Nature Dream Symbols

air mental activity
air (turbulent) overwrought mind
cliff (teetering on one) danger for the physical body
comet spiritual ideals
Earth "down to Earth" or debasement of character
fire (destructive) temper, jealousy, vengeance, hatred and unbridled sensuality
fire (purifying) love, spiritual zeal, patriotic fervor, patience, and enthusiasm
flood uncontrolled emotions
gorges, narrow roads, mud, large boulders, refuse a departure or neglect of the moral way such as through the physical abuse of the body
jungle confusion and/or an uncivilized state of being
moon spiritual ideals
mountains, cliffs and rocks obstacles in one's life
ocean the vast subconscious and superconscious areas of the mind
planets spiritual ideals
rainbow God's promises
sun spiritual ideals
stars spiritual ideals
stones the elementary spiritual state prior to the expansion of consciousness
stone (dark and unpolished) the core of self in need of light
stone (polished) inner spiritual progress or a brightening of the unconscious
water aspects of the journey of life
waterfront spirit
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