Animal Dream Symbols

animal (baby) debasing self
animal (chasing the dreamer) an emotion out of control
animals (in general) negative, undeveloped, or improper attitudes or activities in humans
armadillo boundaries – you may need to set some personal boundaries
badger aggressiveness, anger, willingness to fight – you may need to be more aggressive in accomplishing your goals
bat rebirth, going into the unknown and trusting your intuition
beaver hard working
bear qualities in people rather than one particular person
bees the "stings" and unpleasant experiences of life
bugs and beetles irritations of life
bull "bull-headed" OR sex
butterfly transformation and change – joy and bliss
cat uncooperativeness and isolation
caterpillar an attitude or activity that is destructive to the spiritual life of the dreamer
crocodile and alligator a destructive emotion lying in the depths of the subconscious
cow undesirable traits or habits
deer gentleness, kindness – may be a warning no to push for something in your life – take a gentler approach to a problem. May also represent money.
dog friendliness and unfriendliness in a person
dolphin spiritual wisdom and intuition
donkey humility
fish ethics, faith, Christ
fish (beautiful) good
fish (ugly) evil
fly irritations of life
frogs all manner of uncleanliness within self
giraffe distortion in self
gorilla a low mental state, possibly a dangerous one
horse (in general) a messenger of God
horse (black) a necessary balance of the male and female qualities of the soul
horse (pale) inability to express emotions
horse (red) a dangerous negative emotion
horse (white) necessity to master, balance, and control the sex drive
lamb Christ
lice and other vermin uncleanliness of the body, mind, spirit
lion an unpleasant situation
lizard the importance of dreaming
monkey "making a monkey out of yourself"
moose self-esteem – strength and pride
mouse irritations of life
pig selfishness or overindulgence
rabbit sex
rabbit (on fence) can't decide about having sex
rabbit (growing) sex desire growing
rat carrying gossip to others
shark unexpected attacks, aggressiveness, treacherous
sheep seeking spiritual food
skunk resentment to injustices
snake wisdom or temptation
spider the dreamer is falling into a trap
tiger an overly severe nature
turtle strength, the new life, the long life
wolf sexual aggression
worm an attitude or activity that is destructive to the spiritual life of the dreamer
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