Bird Dream Symbols

birds (in general) a messenger, a symbol of the soul
bluebird happiness and joy
chicken lack of courage
dove the Holy Spirit
duck avoiding or "ducking" an issue
eagle love, as it relates to the thymus center of the body
falcon taking advantage of a love
goose foolish actions
hawk messenger of God – a time to heighten our awareness
hummingbird joy, opening of the heart, harmony and energy
mockingbird mockery
owl a warning to use more judgment in an affair of the heart
parakeet a love relationship that is caged in and needs to be freed
peacock self-love
phoenix spiritual rebirth, resurrection and immortality
raven God's love and ability to meet our needs
robin a new beginning, a new opportunity, even a new birth in self
rooster aggressiveness
vulture overeating or death
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"You'll not be in heaven if you're not leaning on the arm of someone you have helped." - Edgar Cayce

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