Linda Robinson's NDE and After-Death Communications

My sister sent this to me and I'd like to explain my NDE. But, it didn't happen from nearly dying.


My late husband died when he was 46 years old and I was 38, married for almost 17 years. After he died, I had to keep running his restaurant until I sold it. But I would smell him in places of his restaurant.


He worked for the NYC Transit Authority for 22 years and always smelled like iron metal. He retired and we moved to Florida and bought a restaurant.


I had a hard time dealing with his sudden death from a massive heart attack. Our daughter was only 9 years at the time.


But, one night before sleep I prayed to him asking to show me what was heaven like. It took awhile to fall to sleep but, that night I did leave my body and floated down a beautiful bright light tunnel that I can't give proper description. Too beautiful for words. But I was floating and the warmth and love and kindness I was going into was something I've never experienced. James was there saying, "See, see where I'm at? I'm okay now." But, he said I had to leave for now.


Exiting back down the tunnel again and the feeling of love and warmth and beauty still remains with me to this day and I know someday I will be there again with him and loved ones that have passed.


There is heaven and life after death. I know, I was there.


Waiting to die.

Linda Robinson:  Litelfeet@aol@com


"What we call life is a journey to death. What we call death is the gateway to life." - Wayne Triplett

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