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I have lupus and asthma, and I am very ill. I have had a few near-death experiences, but none could compare to the one that involved my grandmother.

In July of 2003 my mother had gone to Ohio to visit my grandmother. I was in college so I could not go, but I vowed that I would go for Christmas. I felt that I would see my grandmother for the holidays and that would be more special. Well, after my mother returned from Ohio that following month of August 2003 my grandmother died at the age of 71 alone in her living room.

I was devastated as she was THE GRANDMA #1. I have two grandmas but my grandma in Ohio was really special to me in a way that cannot be explained in words only that when she died it was like a part of me went with her. We had a connection that some can call psychic, but anyway, I felt so guilty that she had not only died ALONE in a horrible way, but that I could of seen her just before she died had I gone with my mother to Ohio. The guilt was overwhelming.

One night a few months later I just went to bed crying. Well, I something weird happened that night. I had this VERY vivid dream that I was in my grandmother's house and she looked healthy. No thinning hair or the elements in her old demeanor that she had before that gave evidence of her failing health. My grandmother looked good, healthy and concerned for me and my mother. She told me that if I ever wanted to talk to her that all I had to do was pray to Jesus and she will get the message. She told me that she was happy and that she loved both me and my mother. She told me to tell my mother that her death was not her fault and that we both needed to stop feeling guilty for her death. I could feel her arm on mine like it was really there and I could smell her hair!! My grandmother always had this particular smell.

After I awoke I instantly delivered the message to my mother and I felt much better.

I still miss my grandmother, but now we know for sure that she is around. Also, now she leaves little reminders that she is still here with me. Lights come on sometimes when I pull up in the driveway and there is nobody inside and sometimes I just feel her presence. I still cry for her sometimes and it is as if she senses it and is there all of a sudden. I would of never thought that my dream was anything more than a dream until I found your website. Even though I gave my mother the message, I still doubted that it was more than a dream. I thank you for your encouraging website.

Tina Andersen:  TAndersen9579@msn.com


"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." - Rabindranath Tagore

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