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1. Parapsychology (Miscellaneous) eBooks
2. Parapsychology Books from Amazon in Kindle eBook Format
3. Parapsychology Books (Other) eBooks
4. Parapsychology Book Review eBooks
5. Parapsychology Book Excerpt eBooks
6. Parapsychology Websites
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 1. Parapsychology (Miscellaneous) eBooks 
-- A compendium of the evidence for psi (2003) - by Adrian Parker et al [PDF]
-- A new approach to veridicality in dream psi studies (2012) - by Andrew Paquette [Web, PDF]
-- A scientific inquiry into the validity of astrology (1990) - by John McGrew et al [Web, PDF]
-- A series of possibly paranormal recurrent dreams (1992) - by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- Acquisition of donor traits by heart transplant recipients (2007) - by Paul Pearsall et al [PDF]

-- Altered states of consciousness and psi phenomena (2013) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- An empirical case against materialism (2004) - by Andrew Clifton [PDF]
-- An initial study of extreme, measureable forms of synchronicity (2011) - by R. Perry et al [PDF]
-- Applied parapsychology: studies of psychics and healers (1993) - by Sybo Schouten [Web, PDF]
-- Are poltergeists living or are they dead? (1972) - by Ian Stevenson [PDF]
-- Arguing for an observatioal theory of paranormal phenomenon (2002) - by Joop Houtkooper [PDF]
-- Coincidence studies: a manifesto (2011) - by Bernard Beltman [Web, PDF]
-- Discussion of "Irreducible mind" and William James, by Edward Kelly (2003) - by Esalen Conference  [PDF]
-- Discussion of the book "Irreducible mind", by Ed and Emily Kelly (2004) - by Esalen Conference [PDF]
-- Distance healing of patients with major depression (2015) - by Bruce Greyson [PDF]
-- Does psi exist? Replicable evidence for an anomalous process of information transfer (1994) - by Daryl Bem et al [PDF]
               -- Anomaly or artifact? Comments on Bem and Honorton (1994) - by Ray Hyman [PDF]
                                  -- Response to Hyman? (1994) - by Daryl Bem [PDF]
                                  -- A meta-analysis with nothing to hide: reply to Hyman (2010) - by Lance Storm et al [PDF]
               -- Does psi exist? Lack of replication of an anomalous process of information transfer (1999) - by Julie Milton [PDF]
                                  -- Does psi exist? Comments on Milton and Wiseman's (1999) meta-analysis of ganzfeld research (2001) - Lance Storm [PDF]
                                                                  -- Does psi exist? Reply to Storm and Ertel (2001) - by Julie Milton [PDF]
-- Episodic and periodic nature of psi phenomena (1998) - by Eslaen Conference [PDF]
-- Experimental study on precognition (2001) - by Eugen Vasilescu et al [Web, PDF]
-- Exploratory blinded field experiment evaluating purported precognitive dreams in a highly skilled subject: possible spiritual mediation? (2011) - by Gary Schwartz [PDF]
-- Feeling the future: experimental evidence for anomalous retroactive influences on cognition and affect (2011) - by Daryl Bem [PDF]
-- Frederic Myers and the hstory of science (2003) - by Bob Rosenberg [PDF]
-- Has science developed the competence to confront the claims of the paranormal? (1975) - by Charles Honorton [PDF]
-- In quest of experiential anomalies (2013) - by James Pelt [Web, PDF]
-- Look it up: parapsychology (1992) - by Michael Swords [Web, PDF]
-- Modern physics and subtle realms: not mutually exclusive (2000) - by Robert Klauber [Web, PDF]
-- On being shot awake and the dreams that foresaw it: a transpersonal self psychology view...(2005) by Judy Schavrien [PDF]
-- Organized skepticism revisited (2004) - by L. David Leiter [Web, PDF]
-- Parapsychology and transpersonal psychology: "anomalies" to be explained away or spirit to manifest? (2002) - by Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Precognitive remote perception: replication of remote viewing (1996) - by R. D. Nelson et al [Web, PDF]
-- Reflections on Kant, Myers, Schopenhauer, and Whitehead (2003) - by Adam Crabtree [PDF]
-- The effect of the "laying on of hands" on transplanted breast cancer in mice (2000) - by William Bengston et al [Web, PDF]
-- The later William James and the influence of Myers (2005) - by Ed Kelly [PDF]
-- The pathology of organized skepticism (2002) - by L. David Leiter [Web, PDF]
-- The strange properties of psychokinesis (1987) - by Helmut Schmidt [Web, PDF]
-- Transcommunication with emphasis on electronic voice phenomena (ATransC White Paper) (2014) - by Tom Butler [PDF]
-- Twin telepathy [Letter] (2005) - by Guy Lyon Playfair [Web, PDF]
-- Viewing the future: a pilot study with an error-detecting protocol (1995) - by Russel Targ [Web, PDF]
-- What are the irreducible components of the scientific enterprise? (1999) - by Ian Stevenson [Web, PDF]
-- World parliament of superstition? Scientific evidence for a basic reality to the spiritual (1993) - Charles Tart [PDF]
-- Would amnesics make good psychics? (2011) - by Jim Schnabel [Web, PDF]
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 2. Parapsychology Books from Amazon in Kindle eBook Format
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 3. Parapsychology Books (Other) eBooks
-- Book: Encyclopedia of occultism and parapsychology, Vol. 1 (A - L) (2000) - by Melton Gordon [PDF]
-- Book: Encyclopedia of occultism and parapsychology, Vol. 2 (M - Z) (2000) - by Melton Gordon [PDF]
-- Book: Encyclopedia of psychic science (1966) - by Nandor Fodor [PDF]
-- Book: Extra sensory perception (1964) - by Joseph B. Rhine [PDF]
-- Book: The Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained, Volume 1 (2003) - by Brad and Sherry Steiger [PDF]
-- Book: The Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained, Volume 2 (2003) - by Brad and Sherry Steiger [PDF]
-- Book: Voice transmissions with the deceased (1981) - by Friedrich Jurgenson [PDF]
-- Book: Voices of eternity (1988) - by Sarah Estep [PDF]
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 4. Parapsychology Book Review eBooks
-- Book Review: Conscious connections: about parapsychology and holistic biology, by Gran Brusewitz (2011) - Reviewed by Michael Nahm [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Irreducible mind: toward a psychology for the 21st century by Edward Kelly et al (2007) - Reviewed by Arthur Hastings [PDF]

-- Book Review: Irreducible mind: toward a psychology for the 21st century by Edward Kelly et al (2007) - Reviewed by S. E. Braude [PDF]
-- Book Review: Irreducible mind: toward a psychology for the 21st century by Edward Kelly et al (2007) - Reviewed by Ulrich Mohrhoff [PDF]
-- Book Review: Limitless mind: a guide to remote viewing and transformation of consciousness by Russell Targ (2004) - Reviewed by Mark Schroll [PDF]
-- Book Review: Miracles: a parascientific inquiry into wondrous phenomena, by D. Scott Rogo (2007) - Reviewed by Analisa Ventola [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Parapsychology and the skeptics: a scientific argument for the existence of ESP by Chris Carter (2008) - Reviewed by Ulrich Mohrhoff [PDF]
-- Book Review: Parapsychology in the twenty-first century, by Michael Thalbourne (2005) - Reviewed by Peter Fenwick [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Remote viewing secrets by Joseph McMoneagle (2001) - Reviewed by Bruce Norman [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Seven experiments that could change the world: a do-it-yourself guide to revolutionary science, by Rupert Sheldrake (1996) - Reviewed by Ian Stevenson [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: Soul to soul: communications from the heart by Gary Zukav (2012) - by Sahibou Oumarou [PDF]
-- Book Review: The blue sense: psychic detectives and crime, by Arthur Lyons (1994) - Reviewed by Angela Thompson [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: The encyclopedia of the paranormal, by Gordon Stein (1997) - Reviewed by Carlos Alvarado [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: The end of materialism: how evidence of the paranormal is bringing science and spirit together by Charles Tart (2009) - Reviewed by Arthur Hastings [PDF]
-- Book Review: The end of materialism: how evidence of the paranormal is bringing science and spirit together by Charles Tart (2009) - Reviewed by Ulrich Mohrhoff [PDF]
-- Book Review: The science delusion: freeing the spirit of enquiry, by Rupert Sheldrake (2012) - Reviewed by Fred Alan Wolf [Web, PDF]
-- Book Review: The spiritual brain: a neuroscientist's case for the existence of the soul by Mario Bearegard et al - Reviewed by Ulrich Mohrhoff [PDF]
-- Book Review: The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of transpersonal psychology by Harris Friedman et al (2014) - Reviewed by Miles Vich [PDF]
-- Book Review: Varieties of anomalous experience: examining the scientific evidence, by Etzel Cardeiia et al (2001) - Reviewed by Imants Baruss [Web, PDF]
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 5. Parapsychology Book Excerpt eBooks
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 6. Parapsychology Websites
1. Daily Grail -
  Home Page - Blog - News - Recent - Popular - Featured - Stream - Journal - Magazine - Wiki - Contact - User - Search - Facebook - Twitter
  One of the longest running and most respected websites exploring the fringes of science and history. If you find alternative history, UFOs, the occult, parapsychology, Forteana and consciousness research interesting, you're sure to love The Daily Grail.
2. Dean Radin's Website -
  Home Page - About - Evidence Page - Activities - The Conscious Universe - Entangled Minds - Supernormal - Facebook - Twitter
  Dean Radin, PhD, is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Volunteer Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International.
3. Integrative Energy Medicine Institute -
  Home Page - About - Articles - Testimonials - Training - Links - Facebook - YouTube
  This institute "without walls" is dedicated to the research and application of therapeutic method of healing using energy medicine, mind over matter principles and multi-dimensional aspect of reality. The Institute offers practitioners the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge through the Institute's Practitioner Network.
4. Paranthropology Journal -
  Home Page - About - Free Issues - Magazines - Readings - Subscribe - Submit - Books - Reviews - Lectures - Forum - Facebook
  Paranthropology is a journal established in 2010 as a free online journal devoted to the promotion of social-scientific approaches to the study of paranormal experiences, beliefs and phenomena in all of their varied guises. The journal aims to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue on issues of the paranormal, so as to move beyond the sceptic vs. advocate impasse which has settled over the current debate, and to open new avenues for enquiry and understanding.
5. Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) -
  Home Page - About - Membership - Journal - Library - Magazine - Newsletter - Conferences - Videos - Forum - NDEs - OBEs - Psi - Links - Donate - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube
  Since 1982, The Society for Scientific Exploration has provided a critical forum for sharing original research into conventional and unconventional topics on consciousness, physics, alternative energy, healing, and more. Subjects often cross mainstream boundaries, yet may have profound implications for human knowledge and technology. The SSE also publishs a peer-reviewed journal and the popular EdgeScience magazine, host conferences, and connect scholars.
6. The Epoch Times -
  Home Page - About - Beyond Science - Search - Newsletter - Videos - Contact - RSS Feeds - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube
  The Epoch Times is an independent voice in print and on the web. They report news responsibly and truthfully so that readers can improve their own lives and increase their understanding and respect for their neighbors next door and around the globe. In their approach and in their content, they uphold universal human values, rights, and freedoms.
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