A Brief Timeline of My Family's After-Death Communications From My Mother

  By Kevin Williams

My MotherMy family began receiving after-death communications (ADCs) from my mother just days after she died suddenly in 2001. We continue to receive ADCs regularly throughout the decades following her death with the latest one occurring in 2018. These ADCs happen spontaneously through lucid dreams, paranormal experiences of feeling her presence, hearing her voice, and numerous "synchronicities" experienced by family members coinciding around her special anniversaries, such as the day of her death, her memorial, and her birthday. These synchronicities are experiences related to my mother's favorite song, Moon River, a beautiful song by Henry Mancini originally created to be performed by Audrey Hepburn's character in the movie adaptation of Truman Capote's novella Breakfast at Tiffany's, and a song made more famous by Andy Williams, a song sung her at her memorial, and a song perfectly describing her personality and life.

Year/Date Event

The song Moon River became famous by Audrey Hepburn in Truman Capote's movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. A more popular version of Moon River was later made famous by Andy Williams. My mother may have seen this movie with one of more of her friends. This is only speculation.  [Details]

 Early 1960's

The song Moon River as sung by Andy Williams became my mother's favorite song and could be heard frequently on our living room stereo when I was a child.  [Details]


My young mother left her young husband and four children for a man named Paul which was remarkably synchronistic with Truman Capote's characters in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  [Details]

 Sept. 26, 1978

I attended a college lecture on this day by Truman Capote, the inspiration of Breakfast at Tiffany's, the inspiration for the song Moon River.  [Details]

  Sept. ??, 1978

Days after the Truman Capote lecture on September 26, 1978, I attended a college fraternity party at a hot springs in the vast wilderness area near Yellowstone Park just three miles away from where my mother would die in a car accident 23 years later in 2001.  [Details]

 Nov. 15, 2000

I created a music CD for my mother with her favorite song, Moon River, at the top of the list.  [Details]

 Nov. 24, 2001

My mother died in a car accident on this day while hunting with my fraternal twin brother's family near Yellowstone Park. The accident occurred just three miles away from the fraternity party I attended in 1978 during "Rush Week" festivities when I attended the Truman Capote lecture.  [Details]

 Nov. 26, 2001

On this day, just two days after my mother's death, she appeared to my sister and I in similar lucid ADC visitation dreams on the same night. My mother told me about a message she had yet to give my brother Glenn which I would find out later related to my brother's memory of the song Moon River.  [Details]

 Nov. 26, 2001

On the same day as my spontaneous visitation dream of my mother sitting on a couch in a heavenly room, my brother Glenn had a spontaneous childhood memory of my mother sitting on a couch in the living room with him in her arms singing Moon River.  [Details]

 Nov. 28, 2001

On this day, just two days after my ADC visitation dream of my mother, I phoned my sister Debbie and told her about it. She then told me about a remarkably similar ADC dream of my mother she had on the same night as mine.  [Details]

 June 20, 2002

On this day, just days before Glenn would sing Moon River at Mom's memorial, Debbie spontaneously remembered Moon River as a song she associated with Mom. It was also a song she hadn't thought of since childhood. Debbie would experience a major synchronicity when my brother Glenn sang Moon River two days later at my Mom's memorial.  [Details]

 June 22, 2002

My brother sang Moon River in my mother's memory at her memorial.  [Details]

 June 27, 2002

I watched my mother's memorial on videotape on this day and heard my brother sing Moon River.  [Details]

 July 1, 2002

On this evening, just days after watching my mother's memorial and hearing Glenn sing Moon River, I had a spontaneous and powerful hour-long ADC visitation with my mother where I felt her enormous presence.  [Details]

 July 2, 2002

The next morning, only hours after my ADC presence of my mother, I turned the television on and by pure coincidence Truman Capote's movie Breakfast at Tiffany's came on and the song Moon River began to play. I immediately understood this to be a profound ADC synchronicity validating the profound ADC visitation of my mother just hours earlier.  [Details]

 July 21, 2002

My father heard Paul Harvey on the car radio discussing a news item about the real Moon River.  [Details]

 Nov. 5, 2003

I published these ADCs and Moon River coincidences on my website on this day.  [Details]

 Nov. 5, 2003

On the same day, my brother Glenn heard the song Moon River highlighted on the television show "Sex and the City."  [Details]

 Nov. 6, 2003

The next day, Glenn read my email about the ADCs and Moon River coincidences on my website. Because he heard Moon River play the night before on "Sex and the City," this was a big Moon River synchronicity for him.  [Details]

 Nov. 24, 2003

On this day, the second anniversary of my mother's death, my sister Debbie coincidently watched Andy Williams sing Moon River on a cable biography of him.  [Details]

 Nov. 25, 2003

The next day I phoned my sister Debbie. To my utter amazement, she told me about hearing Andy Williams singing Moon River on TV the previous day, on the second anniversary of my mother's death.  [Details]

 Nov. 25, 2003

On the same day, Steve and his wife Sandy were browsing around in a mall music store when Sandy picked the first CD she saw on the shelf at random. It was a Barbara Streisand CD. Out of curiosity, she looked on the back of the CD and saw the song Moon River listed on it.  [Details]

 Dec. 6, 2003

On this date, for the first time I learned what inspired Glenn to sing Moon River at Mom's memorial. A few days after her death, he remembered an incident in his childhood where he sat on the couch in the living room with my mother singing Moon River.  [Details]

 Dec. 9, 2003

On this date, I finally discovered the Moon River news article my father heard about last year on his car radio by Paul Harvey.  [Details]

 Feb-April, 2005 

A copyeditor volunteered to create a manuscript from my family's ADCs and "Moon River coincidences" for my next book. It resulted in her personally experiencing numerous profound Moon River coincidences.  [Details]

 July 28-29, 2009 

As my father was in a coma and dying from complications related to lymphoma, he experienced a phenomenon called "terminal lucidity."  [Details]

 Oct. 15, 2009 

My father appeared to me in an ADC visitation dream months after his death and just three days before his birthday.  [Details]

 July 29, 2010 

This is the first anniversary of my father's death and transition to heaven.  [Details]

 August 1, 2010 

A few days later, on this evening while watching TV, I stumbled across the beginning of the show "The Andy Williams Moon River and Me Show."  [Details]

 August 3, 2010 

On this evening while watching TV, I heard Moon River played by Henry Mancini from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's on an infomercial for Time-Life's "Golden Age of Pop."  [Details]

 August 4, 2010

I received an email from my step-mother Marilee Williams telling me how she also stumbled across "The Andy Williams Moon River and Me Show" on TV on August 1st.  [Details]

 August 7, 2010 

On this evening while watching TV, I stumbled across repeats of "The Andy Williams Moon River and Me Show" and an A&E Biography of Truman Capote.  [Details]

 August 8, 2010 

The A&E Biography of Truman Capote repeated on this date.  [Details]

 August 9, 2010 

The actress Patricia Neal, from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote, died on this day.  [Details]

 July 29, 2011 

This is the second anniversary of my Dad's transition to heaven.  [Details]

 July 30, 2011 

The next day, while searching the Internet for more information about a TV show I was watching, I stumbled across an article about "The Moon River Brewing Company."  [Details]

 Oct. 16, 2011 

On this day, two days before my deceased father's birthday, I experienced an ADC of hearing his voice speaking clearly in my ear.  [Details]

 Oct. 18, 2011

On my father's birthday, I stumbled across a relevant article about Truman Capote's main character in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly GoLightly, Moon River, and the 60's sexual revolutions.  [Details]

 Oct. 19, 2011 

My step-mother Marilee told me she heard the song Moon River played on a TV show the previous night on my father's birthday.  [Details]

 April 20, 2017 

I received a tremendous epiphany on this date about an event I experienced in 1978 near Yellowstone Park as part of a special week of university festivities which included the Truman Capote lecture. But even more amazing, I discovered the fraternity party was just three miles away from the 2001 accident where my mother died.  [Details]

 Oct. 1, 2018 

On this evening I participated in the first meeting of the Sacramento IANDS Group where I spoke about my book and how the ADCs related to my mother provided evidence of her continuing survival. A local news station covered the event which I watched on TV later that evening. Minutes later, a news story about Truman Capote appeared.  [Details]

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"I think you are correct in assuming that synchronicity, though in practice a relatively rare phenomenon, is an all-pervading factor of principle in the universe, i.e., in the Unus Mundus (one world), where there is no incommensurability between so-called matter and co-called psyche." -- Carl G. Jung, founder of analytical psychology and NDEr

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