Body Dream Symbols

back courage, support
bladder could indicate anger at someone or a situation – or a need to release and let go of some situation to the divine
blood personal ideas and ideals, life force
breast (female) nurturing and motherly love
ears (cauliflower) a warning against aggressive tendencies
ears (someone cupping them) they need to hear this
eyes outlook
eyes (giving someone one of them) a warning against an emotional entanglement with this person
feet pathway -- our understanding
hair (bald) a warning to do more thinking (if hair is in good condition)
hair (black, dull, and lifeless) this combination suggests mental depression
hair (combing kinky hair) it is time to straighten out your thinking
hair (golden) spiritual thoughts
hair (matted, unkept) a warning of mental imbalance
hair (red) warning against losing your temper
hair (red-gold) a constructively active mind
hair (stiff) rigidity of the mind
hair (white) wise thoughts
hands (clawlike) animalistic traits within self
hands (rough) lack of gentleness in one's approach to family, friends, or the public
lack of gentleness in one's approach to family, friends, or the public friendship or meet yourself
hands (unclean) a guilty conscious
head attitude, orientation
heart love, energy, enthusiasm
knees bowing to the divine will
lip (piercing with an object) button your lips!
legs principles, foundations, stepping forward
lungs the need for more oxygen
mouth (pulling a sticky substance out of it) a verbal outburst with someone occurred
neck (stiff) our inability to be flexible in our thoughts
sexual organs (small male) a lack of maturity or "manliness"
skin (wounds, eruptions, boils, infections, etc) a warning regarding physical health
stomach difficulty "stomaching" something
teeth too much talking (if teeth are good)
teeth (braces) control your words!
teeth (crooked) ugly words
teeth (loose) careless speech
teeth (false) falsehoods or angry words
teeth (falling) a verbose person
teeth (gold) spiritual truths spoken by self
teeth (sharp) sharp words
throat personal will, creativity, communication
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"You'll not be in heaven if you're not leaning on the arm of someone you have helped." - Edgar Cayce

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