Edgar Cayce on Meditation 

The following is an excerpt from the late great Cayce scholar Elsie Sechrist's book Meditation: Gateway to Light. More information concerning Cayce's insights into meditation can be found at the Cayce research foundation (A.R.E.).


Prayer is speaking to God and mediation is listening to God. Mastering the technique of meditation is not easy. There are three keys necessary to succeed in meditation. The three keys to this door of communication with God are sincerity, enthusiasm and perseverance.

As for sincerity, ask yourself these questions: Do I really know who and what God is? Do I know him personally as a loving Father, or do I just know about him? More important, does he know me? Are we on speaking terms, or do we just nod occasionally? If we find ourselves answering in the negative to these questions, we may begin to realize how greatly we need him. His promise has ever been that if we believe, live by his laws, he will aid us swiftly when we call, no matter where we happen to be.

Enthusiasm is important because it is an inner fire, an inner light seeking its own source. In Webster's dictionary, the origins of the Greek word "enthusiasm" meant to be "inspired, or possessed by a god." In meditation, this inner fire stimulates every cell of the body and every reflex of the brain to listen. How do we evoke enthusiasm for our search for God? By first examining those people who, from the beginning of time, have found him. The Bible tells of man's experiences with God. Studying it in conjunction with efforts at meditation and prayer awakens the necessary enthusiasm to begin.

Perseverance is perhaps the most difficult key. We need to keep on, day after day, in the effort to re-establish our communion. When we first attempt to harness the thoughts, to control the body, to sit still, we realize just how much the body controls us, mind and spirit.

Body chartThe purification and control of the spiritual body takes place within the endocrine glands, under the direction of the mind. The Cayce readings and modern science concur that constructive thoughts and emotions release healing hormones into the body and mind. But the Cayce readings go further. They suggest that the endocrine glands are the spiritual centers of the body and that through them our spiritual forces find means of expression. Meditation is a key to opening these spiritual centers.


These spiritual centers are: the sex glands, the Lyden gland, the Adrenal glands, the Thymus, the Thyroid, the Pineal and the Pituitary glands. The proper application of the energies illuminates them, transforming the individual into a light in the world.

Ideals enter the mind when led by the spirit. The Cayce readings remind us over and over again that mind is the builder, led by the spirit we are entertaining, the spirit of God or the spirit of the devil - self. What one thinks and eats, one becomes.

Spiritual cleansing begins when the mind is in accord with his spirit. It is across the bridge of the mind that we pass, as we come to know God. Once a soul sets for itself an ideal which is spiritual in essence, every cell in the body is made aware of this and changes begin to take place. Our seven spiritual centers become the points of contact with the divine within; thus we experience a stepping-up of activity in all these centers. We have redirected the use of this energy to its highest function. A refining process has taken place in the body, a lifting of the rate of vibration; these centers now disseminate their energies and hormones to the entire body.

As the individual sits in meditation, his mind focused on an affirmation (an ideal), spiritual energy begins to move upward from the sexual glands. Usually, at this point, a pulsation may be felt at the end of the spine. If the spiritual force has been able to rise unhindered and undefiled to the pineal and pituitary, one may experience an incandescence as if the whole body had been filled with light and become transparent.

It is at the pineal center that we gradually become oriented to the Christ-presence, where we may even receive the Mind of Christ, depending on the degree of the attunement.

This force then flows into the pituitary, from whence, being now in purified form, it flows downward, cleansing and strengthening body and mind.


And Jesus also said, "Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." (John 7:38) The movement of these spiritual forces in meditation are the rivers of living water.

The more we become able to still the conscious mind, the more trouble we can expect from the subconscious mind, for it is the conscious mind of the soul. It, too, must be purified. We have stimulated this area of the mind as a result of the ideal we have upheld; attitudes and thoughts previously concealed in the subconscious rise to the surface for examination. Symbols and old familiar scenes begin to flash before us like pictures on a screen. However, this is still only the beginning of meditation. We should not dwell too long on these pictures but press on to the silence. In other words, we must return attention to the affirmation.

We may at this point be fascinated by the many faces appearing, or numerous pairs of eyes staring. We may even hear our names called; we may feel as if we were in the midst of a crowd, listening to chatter and laughter. We must not stop there, for we are not yet in real meditation. Of course, it is fascinating at first, for it is an entirely new experience. The sounds, the voices, the pictures, the eyes and faces may all belong to souls already in the beyond who, having seen the light pouring through the open door (the spiritual center), have been attracted. It is much akin to the sensation of looking through a strange keyhole, only to see another eye looking back. Intriguing, perhaps, but neither stands to gain much from such a restricted encounter.

We must leave this entertainment behind and "press on to the mark of the high calling," his mark, the superconscious mind, the Christ Consciousness, the Holy Spirit, the "hill of the Lord."

Spiritual height is reached by attunement to the Creative Forces in meditation. The release of energy should never be forced by such methods as exercise, or holding the breath, or by focusing one's mind on a special center, or by willing the center to open. When meditation is properly approached, these centers will open voluntarily. The knowledge, power and illumination of the soul which accompany this opening will then be concentrated on the good of others and not to one's own misdoing.

The opening of the centers should come only as a result of spiritual growth, not through any abnormal means. Unless the power released is used to express his spirit with and for others, it will but inflame our lower natures.

The glands of reproduction are the reservoirs of the life force. They house the creative energy of the body. As the individual sits in silence, having lifted his mind by use of the Lord's Prayer (an excellent affirmation), creative energy is released at this level. This energy now carries the stamp of the divine, because both the purpose and the thought which released it were holy.

The Lyden gland, control-center of the soul's activity, opens its doors to this energy, enabling the mind of the soul - the subconscious mind - to rise to the level of the pineal, seat of the Christ consciousness. This energy is then transmitted to the other centers of the body by means of the pituitary. As it passes through the centers, it illuminates them.

Heavenly TempleMeditation brings an increase in vigor and improved health. An expansion of consciousness is achieved, and with this expansion comes the realization that we are in eternity now. The realization dawns that indeed there is no death. The only real death is the separation in consciousness of the soul from God. When this has been overcome there is no death, for consciousness is continuous in whatever realm one manifests.


Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions." (John 14:2) These mansions of God are afterlife levels of consciousness. Where is consciousness? Within the bodies we now occupy, wherever we are. "For you are the temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people."  (2 Corinthians 6:16)


Through meditation, we may become aware of these afterlife realms of consciousness as in dreams. Therefore, whether we are on this Earth, or in another afterlife realm, the "house of the Lord" is the shell which we occupy. For while God wills that no soul shall perish, he will not force humankind to seek him.


Meditation Tips from Edgar Cayce
dot Meditation is the attuning of the mental and physical body to your spiritual source.
dot Meditation builds a protective barrier around yourself against harmful forces.
dot Meditation will help you manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the white light of the Christ.
dot Meditation allows you to obtain information on any subject and the answer will come from within.
dot Meditation is the way to at-one-ment with God.
dot Constant communication with God through meditation will result in spiritual guidance.
dot During meditation, you can increase the spiritual forces taking place within your inner self.
This is necessary to help you attune and become one with the Creative Force - just as in the pitch of a song of praise.
dot Raise these spiritual forces in yourself and you will enter the presence of your Maker.
dot No sacrifice is necessary except your desire to be one with God.
dot You will know within yourself when you are in an at-one-ment with God.
Read about the promises of Jesus in the book of John, chapters 14-17, to learn about the spirit of light within you to help unlock your inner self.
Set definite time periods to listen to the voice of your Maker. Meditate either at 11:00 am to noon in the day or 11:00 pm to midnight in the evening. The best time is 2:00 am to 3:00 am in the morning. (For at least 30 minutes)
dot Meditate facing east (for polarity with the Earth) and in the same place each day.
For some people, the song of the spheres is necessary for their comfort in meditation and to rest the senses.
dot Sit or lie in an easy position, without any binding garments around your body.
dot Sit as in readiness. Crucify desires within yourself. Turn yourself inward.
dot Quiet yourself mentally. Cleanse the inner room of your mind. No unkind thoughts are allowed.
dot Shut out all thoughts pertaining to activities or attributes of carnal forces.
The hands should always cross the solar plexus, the balancing between the forces of the body, when meditating or seeking to open yourself to the unseen sources.
Never open yourself without surrounding yourself with the Christ Consciousness by thought, by word of mouth, by impressing it upon yourself - also for protection.
Certain types of breathing are suggested, that there may be an even balance in the respiratory system, that the circulation becomes normal in its flow through the body.
With low music or incantations, let yourself go deeper, to the seeing, feeling, experiencing the creative forces of love and enter into the Holy of Holies.
dot Then listen to the music of your inner spiritual centers responding.
dot Enter in the closet of your inner self and pour out your self so that you may be filled with the Spirit of God.
dot Find what is the impelling desire (i.e., your ideal) in your inner self - council with your soul.
dot Make your will to be one with the whole.
dot In your temple, let the voice, the feeling, the spirit of your purpose be free in its direction to yourself.
Meditate on the fruits of the Spirit in the inner secrets of the consciousness and the cells in the body will become aware of the awakening of the life in their activity.
dot Only in patience can you become aware of your soul's activity.
dot Attune yourself almost in the same manner as you would tune a violin for harmony.
Seek God's face and God's ways. When you are fully attuned, let your intonations, breathing, and posture be rather an outgrowth of your attunement.
As the body attunes itself, it may be a channel where there may be instant healing with the laying on of hands.
dot Voices can be heard when attuning yourself during meditation.
dot Visualizing while attuned in meditation can influence others.
Many people meet their spirit guide during their first experience of meditation. Do not be satisfied with a guide other than one from the Throne of Grace itself.
dot After raising your consciousness, God meets you in your own temple (the Holy of Holies, the third eye).
dot No one can know attunement who has not developed their inner self.
dot If we fail to apply what is given us in meditation, the body will act!

"For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means." - Edgar Cayce

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