Situation Dream Symbols

anger temper
arguing warning against arguing with your conscious or with others
awakening (trying to) awakening of spiritual sight (ESP)
baptism rededication required OR an increase of the Holy Spirit OR renewal
barefoot negative, emotional sensitivity
bathing cleansing of the mental, physical, or spiritual is required
birth (giving birth) birth to Higher Self OR new ideas
blindness refusal to face certain realities
bumping and spilling things in other people's homes annoying others through careless remarks or actions
camping temporary measures
complaining cease your complaining
crying out (unable to) improper diet, usually, because no one else can change your diet but yourself
death or dying death of old attitudes, a change in conscious either good or evil OR a warning against overdoing physically
despair warning of wrongdoing
despondence warning of oncoming illness or troubles
dropping a newborn or small baby danger to ideals or Higher Self
drowning warning – literal or symbolic
eating change in diet suggested
escaping from prison a desire for improved conditions
fear sin or error
fighting warring with self or others
fire or fever illness, temper, OR destruction
fishing seeking the spiritual life
fleeing or being chased being chased by self's creations
flying wishful thinking OR astral projection OR suggestion to rise above the problem OR sex
fork in the road a choice between the right way and the wrong way
gambling gambling with life, friendships, health, or business
hearing sacred or beautiful music the activity of the divine forces within self
hearing your name called the superconscious calling you to greater spiritual service
killing or sacrificing a baby destroying spiritual ideals
laughing concentrate more on the bright side of life; be more carefree
man approaching with a knife (in a female dream) a warning against casual sex with this man
marriage (getting married) you will be getting married OR a union with your Higher Self OR integration
moaning or groaning distress of inner self at the activities of self
naked in a dream faults are exposed to others
nursing a child feeding or nourishing ideals
party or picnic a relaxed or sensuous atmosphere
roadblock impediments in self
run away (unable to) improper diet, usually, because no one else can change your diet but yourself
running getting into trouble
running late it is later than you think!
shooting warning against being drawn into arguments that bring retorts or trouble
singing the activity of the divine forces within self
sitting down sitting down on the job
skating on thin ice danger
skipping skipping something important
sliding downhill danger
smoking emotionally disturbed OR negative
standing up stand up and be counted!
swimming spiritual activities
walking on a road or path path of life
walking or driving backward going backward in life
weeping warning of trouble
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