A Brief Timeline of My Family's After-Death Communications

Year/Date Event

Early 1960's The song Moon River becomes a favorite song of our family - especially my mother.

Spring 1977 I attended an MSU university lecture by Truman Capote, author of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which was the source for the movie containing the song Moon River.
Spring 1977 Days after the Truman Capote lecture, I attended an MSU university fraternity pledge party at a hot springs near Yellowstone Park just three miles away from where my mother would die in a car accident twenty-four years later in 2001

November 15 I burned the song Moon River on a music CD and mailed it to my mother.

November 24 My mother died in a car accident.
November 26 I had a lucid dream where I saw my mother sitting on a couch. I was shocked to see her and exclaimed, "Mom! You're not dead!" to which she replied that she "hadn't told Glenn yet" [that she "wasn't dead."]
November 26 My brother Glenn is inspired by a childhood memory of sitting on a couch with my mother and singing Moon River. I wasn't aware of this until December 6, 2003 when I put all the pieces to this amazing puzzle together. Glenn also planned to sing Moon River at our mother's memorial; but tells no one.
November 28 I phoned my sister and discovered that she had a similar dream of our mother on the same night.

June 20 My sister spontaneously remembered the song Moon River - a song she hasn't thought of since childhood.
June 22 My brother sang Moon River in my mother's memory at her memorial.
June 27 I watched the memorial on videotape and heard my brother sing Moon River.
July 1 I had a spontaneous and powerful hour-long after-death visitation with my mother when I felt her enormous presence while watching TV. I was neither psychotic nor on illicit drugs. It did not involve any of my five senses.
July 2 Hours after my visitation with my mother, in the morning, I turned the TV on and - by pure coincidence - the song Moon River began to play from the very beginning in a cable TV movie. I took this as a clear sign from heaven. At this point, I began collecting incidents involving my family and Moon River. A year later, I calculated the odds of turning a TV on at random and hearing Moon River. The odds are over 1 in 6.5 million.
July 21 My father heard Paul Harvey on the car radio by coincidence discussing a news item about the real Moon River.

November 5 I published these Moon River coincidences and after-death communications on my website.
November 5 My brother Glenn and wife heard the song Moon River highlighted on the television show "Sex and the City" by coincidence.
November 6 My brother Steve discovered for the first time all these Moon River coincidences on my website.
November 24 On the anniversary of my mother's death, by coincidence, Andy Williams sang Moon River on a cable biography which my sister saw by coincidence.
November 25 I phoned my sister to ask about past Moon River coincidences and, by coincidence, I learned about her Moon River coincidence with the Andy Williams biography from the previous day.
November 25 An hour or so later after phoning my sister, I phoned my brother Steve to see if he had any recent coincidences and I learned that he and his wife did. They were in a music store in a mall and his wife Sandy saw a Barbara Streisand CD and picked it up to look at it. She was surprised to see the song Moon River listed on it.
December 6 For the first time, I learned what my mother meant when I saw her sitting on a couch during a lucid dream just after she died and told me how she "hadn't told Glenn yet" that she "wasn't dead." Glenn remembered a cherished childhood memory, which occurred at the same time as Debbie and my dream, of how he once sat on a couch with my mother and together they sang Moon River. It was this childhood memory which inspired Glenn to sing the song at her memorial. And It was these two coincidences which Glenn and I shared in thought that put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. All together, Mom's message to us was loud and clear. She isn't dead.
December 9 I finally discovered the Moon River news article that my father heard on the car radio by Paul Harvey last year.

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