Sacred Geometry, Mandalas and Near-Death Experiences

Philip MitchellPhillip S. Mitchell, M.A., M.F.T., M.A.C. is an enthusiast and researcher of sacred geometry, crop circles, fractals and spiritual teaching. He has worked in the mental health field for forty years in various capacities and holds a Masters Degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. Phillip currently serves as a licensed therapist, lecturer, author and trainer. The following pages describe some of his research and its relationship to the near-death experience.

Have you noticed similarities among mandala motifs, crop circles and fractal images? Have you noticed that they are frequently reported as being seen in dazzling beauty by many who share their reports of near-death experience and other altered states of consciousness? (Note: See the UFO/NDE connection page) Similarities and connections abound.

As Pythagoras taught, Sacred Geometry is an ancient, universal language (land-guage). Geometric formations hold information and communicate ideas; not necessarily at a cognitive level, but often at a cellular level. They in-form us cellularly, just as our cells, the building blocks of our physiology, inform our bodies, providing a template for our development. Our cells are vehicles of involution; the movement from spirit to matter, as well as vehicles of evolution; movement from matter to spirit.


One such tool of Sacred Geometry is the Phi Ratio, the number 1.6180339...  (1.618 is commonly used)


The progression or development of the whole of nature, from the subatomic to the supergalactic, follows this ratio. The twelfth century Italian mathematician, Leonardo P. Fibonacci, observed a predictable sequence of all natural development as shown by a progression of numbers:


0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ad infinitum.


[1 + 0 = 1] [1 + 1 = 2] [2 + 1 = 3] [3 + 2 = 5] [5 + 3 = 8] [8 + 5 = 13] etc.


The Fibonacci Sequence demonstrates the idea that each stage of natural growth or development refers to its prior state in order to take its next evolutionary step. (This is not unlike Piaget's principle of rapprochement in child psychology.) It also follows the Phi Ratio, e.g. [5 X 1.618 = 8.09] or approximately 8.0, and over the course of the sequence, 1.618... is exact.


The spiral is a common element of Sacred Geometry as well as to all natural development. Spirals in nature tend to follow the Phi Ratio or Fibonacci Sequence in their rates of expansion.

The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to "magic circle" or "sacred circle". Mandalas, ancient and modern, frequently offer beautiful examples of radial symmetry and contain elements of Sacred Geometry. They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness. Near-death experiencer Carl G. Jung studied mandalas from a wide field of world cultures and eras, as well as having advocated for creating our own mandalas as vehicles of soulwork. He noted that when we draw mandalas from the center outward, we tend to process our personal issues or challenges du jour and often gain increased clarity and energy which we can apply to our lives. We are similarly informed simply by gazing at these designs.

The phenomenon of crop circles is also intriguing. These landscape images have been seen for decades, primarily in agricultural regions, yet also in the sands of the Sahara, in arctic snow, and may also be referred to as sand circles or snow circles. Most often, they are found in northern European countries, especially each summer in southwest England in fields of grain and other crops. Since the early 1990's, they've appeared in greatest number, often dozens per season. There has been considerable speculation and controversy concerning their origin, purpose and validity. There has also been the belief that the entire phenomenon has been a hoax, however, it appears that the hoax theory itself is a hoax.*

Among the interesting features of crop circles is that the crops are laid over in such a way that the stalks are not damaged and continue to grow. This seems impossible to replicate with mechanical means or even by hand. Also, the stalks and surrounding soil are electromagnetically altered, as measured with instrumentation. People who walk into these formations often report anomalies such as distorted sense of balance, depth perception and more.


Crop circles are typically 100 – 300 feet in diameter, although one of 787 foot diameter occurred at Milk Hill in Wiltshire, UK, Aug., 2001. Many of them resemble mandalas. Photograms and images of other shapes have appeared in fields as well and many examples have been aerially photographed. Several elements of Sacred Geometry appear in these designs including Platonic solids, Vesica Pisces, pyramids or tetrahedrons, the Golden Mean and more. Many angles of the designs follow the Phi Ratio. Sometimes the designs are further articulated with apparent reference to our solar system and other star systems as well as a form of hieroglyphics, in a style reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Qabalistic glyph of the Tree of Life has appeared in perfect proportion, as well as symbols from other religious and spiritual traditions. One photogram appeared in Aug., 2001, clearly depicting the Face on Mars, even with a crop line across the face at the same angle which is seen in the Viking (NASA/JPL) photographs of the actual Face on Mars.

Of the myriad explanations of the crop circle phenomenon, one that seems most relevant to me is that of one of my teachers,
Bashar, which he offered in a taped, group sharing in the early 1990's. In response to a participant's query, he stated that crop circles are symbolic communication, preparing us for further contact with other beings and other civilizations. Although there has been speculation that these other beings are of extraterrestrial origin, Bashar suggested that many of them are Earth inhabitants, but are extradimensional beings within other dimensions or higher octaves of our dimension. He also suggests that crop circles and crop formations (not necessarily just the circles) are produced through the collective consciousness of these beings and many humans engaged, in certain states of consciousness, in awakening ourselves on a cellular level to higher dimensions of awareness through this symbolic communication.

Fractal images represent the timely marriage between mathematics and computer science. They are often thought of as a new art form as many of them are quite beautiful and inspiring. Among their interesting properties is "self-similarity" or "fractal recursion." This means that if one zooms into any portion of such fractal imagery, infinite design continues to unfold ... similar to peering more deeply into the atom or peering further into deep space.


Prof. Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician at Oxford University, discovered a fractal formula in the 1960's, the Mandelbrot Set, which is regarded as one of the classic fractal formulae. Earlier in the 20th century, French mathematician Gaston Julia, discovered a fractal formula referred to as the Julia Set, characterized by spiral patterns which follow the phi ratio and mimic the energy flow in various natural phenomena, including the nautilus, lightning, spiral-armed galaxies, etc. Since their discoveries, numerous fractal equations have been created. These designs often carry elements of Sacred Geometry and communicate to us on many levels, as well as dazzle us with their beauty.

I invite you, if you're so inspired, to peruse the following websites and to draw your own conclusions concerning the myriad connections among these subjects, including their relationship to altered states of consciousness such as NDE.

Related websites on Sacred Geometry can be found here: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5].

Dr. Mandelbrot delivered a lecture at Oxford Univ. in 1991 concerning his discoveries associated with fractal geometry and the Mandelbrot Set. In a slide presentation, he showed several depictions of the Set, including the signature Mandelbrot image. The following morning in a corn field a few miles from the university, a crop circle appeared which perfectly depicted the Mandelbrot image. Local residents were variously concerned, alarmed and intrigued by this development. According to Dr. Chet Snow and other sources, the British Army was called in by the government that morning to burn the field and the design, and a diversionary explanation for the media regarding the occurrence was asserted. This was the birth of the hoax theory which suggested that two Englishmen, known simply as Dave and Doug, had been creating crop circles throughout the English countryside for two decades, using little more that sticks and wooden boards.


Although some crop designs may have been created in a like manner by people, there is little comparison in size, precision and measurable physical effects to the crops and the soil of these, and the majority of crop circles discovered to date. Drunvalo Melchizedek makes a distinction between 'dead' crop circles (those made physically by humans) and 'live' crop circles.

In the late 1990's, several crop circle enthusiasts and cereologists (those who study crop circles) captured on videotape the creation of crop circles as described in the above text. What they had observed and recorded showed two balls of light, each approximately the size of a soccer ball, appearing above a field of crops, usually at night, moving very rapidly in circular patterns, causing the crops to lay over and forming complete designs in the course of 6 - 12 seconds. Then, these balls of light quickly vanished in the sky. This has been recorded repeatedly. Some of the video footage has been lab-tested in the US and UK, verified as authentic and unmolested, and can be viewed on video copies available commercially.




Phillip has drawn mandalas from 1981 to 1994. Many of them contain elements of Sacred Geometry. Many, especially those of his Inner Temple Series, show depth toward the center, as if one could enter the mandala. People that have commissioned personalized mandalas have sometimes reported that in gazing at them or meditating upon them, they would have the experience of entering them and gaining access to "soul information," as if their personal mandala served as a consciousness grid or template which would facilitate a kind of soul travel. Many of these designs were created in a meditative state and the particular design elements would reveal themselves as he began to move his pen. Several of the designs contain elements found in crop circles which appeared in later years in southwest England. Most of them are rendered in prismatic coloring and are generally intended to communicate the idea that it is a beautiful experience to go inside one's self.

Late in the night of August 17, 1987, while camping at the holy mountain of Baboquivari, a very significant place of power in southern Arizona for many Native Americans, Phillip was shown a most amazing and indescribably beautiful light show of mandalas during an out-of-body experience in which he experienced himself just outside of Earth's atmosphere. He produced a number of mandalas following this experience in which he attempted to replicate some of those visions.

The following examples show three types of mandalas that he has drawn:


11-'87 Phillip S. Mitchell

Megamion is an example of the Medallion Series, which Phillip has chosen as a personal logo. The pyramid and sun motif appears in variations in many of his mandalas.


10-'87 Phillip S. Mitchell

Enheartenment is an example of radial symmetry with clockwise movement and a center image that offers a glimpse of the cosmos, suggestive of the idea of beauty and expansiveness in traveling inward. Those that claim to see our chakras often report similar rotation in them.


"Temple of Inner Space"
10-'87 Phillip S. Mitchell

Temple of Inner Space is an example of the Inner Temple Series which offers an inviting temple which one can enter, travel inward, and thus access the heart of creation through their own being.

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"In order to more fully understand this reality, we must take into account other dimensions of a broader reality." - Prof. John A. Wheeler, Ph.D., Physicist

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