Clothing Dream Symbols

clothing (new) a negative state
clothing (soiled) impure actions
clothing (soiled, collecting them) a need to bring to the surface all uncleanliness of mind and spirit
clothing (too big) unethical behavior
clothing (too tight) too mean in thought and action
clothing (unpacked) unsettled state
coats, raincoats, umbrellas a warning of danger to the physical body
diamond (unpolished) the dreamer – a "diamond in the rough"
glasses (putting on dark glasses) poor perception or poor understanding
glasses (removing dark glasses) awakening of spiritual sight (ESP)
glasses (repeatedly losing them) "the way" is being lost
hat the thinking process and state of mind
hat (removed) worldly attitudes must be removed
hat (too big) making a big thing out of a little mistake
ivory (white) a need for more purity of purpose, which would bring strength
jewels, gold, money, valuables spiritual graces such as love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, and other moral principles or values
jewels, etc (finding) an increase in spiritual qualities OR encouragement to seek the spiritual treasures of life
shoe (hole in it) basic attitudes are causing problems
shoes, overshoes, feet, stockings spiritual ideas and the protection that comes with them
rings (wedding, engagement) a union with the Higher Self
valuables (loosing them) losing spiritual values OR a warning of possible theft
wig (too large) false thinking
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