Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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God Is With Us
What Near-Death and Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences Teach Us About God and Afterlife
By Dr. Ken R. Vincent
Ken Vincent

 Dr. Ken R. Vincent received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado in 1973. He is currently retired from teaching Psychology and the Psychology of Religious Experience at Houston Community College. He is a member of the Alister Hardy Society for the Study of Spiritual Experience and the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Dr. Vincent served as a founding Board member of the Christian Universalist Association and is the former webmaster of The Universalist Herald website. His writings all contain a strong undercurrent of Universalist thought. In his book The Magi: From Zoroaster to the Three Wise Men, he compares the religion of the Magi (Zoroastrianism) to Christianity and shows the parallels of Universal Restoration in both faiths. In Visions of God from the Near-Death Experience, the wisdom of the prophets and sages of the world's religions is superimposed upon the accounts of modern-day near-death experiencers to illustrate the similarities between them. Dr. Vincent‘s book The Golden Thread: God's Promise of Universal Salvation documents the solid support for Universal Salvation in the Bible as well as research into NDEs and Mystical / Religious / Spiritual Experiences. This online book is entitled God Is With Us: What Near-Death and Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences Teach Us About God and Afterlife. Correspondence regarding this online book should be sent to: The Chapters of this book are as follows:

Table of Contents
Home Page:   The current page featuring the home page of Dr/ Vincent's "God Is With Us."
Dedication:   Dr. Vincent dedicated his online book to his wife, Pam Vincent.
Foreword:   Kevin R. Williams provided the Foreword to Dr. Vincent's online book.
Chapter 1:   The Search for God and Afterlife in the Age of Science:  NDEs and other spiritually transpersonal experiences (STEs) point to the reality and nature of God and an afterlife. Dr. Vincent reviews of the history of such experiences and presents his conclusions.
Chapter 2:   Developmental Revelation:  There are parallels between the development of the individual and the development of cultures that have existed throughout history and evidence of this maturation process can be found in the stories of the world's great religions.
Chapter 3:   Ken's Guide to "Universals" In Religion:  Dr. Vincent presents five "universals" common to the world's great religions and the religious practices which are not universal.
Chapter 4:   Separating the "Super" from the "Natural":  The "supernatural" is separated from "natural" religious experiences.
Chapter 5:   Religious Experience of Jesus Compatible with Modern Research:  Dr. Vincent documents how the Jesus Seminar used modern scholarship to separate the mythology from the reality regarding Jesus.
Chapter 6:   Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as After-Death Communication (ADC):  Dr. Vincent reveals how the "resurrection" appearances of Jesus described in the Bible are more in accord with the phenomenology of modern ADCs.
Chapter 7:   Resurrection Appearances of Jesus as ADC: Rejoinder to Gary Habermas:  Dr. Vincent defends his thesis about Jesus' resurrection appearances described in the Bible as being visionary ADCs instead of "reanimated corpse" appearances.
Chapter 8:   Religious Experience Research Reveals Universalist Principles:  Dr. Vincent describes the recurring pattern of Universalist principles in the writing of his fellow researchers of NDEs and other STEs.
Chapter 9:   Mystical Religious Experiences and Christian Universalism.  Some personal and social science evidence from modern researchers who have shown how such mystical experiences are quite common and how they reinforce what Jesus taught about God's love for everyone.
Chapter 10:    The NDE and Christian Universalism.  Dr. Vincent explores the NDE in context of Christian Universalism.
Chapter 11:    An Eighteenth-Century NDE: The Case of George de Benneville.  A description of one of the most credible and documented cases of an NDE.
Chapter 12:    Zoroaster: The First Universalist:  Zoroaster was known as a the Prophet of the Magi and a miracle-worker whose philosophy entered the West through their influence on Judaism and Christianity.
Chapter 13:    Omar Khayyam: Sufi Universalist:  Khayyám was an Islamic mystic from Persia whose Islamic Universalism was expressed through his poetic verses.
Chapter 14:    Universal Salvation in Hinduism and Its Children:  Dr. Vincent explains the Universalist principles found in Hinduism and its "branches".
Chapter 15:    Scientific Investigation of the "Dark Side":  Dr. Vincent documents the scientific research into STEs which show negative experiences do occur and that they also change people's lives for the better.
Chapter 16:    Magic, Deeds, and Universalism: Afterlife in the World’s Religions:  Dr. Vincent describes in detail the three levels of religious development in human beings.
Chapter 17:    What Near-Death and Other STEs Teach Us About God and Afterlife.
Appendix A:    The Salvation Conspiracy: How Hell Became Eternal.
Appendix B:    Where Have All the Universalists Gone?:  Dr. Vincent describes how Universalism is growing in the hearts and minds of virtually all Christian denominations, as well as other world religions.
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