (Volume 1) (2012) - by Michael Chandler [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The power of death: a radical path to personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment (2015) - by Gabriel Dee [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The power of surrender (2013) - by Michael Conway [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The returning dead: scientific evidence of life after death - fascinating true stories of near-death experiences (2015) - by Emmanuel Ebah [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The ruby diary (Part 1): insights into suicide from the other side (2012) - by D. Jon Harrison [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The ruby diary (Part 2): a legacy of love (2012) - by D. Jon Harrison [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The voice across the veil: powerful messages from beyond that give us all hope (2013) - by Sue Scudder [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The void: a near-death experience (2015) - by Julio Extra [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: The wisdom of the soul: profound insights from the life between lives) (Book #3) (2010) - by Ian Lawton [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: There is more ... 18 near-death experiences (Sacred Life Series) (2012) - by Sharon Lund et al [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: These things between heaven and earth (2014) - by Onomaris [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Time to believe: a life and a near-death experience (2015) - by T. J. Owen [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: To die or not to die (2014) - by Richard Nystrom [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: To live and love again (2015) - by Sue Andrews [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: To thwart the mighty dragon's fire (2011) - by Charles Steele [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Tooth or consequences: how an abscessed molar darned near did me in... (2012) - by Yale Youngblood [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Toward the other side: the miracles (2012) - by Valerie Callahan [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Towards radiance (2012) - by Bronwen Christianos [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: True stories of afterlife messages: life after death really does exist - Alex Myers & afterlife communication (Book #3) (2014) - by Tessy Rawlins [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Under the tree: a spiritual novel of the near-death experience (2011) - by Greg Stone [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Wake up while you can: a new, logical, non-religious insight into life after death (2014) - by Sarfraz Zaidi [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: We all go to heaven: when we stop creating our own hells (2015) - by Sonia Novick [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: We live, we die, then what? (2012) - by Robert Evans [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: What happens after you die?: a closer look at near-death experiences and the possibility of afterlife (2015) - by Eliza Palmer [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: What really happens during NDEs according to Spiritism: 12 NDEs are explained and explored (2015) - by Brian Foster [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: When God intervenes: life-changing events including answered prayer, a near-death experience, and visions (2014) - by Judith Strouse [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: When heaven calls you: connection with the afterlife, spirits, 4th & 5th dimension, higher-self, astral body, parallel dimensions and the future (2010) - by Maximillien de Lafayette [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Where to look to find God (2012) - by Thomas Repasky [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Who said no one has ever come back to tell us?: evidence from the Other Side (2014) - by Catherine Kennedy [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Wisdom beyond beings: a true story (2012) - by Queen Tiye [Web, Kindle]
-- Book: Yes Virginia, there is a heaven (2014) - by Katerina St. Claire [Web, Kindle]
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