The Full Account of My Family's After-Death Communications of Our Mother

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The movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" becomes a hit and is nominated for several academy awards. The theme song, Moon River, wins academy awards for Best Score and Best Song. I don't remember seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's as a child but I am certain my mother did.

"Moon River"
music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Moon River, wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker, wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world. There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end - waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend, Moon River and me.
(Listen to Andy Williams or Henri Mancini play this song)
    Early 1960's The song Moon River becomes a favorite song of our family - especially my mother.

My mother's photo. My mother was in her early 20's when she had four small children and a household to deal with. Those were the days of Camelot and "Ozzie and Harriett." It was a time of innocence - just before the Vietnam War and political assassinations would blow the illusions away. The movie Breakfast at Tiffany's and Andy Williams made the song Moon River a big hit in the country and with my mother. We had several records by various artists who also recorded the song on it, such as Henry Mancini. Moon River could be heard on our stereo on many occasions while I was a child. It was not just a song my mother loved; it was her song and her anthem. The lyrics matched her "wanderlust" personality and I suppose the song beckoned her. She divorced my father in 1970, which allowed her to actually go "off to see the world" and live the adventurous lifestyle she always wanted. She was a free-spirited, adventurous woman who wanted to be an airline stewardess someday. As the song lyrics say, she was certainly a "moon light" daydreamer - homemaker then heartbreaker - trying to find that elusive "rainbow's end." Then, about a year after the divorce, the four of us children rejoined her despite my father's heartbreak over allowing it. More heartbreaks would follow as my mother married and divorced another man. Soon afterward, she met a cowboy and together we drifted around the country for what seemed like a few years - sometimes living off the land. Finally, we found our "rainbow's end" in Montana; and by now, my mother was a real pioneer woman. She became a ranch cook and made meals for the cowboys every day - sometimes in cow camp. It was there in Montana where the four of us children grew up, married, and had children of our own. It was there, just outside of Yellowstone Park, that my mother died in a car accident while on an elk hunting adventure with my brother and his family. She literally died with her boots on and I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Spring 1977 I attended an MSU university lecture by Truman Capote, author of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which was the source for the movie containing the song Moon River.
  Truman Capote

The lecture was part of a Montana State University (MSU) week-long program for Montana high school seniors about to attend the university. I chose to attend this lecture because I was interested in Capote's "In Cold Blood" novel and the movie based upon it. Also, I had little choice but to attend because Capote's lecture was part of the schedule of the "MSU High School Week" program. At the time, I wasn't aware of Capote authoring "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or of the movie's connection to the song Moon River. I remember Capote's lecture as not bering very good. His voice was almost unintelligible after years of alcoholism.

Spring 1977 Days after the Truman Capote lecture, I attended an MSU university fraternity pledge party at a hot springs near Yellowstone Park just three miles away from where my mother would die in a car accident twenty-four years later in 2001
  Truman Capote

Within a matter of days of attending the lecture by Truman Capote, I attended an MSU fraternity pledge kegger party at the hot springs near Yellowstone Park in Gardiner, Montana. The party was roughly three miles away from the car accident that would happen in 2001 at Jardin, MT, twenty-four years later, where my mother died. This was also part of the "MSU High School Week" program I was participating in while I was a senior in high school. According to the Distance Calculator, the distance from MSU (Bozeman, MT) to the Gardiner, MT hot springs is 48 miles. In 1977, my mother was living in Sheridian, MT which is roughly 178 miles away from Jardine, MT where she died. In 2001, the year my mother died, she was living in Dillon, MT, which is roughly 197 miles away from Jardine, MT, which is three miles away from the 1977 frat party I attended after the Capote lecture. This Capote lecture / mother's death connection is a very powerful synchronicity which I completely forgot about until the year 2017 after completing a series of phone calls chatting with my brothers and sister. The memory came suddenly -- practically like a revelation from heaven from my mother herself.

  November 15, 2000 I burned the song Moon River on a music CD and mailed it to my mother.
  Andy Williams photo.

A few weeks before my mother's death, I was burning music CDs on my computer for myself and everyone. I asked my mother what songs she wanted me to put on a CD for her and she told me she would like Andy Williams, her favorite. Then I downloaded every Andy Williams song he ever recorded in a matter of minutes (using the now defunct program Napster) then looked through all the song titles for the ones I thought she would like. Looking through them was like walking back through my childhood in a musical sense. These songs were the soundtrack of my childhood and remembering them meant thinking about my mother. Moon River was the big hit song among them, which I knew Mom loved most. So I put it at the top of the list in the music CD that I created for her.

  November 24, 2001 My mother died in a car accident.

My mother's photo. God called my mother home to heaven just several months after her father, David Scofield, was called to heaven. I am sure this was no coincidence. She died instantly in a car accident; and my twin brother Steve and his wife Sandy sustained severe injuries which left Sandy with a permanent disability. It may have actually been a miracle that Sandy survived. The accident happened far away from any major city with a hospital. Their son 14-year-old son, Joshua, who was the only one uninjured in the accident, was able to climb up the embankment to the road they were driving on to get help. It so happened that a car came along with someone trained as a medical technician who also happened to have a cell phone. Because they were out in the wilderness, it is a wonder that anyone actually did happen to drive by - let alone a medical technician with a cell phone. Not only that, the medical technician had a cell phone that happened to work far out of range - a rarity in those days. With one phone call, a helicopter was summoned to the scene, which probably saved Sandy's life because of the severity of her injuries. Had their son Joshua been severely injured or worse, there is no doubt the accident would have been even more tragic. To this day, I refer to Joshua as "the King of Heroes."

  November 26, 2001

Two days later, I saw my mother sitting on a couch during a lucid dream and she told me about a message she had yet to give my brother Glenn.


My mother's photo. My sister and I had similar dreams of our mother on the same night. I was having a normal dream and I remember rushing to open a door and entered into a room. To my utter amazement, there was my mother sitting on a couch looking at me with a serious look on her face. Her head and body was situated toward me in a similar manner as the photo on the left. The moment I saw her, I suddenly realized I was dreaming, which meant my normal dream immediately became lucid. She was sitting with one leg crossed over the other and was holding her chin with the fingers of her left hand with one of the fingers resting against her chin. She had her thick glasses on and because she was shifted sideways looking at me, her beautiful eyes appeared larger than usual. It was as though she had been sitting there awhile waiting and expecting me to show up. The moment I first saw her sitting there, I exclaimed, "Mom, you're not dead!" To which she replied, "I haven't told Glenn yet." At this point, I woke up.

For a few seconds, I actually believed she was still alive somewhere in the world. But then I realized it was a lucid dream - but not just any lucid dream - it was an after-death communication (ADC) dream. I wasn't too disappointed though, because I knew she had just appeared to me from the Other Side. Before this dream, I can remember having only two other lucid dreams in my life; so having a lucid dream is rare to my experience which made the ADC dream of Mom even more special. My mother's reply to my astonishment that she wasn't dead - and how she hadn't told Glenn yet - I assumed her answer to me meant she was also going to appear in a similar fashion to Glenn to show him she was still alive. A few days later, I phoned my sister Debbie and told her about my dream. We were surprised to learn that both of us had a similar lucid dream of our mother on the same night. Debbie's reaction when she saw Mom in her dream was exactly the same as mine, "Mom, you're not dead!"

  November 26, 2001

At this time, Glenn remembered an incident of sitting on a couch as a child with my mother and singing Moon River. I didn't know about this important piece of information until December 6, 2003 when I was finally able put all the pieces of this puzzle together. Glenn also decided to sing Moon River at our mother's memorial on June 22, 2002, about six months away.

  Glenn's photo.

The mental image of Mom sitting on a couch inspired both me (in a dream) and my brother (in a childhood memory) and it was the connection which linked all the other "Moon River coincidences" which were to follow. However, I didn't know about Glenn remembering this childhood memory of his until December 6, 2003 when I finally put all the pieces together. I also wasn't aware that Glenn was going to sing Moon River at Mom's memorial.

  November 28, 2001

Two days after my dream of Mom, I phoned my sister Debbie and discovered that she had a similar dream of our mother on the same night.


Kevin's photo. I didn't know it at the time, but I later discovered that my brother Glenn, my sister Debbie and I have been contacted by our mother from heaven on the same day. Debbie and I had an ADC dream of her two days after Mom died; and Glenn remembered a childhood memory of Mom at the same time. As previously mentioned, I phoned Debbie to tell her about my dream and was surprised to learn that she had a similar dream the same night and the same reaction.

  June 20, 2002 My sister spontaneously remembered the song Moon River - a song she hasn't thought of since childhood.
  Debbie's photo.

At the time, no one but Glenn knew he was going to sing Moon River at Mom's memorial on June 22, 2002. But on this date, two days before the memorial, the song Moon River suddenly popped into Debbie's memory while taking a shower. At the time, she could only remember the tune and not the lyrics. When Glenn did sing Moon River two days later at the memorial, it was a very big coincidence for her.

  June 22, 2002 My brother sang Moon River in my mother's memory at her memorial.

Glenn's photo. At the memorial, Glenn crooned Moon River beautifully for all to hear - including my mother whom I am certain was there in spirit. Glenn sang the song looking up and away as if singing directly to Mom in heaven, which he obviously was. I couldn't attend the memorial because I had just recovered from an episode of bipolar disorder. You can read about my transition through grief in a previous article in this section.

  June 27, 2002 I watched the memorial on videotape and heard my brother sing Moon River.
A photo of m mother's grave.

My father made a videotape of the memorial and I watched it when he returned on this date. When I saw my brother sing Moon River on videotape, it was as if it was hearing the song for the first time. I remember making a music CD for my Mom with Moon River on it a few weeks before her death; but didn't recognize it as a coincidence. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was not the only one who identified the song with Mom. I remember thinking how Glenn couldn't have picked a better song to sing in our mother's memory. He picked her song.

  July 1, 2002

I had a spontaneous and powerful hour-long after-death visitation with my mother when I felt her enormous presence while watching TV. I was neither psychotic nor on illicit drugs at the time. It also did not involve any of my five senses.

  Kevin's photo.

Four days after watching the memorial on videotape, I had a powerful and spontaneous visitation of my mother's presence while watching TV alone at night. It was purely a spiritual experience. At the time, I was well recovered from depression and was in a normal state of mind. It was no hallucination. I am all too familiar with hallucinations caused by both bipolar disorder and illicit drugs. This was a clear experience with no distortions. It was a sudden, unexpected visit with my mother's heavenly presence and spirit. It was as though she entered the room and into my heart bringing heaven along with her - except for the fact I couldn't see her. Non-ordinary states of mind are not a big deal to me. Before this happened, I had experiences with a variety of non-ordinary states of consciousness: psychedelic, psychotic, psychic and spiritual. The best way I can describe my Mom's visitation experience is in terms of feeling her enormous presence around me and within me, which didn't involve any of my five senses. Psychotic experiences are never spontaneous experiences because a person must be already incapacitated when it occurs. I was in a normal state of mind and the experience was unexpected. I couldn't even imagine such an experience would happen to me. Psychotic hallucinations occur after an extended downhill descent into depression or an extended uphill ascent into mania. I have experienced both of these states many times in my life. This was no hallucination. This visitation of my mother was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Because I didn't get the chance to say "goodbye" to her before she died, I felt this was not only a visit, but also the "goodbye" I couldn't tell her. I like to refer to this my "near-life experience." Instead of my crossing death's door to meet my Mom in an NDE, she crossed over the threshold to bring me a moment of heaven. I had never felt so good in my life before or since.

   July 2, 2002

The next morning, just hours after my "near-life experience" with my mother, I turned the TV on and - by pure coincidence - the song Moon River began to play from the very beginning in a cable TV movie. I understood this to be a clear validation of my near-life experience with my Mom. It was at this point, I began documenting these Moon River coincidences.


My mother's photo. Hours after my visitation experience with my mother, I received a physical validation of this completely spiritual experience. This is one of the most unique types of synchronicity there is. When I awoke on this morning, I got out of bed and turned the television set on as I sometimes do. A cable movie instantly popped on the screen which I later discovered was "Breakfast at Tiffany's." When the movie popped on, so did the song Moon River; and it began to play the song from the very beginning. When I heard the song, I had to pick my jaw off the floor. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! It was easier for me to believe that Mom visited me from heaven, than to believe the tremendous coincidence of hearing Moon River at this moment. It was as though Mom herself popped on the TV screen to completely validate what we shared the night before; although I didn't really need a validation. But if there was any doubt in my mind about the experience - or even any doubt about an afterlife - all doubts completely vanished at this moment. I certainly got the impression (with a big exclamation point) that my Mom wanted to make very certain I got the message. Not only that, it demonstrated to me her tremendous love for me and her tremendous desire to contact me. My mother knew how much I liked the paranormal as we had spent many hours watching NDE and paranormal documentaries together. Time felt like it stood still that morning while I listened to Moon River on the TV - the past, the present and the future all came together at once. Everything made sense now about Glenn singing Moon River at Mom's memorial. Because Moon River was playing on the TV at this time, I also felt she was letting me know it was OK that I didn't attend her memorial and hear Glenn sing the song to her in person. Before this experience, I was feeling somewhat guilty about it. After all, what kind of person doesn't attend their own mother's funeral? However, these guilty feelings evaporated along with any doubt I may have had about the whole thing. But more important for my family, I felt that sharing these awesome after-death communications of my Mom and Moon River with my family would be a tremendous help in our grieving process. I certainly felt this is also part of the reason she contacted me. This incredibly improbable coincidence, of randomly turning a television on just in time to hear Moon River play from the beginning, went far beyond coincidence. It went into the miraculous. Later, I calculated the odds of this happening at random: the odds are over 1 in 18 billion! But I didn't need to do the math at the time to know how improbable this was and how it was a clear sign from her in heaven. So I sat down, closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience of hearing Moon River and watch the rest of the movie.

  July 21, 2002 My father heard Paul Harvey on the car radio by coincidence discussing a news item about the real Moon River.

About a month after the memorial, my father was driving his car and listening to the car radio when Paul Harvey came on. My father remembered hearing Paul Harvey talk about the real Moon River near Savannah, Georgia, and how people keep stealing the Moon River signs along the road. My Dad noted the meaningful coincidence of hearing a news story about Moon River after hearing Glenn sing it at the memorial. He also thought it was unusual for stolen signs to be a newsworthy item on a Paul Harvey show - let alone the Moon River signs. Perhaps other people were also having wonderful connections with the song? Who knows? Anyway, my whole family soon knew about these coincidences as I put them all together and shared it with them. And it turned out to be the blessing I thought it would be. Nevertheless, after this event, no one received a Moon River coincidence afterward for many months and I assumed that was the end of it. Boy, was I wrong!

  November 5, 2003 I published these Moon River coincidences and after-death communications on my website.

Kevin's photo. About 15 months had passed since the last coincidence. I assumed it was all over; however, one of the biggest Moon River coincidences was yet to come. But on this date, I published the first draft of these accounts on my website and then emailed family members so they would be aware of it. This would be the first time that many of my family members (who were not immediate family members) would read about the entire events. We have a very large family on every side of my family - especially on my mother's side - and I was eager to let them know about this. Practically everyone on both sides of my family are Christians or are very spiritual people. I knew they would be receptive toward this kind of phenomenon. My insights were correct and I received much positive response from them.

  November 5, 2003 My brother Glenn and wife Rebecca heard the song Moon River highlighted on the television show "Sex and the City" by coincidence.

Rebecca's photo. Glenn and Rebecca received another coincidence which I would learn about the next day. While watching one of their favorite television programs, "Sex and the City," the song Moon River was highlighted on the show. It was a pleasant surprise for Glenn as it caused him to reflect on Mom again. At this point I should probably note that the song Moon River is a very old song. It is a song people almost never hear anymore on TV, the radio, in music stores or anywhere for that matter. So, part of the amazing aspect to these Moon River coincidences is the fact that the song even appears at all. Before my mother died, and before we began receiving these coincidences, it was an extreme rarity to hear such an old song play anywhere in the media. As for myself, before these experiences occurred, I can't remember even hearing the song since I was a child. I know this was also true for my immediate family members as well.

  November 6, 2003

Glenn read my email about how I put all our Moon River coincidences on my website. Because he had heard Moon River play the night before on "Sex and the City," this was a very big coincidence for him.


Glenn's photo. The day after I published all our coincidences on my website, and sent an email to the family about it, Glenn reads my email and views what I published on my site. This was an enormous coincidence because of his hearing the song on TV the previous night. It was also around the anniversary of Mom's passing on November, 24, 2001, and it's a time when everyone is remembering Mom the most. After viewing what I published, Glenn emailed me to tell me about his coincidences and wrote, "Now I can't get Moon River out of my head."

  November 24, 2003

On the anniversary of my mother's death, my sister Debbie coincidently watched Andy Williams sing Moon River on a cable biography of him.


Andy Williams' photo. On this date, I wasn't aware of this Andy coincidence my sister experienced. On this date, the very day of the second anniversary of Mom's death, an A&E Biography of Andy Williams was on cable television. By mere chance, my sister came across the program and watched it. I learned about it the next day when I happened to phone her.

  November 25, 2003

I phoned my sister Debbie to ask her if she knew of anymore Moon River coincidences that has happened. To my utter amazement, she told me about hearing Andy Williams singing Moon River on TV the previous day, Mom's second anniversary of her death.


Debbie's photo. I was working on these web pages about our coincidences when I needed to phone my sister to ask her more about Mom's memorial two years ago. I wanted to know more details about her remembering the song Moon River just two days before the memorial. After telling me more details about it (which I have already published on this web page), she told me how she saw an Andy Williams special on TV the night before and heard him sing Moon River sung on it. Because I happened to phone her about the subject (I don't frequently phone family members because, for everyone, it is a long distance phone call), it was an enormous coincidence for my sister. It was also an enormous coincidence for me. After all, Andy Williams singing Moon River on TV on the exact day of my the anniversary of my mother's death was an overwhelming coincidence! At this point, I realized Mom is reassuring our family once again with "signs from heaven."

  November 25, 2003

On this day, Steve and his wife Sandy were browsing around in a mall music store when Sandy saw a Barbara Streisand CD. Out of curiosity, she picked it off the shelf to look at it. To her surprise, on the back of the CD, Moon River was one of the songs listed on it.


Sandy's photo. Steve's photo. About an hour after phoning Debbie, I phoned my brother Steve to tell him about the coincidences which just happened to Debbie and I. I also wanted to see if he had any recent coincidences to share. I thought it unlikely they would also have an coincidence at this time, given the other amazing coincidences which have already happened. So I was completely flabbergasted to learn they did have one. Only hours before I phoned him, he and Sandy were in a mall music store and his wife Sandy saw a Barbara Streisand CD. Out of curiosity, she looked at it and surprisingly saw Moon River listed on it. Now all four of Mom's children (Glenn, Debbie, Steve and I) have now had at least one more Moon River coincidence around the anniversary of Mom's death. Of course, my own coincidences are in the form of discovering and putting them all together. Had I not paid attention and not asked around, no one would know about all the connections. It seemed as though Mom was "orchestrating" it all through me to let everyone know she was still with us in spirit. I also knew that she knew how capable I was at doing "the detective work" to put all the pieces to the puzzle together and discover what exactly was going on.

  December 6, 2003

For the first time, I learned what inspired Glenn to sing Moon River at Mom's memorial. A few days after her death, he remembered an incident in his childhood where he sat on the couch in the living room with my mother and sang Moon River.

Kevin's photo.

Ever since my wonderful visitation with my mother, I have been documenting these coincidences without knowing how some of the details fit together. There was only one question I needed to know. And it had to do with what my mother told me in the lucid dream I had of her two days after her death. When I saw her, I exclaimed, "Mom, you're not dead!" to which she replied, "I haven't told Glenn yet." Ever since I had this dream, I always wondered how Mom was going to tell Glenn she wasn't dead. So I sent an email to Glenn questioning him about it. On this date, Glenn emailed back to me the answers. And I couldn't have been more stunned! Here is what he wrote:


Glenn's photo. "My thinking about 'Moon River' began only a few days after Mom died. Music has always been for me an outlet for emotions. I've been attracted lately to rediscover the music of my youth and, when Mom died, a lot of the songs she sang to me and we enjoyed together (largely at the Ivy St. house in Monrovia) flooded back. I actually have a literal memory of Mom singing 'Moon River' when I was a kid. We were sitting on the couch in the living room at 201 N. Ivy and she had her arm around me and we were singing the song together. The song was always the Black Sheep National Anthem to me and I felt then that we both knew something about loneliness. Mom had the sweetest singing voice, beautiful and clear. I loved hearing her sing. The memory has long been a sweet one for me.


"After Mom died, I found myself singing 'Moon River' out loud to myself at work and in the car and everywhere else. It kind of became a way for me to sing to Mom and it helped me feel Mom's presence during the grieving process.


"During the memorial at Deb's house, I really wanted to get up and sing 'Moon River'. But I was afraid that it would be too sentimental or that people would feel I was being inappropriate for a memorial. I kept thinking, maybe I should sing 'I Come to the Garden Alone' or some other religious song. But 'Moon River' kept running through my heart and I knew that's what I wanted to sing for her. I waited until we were pretty much finished sharing and then thought to myself, this is my last and only chance to do this and I don't want to regret not singing this song at this moment. So I told everyone I had one more thing to do, and I got up and sang 'Moon River' a capella.


"'Moon River' keeps coming up for me. I finally had to break down and buy an Andy Williams collection to get a copy. There are other Mom songs that come through for me as well: 'Turn Around,' 'Prayer for Bobby,' and others. But nothing like 'Moon River.'"


With Glenn's reply, I finally had the pieces to the puzzle in place! The question I had was finally answered! I knew exactly how and when Mom made Glenn aware she wasn't dead! And I was astonished to say the least! Debbie and I learned Mom "wasn't dead" when we had our lucid dreams of her two days after her death. In my dream, Mom was sitting on a couch telling me she, "hasn't told Glenn yet [that she isn't dead]." It was Glenn's remembering this childhood incident of sitting on a couch with Mom singing Moon River, two days after Mom died, that inspired him to sing the song at the memorial. That is why Mom appeared to me sitting on a couch in my dream! She obviously knew I would eventually make this connection. If Glenn had not sung Moon River at the memorial, all the other Moon River coincidences that followed would have gone unnoticed. And I would never have thought to ask other family members if they had coincidences as well! And it was Glenn's singing of this song that got the ball rolling, allowing Mom's messages to come through! I was merely the one who put the pieces together! And if I didn't understand what after-death communications were beforehand, none of this would have made any sense to me! My dream of seeing Mom sitting on a couch, and Glenn' childhood memory of sitting on a couch with Mom, all in the same time frame, is a clear case of a rare type of synchronicity. It is the type of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence which is purely a mental one and is like premonition. When you put all these amazing synchronicities together, the message my mother gave us from heaven is very powerful and clear. There is no doubt in my mind this was exactly the message she wanted to give us and it came through loud and clear. Mom isn't dead.

  December 9, 2003 As a side note, I finally discovered the Moon River news article my father heard about on the car radio by Paul Harvey last year.

My father's photo. I searched for this article without success for a long time and on this day I finally found it. About a month after the memorial, my father heard Paul Harvey on the car radio talking about how the signs over the real Moon River were stolen. Since then, I have made attempts to find this news article without success. But after spending hours on this day searching the Internet, I finally found it. And it validates the news story about Moon River my father heard.


"A miracle is not the breaking of physical laws, but rather represents laws which are incomprehensible to us." Guirdjieff

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