A Summary of My Family's After-Death Communications of Our Mother

  By Kevin Williams

After-death communications or "ADCs" is a term coined by after-death researchers, Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim, who performed the largest ADC study of its kind (www.after-death.com). They defines ADCs as "...a spiritual experience that occurs when a person is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died." The Guggenheim's ground-breaking study was published in their book Hello From Heaven. I must say, at this point, Hello From Heaven is by far the best book on the afterlife I have ever read - surpassing even books on NDEs. It is also THE best book I have ever read as well. Had I not read this book before my mother's death, I may not have known about or paid attention to many of the ADCs occurring to my family after my mother's death. Some ADCs can be so subtle, they can easily be overlooked or dismissed as mere coincidence. While most people will never experience an NDE (only 3-8% of the population), at least 50 million Americans (or 20% of the population) have had one or more ADC experiences. This is why I cannot recommend this book enough. 

 Table of Contents
1. My Sister and My ADC Dreams of Our Mother
2. The Song "Moon River" Becomes a Sign from Heaven
3. My Mother's Heavenly Presence Enters My Room and Heart
4. Everyone Receives at Least One More Moon River Coincidence
5. The Synchronistic Thought My Brother and I Shared
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 1. My Sister and My ADC Dreams of Our Mother

My mother's photo. On November 24, 2001, members of my family were involved in a car accident, which left several of them severely injured and my mother dead. Two nights later, my sister and I had identical lucid dreams of our mother. She suddenly interrupted our dreams to let us know she was still alive. Both of our dreams of her were vivid and lucid - not like ordinary dreams. In my dream, I opened a door and to my complete surprise, there was my mother sitting on a couch. Immediately, my dream became lucid and I realized I was actually seeing my mother whom I knew had died. But there she was, smiling as if she knew I was coming.


The moment I saw her, I exclaimed, "Mom, you're not dead!"


She replied, "I haven't told Glenn yet."


Then I immediately awoke and was so happy knowing I had just experienced an after-death communication (ADC) of my mother. I was very familiar with such communications with deceased loved ones as I have read a lot about them. I also understood from my mother's reply that she was going to contact my younger brother Glenn as well. This ultimately became a puzzlement to me because later I learned Glenn did not have such a dream. So for a long time I wondered what form of communication he would receive from her.


A few days later, I phoned my sister Debbie to tell her about my dream. To her and my complete surprise, we both learned our mother had just visited us in a lucid dream on the same night. In her dream, upon seeing our mother, her response was the same as mine: "Mom, you're not dead!" This after-death communication of my mother was a major factor in helping me cope with my grief. And, at the time, I had no idea these dreams would be only the beginning of many such communications my entire family would have of her.

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 2. The Song "Moon River" Becomes a Sign from Heaven

My mother's photo. My mother's memorial and internment of her ashes was on June of 2002, about seven months after her death.


A few days before the memorial, my sister was in the shower when she suddenly and spontaneously remembered the song Moon River which my mother loved so much and how we would hear it frequently in our household growing up. What was unusual about her suddenly remembering this song was that she hadn't thought about the song since childhood. Although she couldn't remember the lyrics to the song, she could remember the tune. Coincidentally, the lyrics would come to her a few days later at my mother's memorial where Glenn sang the song in remembrance of her. The coincidence of Glenn singing the song came as a pleasant surprise to Debbie at the time. I would learn about it later after I had another ADC of my mother involving the song Moon River nine days later.


After the memorial, my father was listening to Paul Harvey on his car stereo. Harvey mentioned how the sign at the real Moon River near Savannah, Georgia - the inspiration for the song - kept being stolen and how officials would have to constantly replace it.


As for me, I couldn't attend my mother's memorial because I just gotten over a bipolar disorder episode and was worried of getting a relapse. But about a week later later, I decided to watch the memorial recorded on a videotape. It was then I heard my brother sing Moon River. It was the first time I heard this wonderful song and its lyrics since childhood. Viewing the memorial on videotape, instead of actually being there, allowed me to watch the event while being somewhat emotionally detached enough for me to experience it.


Four days later, my next powerful ADC of my mother occurred and it forever changed my life.

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 3. My Mother's Heavenly Presence Enters My Room and Heart

My mother's photo. It was nighttime and I was in my bedroom watching TV alone in the dark. Suddenly and unexpectedly, my mother's powerful presence entered my room and my heart. I could not see or hear her; it was an overwhelmingly joyful reunion with my mother's presence - one which I had not felt since the last time I saw her alive. I knew it was her spirit from heaven and she brought with her a love that was magnified hundreds of times. Her presence filled my entire room and heart with a tremendous love and joy which I had never experienced before or since.


She came to visit me - to heal me - and she brought heaven along with her. Her presence was with me for about an hour, which was long enough to make certain I was going to be alright. Although my experience with her was a joyful reunion, I knew it was also a "Goodbye. Until we meet again..."


You can read the full, detailed account of my after-death visitation with my mother in the next article.


The next morning, hours after my mother's heavenly visit, I awoke still elated over the experience. I immediately got out of bed and turned on the TV as I sometimes do. What happened next was statistically impossible. By pure coincidence, when I turned the TV on, an old movie appeared which immediately began to play the song Moon River. I was completely flabbergasted to say the least. Time seemed to stand still for a few moments as I realized it was another message from my mother in heaven. Although I did not need it, it was synchronisitically a "physical validation" of the spiritual experience I had with my mother just hours ago. It was synchronicity on an unimaginable scale of metaphysical proportions. I was well aware of the phenomenon of synchronicity and had even experienced several synchronicities before; but nothing like this. It was literally a "sign from heaven" which removed any trace of doubt that my reunion with my mother was real and that she continues to exist. It was such a great coincidence to me; it was the equivalent of waking up and finding my mother's shoe on the floor. And it was no hallucination either. I am all too familiar with hallucinations, from both drugs and bipolar disorder.


I learned probability and statistics in college, so I knew the odds of turning on a TV at random and having a particular song play on it, such as Moon River, was statistically impossible. In fact, I calculated the odds. They are over 1 in a 6.5 million. These astonishing events led me to begin documenting these ADCs of my mother (which I dubbed "Moon River coincidences") and let the rest of my family share in this experience. It was then I learned how other family members were having "Moon River coincidences" of their own. And then for for the next 15 months, no one in my family reported having one so I assumed there would be no more. I was wrong.

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 4. Everyone Receives at Least One More Moon River Coincidence

My mother's photo. On November 5, 2003, I published on my website the account of my mother's ADCs with my family. November 24th, 2003, was the second anniversary of her death and I wanted to go public by sharing these remarkable experiences with the world. Once I created these web pages about them, I emailed my family to let them read it for themselves. The next day, I received a reply from Glenn telling me about a new Moon River coincidence he had just experienced. The night before receiving my email, he and his wife were watching the TV program "Sex and the City" which highlighted the song Moon River. During the decades of the 1990s and 2000s, hearing the song Moon River on TV or the radio is rare. The song was popular in the early 1960s; but as the years progressed, it would be played less frequently. Glenn experienced a highly synchronistic moment the following morning when he read the email I sent him about how I published the family's Moon River coincidences on my website. He then emailed me back about hearing Moon River on Sex and the City, which also became a synchronistic moment for myself. I began to suspect we would be having more such experiences as the anniversary of my mother's death drew near.


November 24th, 2003, came and went as a quiet and reflective day for me. I had been working a lot on creating the web pages about these experiences for my website and my newsletter. The next day, November 25th, I discovered I needed more information from Debbie about her memorial Moon River coincidence. So I phoned her and she gave me the information I needed. She then told me about an A&E Biography of Andy Williams she watched on TV on the anniversary day of our mother's death. Andy Williams even sang his signature song Moon River. The combination of coincidences shocked us both: Watching Andy Williams sing Moon River on the anniversary of Mom's death was a coincidence in itself. But it was another coincidence for her that I even phoned her the day afterward about questions I had about her Moon River coincidence at the memorial. All these synchronicities we were having left me in complete awe. I immediately phoned my twin brother Steve to tell him about it. What he told me made everything even more awesome. He told me how, hours before I called, his wife Sandy was shopping for music CDs in a mall music store. She saw a Barbara Streisand CD on the shelf; and, out of curiosity, she looked on the back of the CD to see the songs listed on it. To her surprise, there was Moon River on the list.


Webmaster Note:  Sandy was almost killed during the accident two years ago. Her back was broken and even today needs a cane to walk with.


After learning about Steve and Sandy's Moon River coincidence, was so elated I was afraid I would go into one of my bipolar manias. The same type of coincidences which occurred to my family around the time of my mother's memorial were now happening again - only this time it was on the second anniversary of her death. I felt like pieces of a giant metaphysical puzzle were coming together and there was only one piece to the puzzle I was missing and I knew Glenn had it. It was the comment my mother made to me during my lucid dream of her two days after her death. At that time she told me she "hadn't told Glenn yet" which I assumed meant she "hadn't told Glenn yet [that she "wasn't dead."] So I needed to know if Mom contacted him in some way about this. I believed the answer was related to these two questions:

(1)  What specifically made Glenn decide to sing Moon River at the memorial?
(2)  When exactly did he decide he was going to sing it there?

My brother Glenn's photo.I could sense I was in for a great surprise and I wasn't disappointed. Glenn replied to my inquiry by email and filled me in on the rest of the story.

A few days after Mom's death, Glenn coped with his grief by cherishing a favorite childhood memory he had of sitting together with Mom on the living room couch singing the song Moon River. She would hold him in her arms and sway to the music as she sang to him.

Music has always played a important part of his life and singing was a great outlet for him to express his emotions. He had developed a very beautiful singing voice at an early age. In high school, he won first place as a solo vocalist at the Montana State Championships. Later, he graduated with a Master's degree in Drama and performed many singing roles in his acting career. He eventually became a professional stage performer and director. Our mother was always very proud of him and his talent.

In coping with Mom's death, he told me he would find emotional comfort by singing Moon River out loud at home and in his car. When singing the song, he would sing it as if he was singing directly to Mom in heaven to feel her presence and ease his grief. A few days after her death, he decided he would sing Moon River at her memorial. He also decided to sing it as if he were singing to Mom in heaven. It was the highlight of the memorial. Our family is a very spiritual family and were aware of the possibility our mother's spirit would be present at her own memorial.

Glenn's fond memory of singing Moon River with Mom as a child rekindled a love for the music of Andy Williams who so beautifully made Moon River a 60's favorite. He bought copies of Andy Williams' entire music collection just to hear those beautiful childhood songs again; but especially to hear Moon River - the song he used to sing with Mom while sitting on the living room couch in our childhood home in Monrovia, California.

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 5. The Synchronistic Thought My Brother and I Shared

Glenn's reply to my email about the two missing pieces of the puzzle came together perfectly. What was it specifically that made Glenn decide to sing Moon River at Mom's memorial? His answer was: his childhood memory of sitting on the couch with Mom singing Moon River. When did he decide to do sing it? His answer was: a few days after Mom's death. Now the pieces to the puzzle about the dream I had of my mother was solved! And I was astonished!


When I saw her in the dream two days after her death, I exclaimed, "Mom, you're not dead!" To which she replied, "I haven't told Glenn yet." Her response now made sense to me and here it is:


Glenn had a childhood memory a few days after Mom's death ------>  Glenn sitting on a couch with Mom singing Moon River.
I had a ADC dream two days after Mom's death ------------------------>  Mom sitting on a couch telling me, "I haven't told Glenn yet."


It became obvious to me why my mother appeared to me in a dream sitting on a couch telling me she "hadn't told Glenn yet [that she "wasn't dead."] She obviously knew I would eventually make this connection. If Glenn had not sung Moon River at the memorial, all the other Moon River coincidences that followed would have gone unnoticed. And I would never have thought to ask other family members if they had coincidences as well! And it was Glenn's singing of this song that got the ball rolling, allowing Mom's messages to come through! I was merely the one who put the pieces together! And if I didn't understand what after-death communications were beforehand, none of this would have made any sense to me! My dream of seeing Mom sitting on a couch, and Glenn' childhood memory of sitting on a couch with Mom, all in the same time frame, is a clear case of a rare type of synchronicity. It is the type of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence which is purely a mental one and is like premonition. When you put all these amazing synchronicities together, the message my mother gave us from heaven is very powerful and clear. There is no doubt in my mind this was exactly the message she wanted to give us and it came through loud and clear. Mom isn't dead.

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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein

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