Reincarnation in the Bible
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By Kevin Williams, B.Sc.
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 Table of Contents
Part 1 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

1. Introduction to reincarnation in Christianity
a. A brief history of reincarnation in Christian history
b. The mystery of the resurrection of the dead
c. The mystery of rebirth defined
d. The real resurrection of the dead
2. John the Baptist as Elijah reincarnated
a. John the Baptist as Elijah is the clearest biblical statement of reincarnation
b. John had the spirit and power of Elijah
c. If John was not Elijah, then Jesus was not the Messiah
d. Skeptical objections to John as Elijah answered
e. The similar lives and personalities of John and Elijah
f. John had to pay for Elijah's bad karma
g. Elijah and Moses appear at the first and second coming of Christ
h. The disciples didn't know what spirit they had
i. Summary

Part 2 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

3. Reincarnating prophets and other people
a. The Bible mentions reincarnating prophets
b. The Bible mentions other reincarnating people
c. Some of Jesus' contemporaries will be alive on Earth at his second coming
d. The Greek word "palingenesía" in the Bible is translated "reincarnation"
e. The Bible describes life as a cycle
f. The Apocrypha mentions reincarnating humans
g. The parables of Jesus and reincarnation
h. Summary
4. Jesus said, "You must be born again"
a. Why humans need to be spiritually reborn
b. The man from above explains how to be born from above
c. Reincarnation as a metaphor for spiritual rebirth by the Holy Spirit
d. Christ's resurrection as a metaphor for spiritual rebirth by the Holy Spirit
e. Baptism as a metaphor for spiritual rebirth by the Holy Spirit
f. Jesus and Nicodemus on earthly and heavenly things
g. Summary

Part 3 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

5. God wants everyone saved implies reincarnation
a. Universal salvation in the first 500 years of Christianity
b. God's punishment is not eternal
c. God wills everyone to be saved
d. Everyone will be saved
e. The time of universal restoration
f. Summary
6. God's law of divine justice as the law of reincarnation
a. The law of divine justice defined as karma and reincarnation
b. The law of karma in the Old Testament
c. The law of karma taught by Paul
d. The law of karma taught by Jesus
e. Bad karma can extend into multiple lifetimes
f. Is there an end to reincarnation?
g. Other ways to overcome bad karma and reincarnation
h. The law of karma and the law of grace
i. Summary

Part 4 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

7. God's demand for human perfection implies reincarnation
a. The perfection process of sanctification defined
b. God requires people to become perfect and holy
c. The requirement for perfection implies reincarnation
d. Reincarnation nullifies the need for an End Time corpse resurrection
e. Summary
8. God's judgment according to works implies reincarnation
a. God's law has not been nullified and still remains in effect
b. Everyone is judged according to God's law
c. Everyone is judged according to their works both good and bad
d. Working for salvation where the first are last and the last are first
e. The near-death "life review" as Judgment Day
f. Salvation is not by faith alone
g. Salvation begins by working to no longer practice sin
h. Summary

Part 5 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

9. Preexistence of the soul and election implies reincarnation
a. Preexistence of the soul in biblical times
b. The preexistent Jesus
c. The preexistent Human Being
d. Foreknowledge by God implies preexistence of the soul
e. The Church's condemnations of preexistence and reincarnation
f. More on Origen's teaching of preexistence and reincarnation
g. Summary
10. The mystery of God in man implies reincarnation
a. Introduction to the mystery of God in man and reincarnation
b. The mystery of God in Jesus
c. The mystery of the trinity
d. God in Jesus does not mean God is Jesus
e. The mystery of God in humans
f. The mystery of Christ in humans
g. The mystery of humans evolving into the image of Christ
h. Summary

Part 6 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

11. More reincarnating biblical personalities
a. Fallen angels as reincarnating human beings
b. Satan as a reincarnating human being
c. Human beings as angels and vice versa
d. Angels and humans who are rescued from hell
e. The nation of Israel reincarnated
f. The reincarnation of the Apostle John
g. The reincarnation of the Apostle Paul
h. Summary
12. Dead bodies coming out of tombs versus live babies coming out of wombs
a. The case against resting in peace until the Night of the Living Dead
b. Paul and the reincarnation of the spirit
c. An immortal and indestructible soul implies reincarnation
d. Thy kingdom come through reincarnation
e. The Book of Revelation and reincarnation
f. The dream interpretation of the End Times in the Book of Revelation
g. The Lake of Fire as the purification of reincarnation
h. Gregory of Nyssa's reasons why the Church rejected reincarnation
i. Summary

Part 7 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

13. The past lives of Jesus Christ
a. King David as a past life of Jesus Christ
(1) Who do people say Jesus was in a past life?
(2) Whose son is the Messiah?
(3) David and Jesus as firstborn, seed, root, Melchizedek, savior
(4) David will be reincarnated in the Last Days
(5) More evidence of David as a past life of Jesus
b. Melchizedek as a past life of Jesus Christ
c. Joseph as a past life of Jesus Christ
d. Adam as a past life of Jesus Christ
14. Final summary of this article
15. Conclusion by Kevin Williams

Part 8 -- Reincarnation in the Bible

16. References
17. Resources and links
a. Reincarnation eBooks
b. Reincarnation books
c. Reincarnation websites
(1) Reincarnation researchers
(2) Reincarnation main websites
(3) Reincarnation cases
(4) Reincarnation articles
(5) Reincarnation in the news
(6) Reincarnation YouTube videos
(7) Christian reincarnation on Wikipedia
(8) Reincarnation on Psi Encyclopedia
(9) Reincarnation on other reference sites

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""It can be shown that an incorporeal and reasonable being has life in itself independently of the body... then it is beyond a doubt bodies are only of secondary importance and arise from time to time to meet the varying conditions of reasonable creatures. Those who require bodies are clothed with them, and contrariwise, when fallen souls have lifted themselves up to better things their bodies are once more annihilated. They are ever vanishing and ever reappearing." -- Origen, First Church Father of the Catholic Church (185-254 AD)

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