Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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Biblical Support for Near-Death Experiences
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
Bible shining

In this section you will find evidence gleaned from the Bible and other early Judeo-Christian writings supporting the NDE as a true revelation of God worthy of belief and understanding. You may also find NDE revelations of God answering your questions, concerns, and understanding of Christian doctrines. But first, take a moment to review the important questions below about Christian doctrines and select which answers best fit your current belief system. Fundamentalist Christians tend to select answers under Answer Option #1. The answers under Answer Option #2 are based upon NDE testimony and early Christian writings.

Important Questions for Every Christian to Answer
# Question: Answer Option #1   Answer Option #2
1. Is the Being of light... the light of evil? OR the light of God?
2. Is the devil... a formidible threat to God? OR a sinful nature to be "crucified"?
3. Is God a Spirit of... unending wrath? OR unconditional love?
4. Did Jesus preach... eternal damnation for sinners? OR eternal salvation for all sinners?
5. Are we saved by... worshipping Jesus? OR following the way of Jesus?
6. Are we redeemed by... relying on the cross of Christ? OR taking up our own "cross"?
7. Are we justified by... having faith in Jesus? OR having the faith of Jesus?
8. Are we regenerated by... faith without works? OR performing works of faith?
9. Are we born again by... believing in the name of Jesus? OR loving others as Jesus did?
10. Does God dwell... only within Jesus? OR within other humans also?
11. Is spiritual rebirth... the regeneration of a dead spirit? OR the "resurrection" of the spirit in a living body?
12. Is bodily rebirth... the resurrection of a dead body? OR the "resurrection" of the spirit in a new body?
13. Is the Bible... the infallible words of God? OR the spiritual inspiration of fallible humans?
Biblical Support for NDEs Index
1. NDEs are not Satanic
2. NDEs are Biblical
3. Christian Doctrines and the NDE
4. Fallibility of the Bible


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