In The House Dream Symbols

attic the mind
back door something not in the open, usually negative or hidden
basements (dark, unsightly) dark or base emotions lodged in the subconscious
bath mat be careful of slipping physically, morally, OR orally
bathroom suggests the need to cleanse oneself of something harmful
carpets covering up something or being stepped on
cellars  lower realms of consciousness 
desk your work
door (closed) a warning against a planned venture in the near future OR present activities that are "closing a door."
door (opening one) different levels of the mind revealing themselves and suggest a need for developing the qualities of spirit suggested by the symbols
door (with refuse, dirt, feces, or rates) "sin" lies at the door
fireplace comfort OR purification
floor foundations of self, principles
floor (sinking) falling away from proper ideals and principles
floor (sinking in kitchen or dining room) poor nutritional habits
furnace digestion, stomach
key you have found the solution to a given problem or to a new way of life
lamp or lights spiritual knowledge
porch outside of self – insecurity
roof highest point or ideals
room (empty) a lack of development in the spiritual or mental realm
room (oversized with no people) overweight problem
stairs (circular or spiral) reincarnation
stairs (climbing) spiritual improvement
toilet the necessity of eliminating imperfection within self
tools building up
windows perception – awareness
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