Building Dream Symbols

airport high ideals or religious beliefs and endeavors
bank spiritual treasures OR an aspect of your financial security
buildings (dark, untidy) negative activities within self such as cynicism, unkindness, or pessimism
church your spiritual state
courtroom immature or imperfect justice
department store temptations
fence obstacles or dividers
fortresses a defensive attitude toward life
grocery store diet
hallways transitions – change
hospital a physical imperfection or the necessity for correcting a mental or emotional ailment
hotel a temporary or transitory state
houses and buildings activities of self
houses and buildings (the condition of) the state of self and recent relationships or activities to the people in the dream or those usually present in the background
house (burning) ruined life
house (unfinished or without a kitchen) a lack of love, gentleness, understanding, or orderliness
house (with many beautiful rooms) a growing state of consciousness OR eagerness to seek beauty of character
house (with rotting floors) a poor spiritual foundation
railroad station a trip OR a change
school more lessons in life are required
shack outdated state of consciousness OR the body is in need of repair
tower superconscious, because it towers above all
tunnels, caves, underground passages or rooms deeper levels of the mind
turrets ears
wall obstacles or dividers
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