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VIII. Out-of-Body Experience eBooks 
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 Table of Contents
1. Out-of-Body Experience (Miscellaneous) eBooks
2. Out-of-Body Experience Books from Amazon in Kindle eBook Format
3. Out-of-Body Experience Books (Other) eBooks
4. Out-of-Body Experience Book Review eBooks
5. Out-of-Body Experience Book Excerpt eBooks
6. Out-of-Body Experience Websites
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 1. Out-of-Body Experience (Miscellaneous) eBooks
-- A projective geometry for separation experiences (1999) - by F. Gordon Greene [PDF]
-- A psychophysiological study of out of the body experiences in a selected subject (1st) (1968) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- A second psychophysiological study of out-of-body experiences in a gifted subject (2nd) (1967) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Astral projection and metaphysics forum: 66 astral projection techniques (2008) - by Revenant [PDF]
-- Clinical approaches to the out-of-body experience (1989) - by Stuart Twemlow [PDF]
-- Cognitive correlates of the spontaneous OBE in the psychologically normal population (2011) - by Jason Braithwaite et al [PDF]
-- Consciousness, altered states, and worlds of experience (1986) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Controlled remote viewing complete archive of relevant documents (2000) - by Daz Smith [PDF]
-- Deficient mental own-body imagery in a neurological patient with OBEs due to cannabis use (2009) - by Leila Overney et al [PDF]
-- Esalen survival of bodily death conference (1998) out-of-body experiences; by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Experience outside the body (1953) - by Raynor C. Johnson [PDF]
-- Exploring the world of lucid dreaming (1991) - by Stephen Laberge [PDF]
-- Flight of mind: a psychological study of the out-of-body experience (1987) - by Carlos Alvarado [PDF]
-- Jimmy’s out-of-body experiences (2011) - by Michael Bova [PDF]
-- Journeys in the trans-physical worlds: a process philosophy look at the work of Robert Monroe (2011) - by Madeleine Howenstine [PDF]
-- Lucid dreaming: some transpersonal implications! (1992) - by Roger Walsh [PDF]
-- Lucid dreams and out-of-the-body experiences (1986) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Models of the out-of-body experience: a new multi-etiological phenomenological approach (2011) - by Vernon Neppe [PDF]
-- Out of the body, but not out of mind (2009) - by Peter Brugger et al [PDF]
-- Out-of-body experiences as the origin of the concept of a "soul" (2005) - by Thomas Metzinger [PDF]
-- Robert Monroe obituary (1995) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Six studies of out-of-body experiences (1998) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Some additions in the algorithm for out-of-body experiences (2010) - by Xiaojiang Jiang, Ravi Prakash [PDF]
-- The body unbound: vestibular-motor hallucinations and OBEs (2009) - by J. Cheyne et al [PDF]
-- The consciential paradigm: multidimensionality and the OBE (2012) - by Sandie Gustus [PDF]
-- Toward the objective exploration of non-ordinary reality (1995) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
                   -- Towards a more mature understanding of OBEs: a review (2013) - by Massimilano Bianchi [Web, PDF]
-- Trends in the study of out-of-body experiences (1989) - by Carlos Alvarado [Web, PDF]
-- Visualizing out-of-body experience in the brain (2008) - by Yen Tai [PDF]
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 2. Out-of-Body Experience Books from Amazon in Kindle eBooks
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 3. Out-of-Body Experience Books (Other) eBooks
-- Book: A treatise on astral projection (2004) - by Robert Bruce [PDF]
-- Book: Adventures beyond the body (1996) - by William Buhlman [PDF]
-- Book: Astral dynamics: a new approach to out-of-body experiences (1999) - by Robert Bruce [PDF]
-- Book: Edgar Cayce: the sleeping prophet (1989) - by Jess Stern [PDF]
-- Book: Far journeys (1985) - by Robert Monroe [PDF]
-- Book: Journeys out of the body (1992) - by Robert Monroe [PDF]
-- Book: Lucid dreaming and analytical psychology (2015) - by Wikipedia [PDF]
-- Book: Online work of Robert Bruce (2007) - by Robert Bruce [PDF]
-- Book: Out-of-body experiences: how to have them and what to expect (1997) - by Robert Peterson [PDF]
-- Book: School of out-of-body travel: a practical guidebook (2011) - by Michael Raduga [PDF]
-- Book: Spirit quest: journey out-of-body (2007) - by Synergy [PDF]
-- Book: The controlled remote viewing manual (1986) - by Ingo Swann, Daz Smith [PDF]
-- Book: The projection of the astral body by Sylvan J Muldoon et al (1929) - by Hereward Carrington [PDF]
-- Book: Ultimate journey (1994) - by Robert Monroe [PDF]
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 4. Out-of-Body Experience Book Review eBooks
-- Book Review: Beyond the body: an investigation of out-of-the-body-experiences, by Susan Blackmore (1992) - Reviewed by Michael Epstein [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Demystifying the out-of-body experience: a practical manual for exploration and personal evolution, by Luis Minero (2013) - by Massimiliano Bianchi [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: The enigma of out-of-body travel by Susy Smith (1965) - Reviewed by Charles Tart [PDF]
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 5. Out-of-Body Experience Book Excerpt eBooks
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 6. Out-of-Body Websites 
1. Phase Research Center -
  Home Page - About - The Phase - Free eBooks - Research - Techniques - Applications - School - Videos - Forum - Contact - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube
  The Phase Research Center was founded by Michael Raduga who researches a dissociative state of mind (the phase) commonly referred to as out-of-body experiences (OBEs), astral projections and lucid dreams. Raduga is the author of more than 10 books published on this topic and is a leading researcher on methods that allow every person to achieve out-of-body experiences within a very short period of time.
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