Ella Day's Daughter's After-Death Communications

Hello, my name is Ella Day. My daughter Melody died May 5, 2002 at the age of 23. She had melanoma which had spread to her brain and then she had 16 tumors on her spine. A couple of weeks before her death I was lying beside her on the bed (She stayed at home with me and died at home) and all of a sudden she looked over at me and said, "Oh my God. Oh my God."

I said, "What is it darling?"

She said, "There is a black man sitting crossed legged on the bed right beside you." 

I said, "What is he wearing?"

She said, "He is dressed all in white."

I asked her, "Is his hair long or short?"

She said, "No its short."

Then I asked, "Is he your guardian angel?"

She replied, "No". And then she exclaimed, "Oh, he's gone".

Two days before she died and the last thing she spoke to me, she opened her one eye, turned her head slightly to look at me and smiled and said, "You were right Mum. It's so beautiful."

Also when Melody had her first brain tumor the doctors removed it. After she came back from surgery she said to me, "I have two guardian angels. One is wearing a purple dress and one is wearing a green dress." She said, "And one's name is George and one's name is Fred."

Well my father's name is George and he has passed on and his brother's name is Fred and he has also passed on. Melody could have remembered her Grandpa's name but she always called him Grandpa and I called him Dad so she did not hear his name very often. But her Grandfather's brother died when she was about one or two years old and she never met him so its very unlikely she would even remember his name. I phoned my Mum and told her and she phoned the wife of Fred and told her. Both women had a laugh over the fact that their dead husbands were wearing dresses!"


Kevin Williams' reply:  It could have been robes they were wearing. Many experiencers report seeing people dressed in robes that resembles a Roman toga. Others describe people wearing "monk-like" clothing. It could be the same thing. Anyway, it sounds like your daughter received this information by several possible means. My guess is that she received it during an after-death visitation. Sometimes before a person dies, someone on the Other Side appears to them usually to tell them they are about to join them. And usually when this thing happens, the person does die soon after as told. They might appear while she is awake or she might see them during a dream. She could have also seen them in what is called a "deathbed vision" which is when a dying person catches a glimpse of heaven or loved ones. They may die right away or die days later. Or it is possible she received this information from a near-death experience. Either way, it was certainly what psychiatrists call a "paranormal event." These things happen more than people are aware of. But nobody talks about it for obvious reasons. Hope this helps.


"Death when unmasked shows us a friendly face and is a terror only at a distance." - Oliver Goldsmith

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