Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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Psychics and Near-Death Experience Afterlife Revelations
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

Dannion BrinkleyOne of the possible aftereffects of having a near-death experience (NDE) is becoming psychic. One of the most well known experiencers who became psychic after having an NDE is Dannion Brinkley. A lightening bolt struck Dannion while he was on the telephone, sending at least 180,000 volts of electricity through his body. Miraculously, Dannion returned to life nearly 28 minutes after he had been declared dead. During his NDE, he was shown 117 visions of the future, including the election of Ronald Reagan, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Gulf War in 1991. Dr. Raymond Moody, the "father of the NDE" verified that Dannion did indeed predict events before they happened. Dannion also realized that his NDE marked the beginning of his psychic abilities. In an attempt to verify Dannion's psychic abilities, the popular TV show "Unsolved Mysteries" asked renowned parapsychologist Dr. William Roll to conduct a series of tests. Dannion gave readings for eight people he had never met before. According to Dr. Roll, Dannion picked out several details about the lives of the individuals that he could not have known. Dr. Roll described Dannion as one of the more remarkable psychics he has ever worked with. Dannion was also asked to consult on a brutal murder case. On August 12, 1993, in Big Fork, Montana, John and Nancy Bosco had been shot to death, execution style, as they slept. The police investigation turned up absolutely no leads. Two months later, John's mother Toni met with Dannion. Dannion described the killer as a slight-built young man with black hair who knew John and the layout of the house. Dannion said that the man was in a college somewhere in the West, but predicted that he would be arrested in the very early part of December. Incredibly, Dannion was correct on all counts; 18-year-old Joseph "Shadow" Clark was arrested in December, and later convicted. Just as Dannion predicted, Clark had lived in the murder house, had known the Boscos, and was attending college in the West. Dannion had apparently solved the case through the power of his mind. Other NDErs such as Paul Elder, Joseph McMoneagle and David Morehouse attain remote viewing skills which attracted the attention of top secret U.S. government officials. Other NDErs such as Peter Anthony have been employed by law enforcement as a psychic detective; spiritual mediums such as Susanne Wilson; psychic diagnosticians such as Dr. Yvonne Kason; astral projection experts such as Dr. Dianne Morrissey; earthquake sensitives such as Elaine Durham; and EVP experts such as Gabbie Chase.

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