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Dove and Rose painting by Peter TeekampThe cover art is by Peter Teekamp and is entitled “Pass It On.” Teekamp gives the following interpretation of it:

“The dove belongs to the sky, the rose belongs to the Earth, and the fish belongs to the water. The dove is the spiritual messenger of peace. The rose symbolizes love with its human face. The fish symbolizes life. The spirit brings love to life.”


Peter Teekamp, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1950, has been painting since 1959. Though his major medium has been oil on canvas, his interests expand to all forms of graphic art. He is a self-taught artist who combines fantasy, realism, surrealism, and symbolism to come up with a style uniquely his own. The vibrant color used reflects a happy positive feeling. There is always something, whether it be pictorial or in thought, to discover when studying the works by Teekamp. Interestingly enough, Peter Teekamp has a lifetime amount of evidence that he is the reincarnation of Paul Gauguin, the famous 19th century post-impressionist artist. Evaluate the evidence and judge for yourself.


Peter Teekamp photoHe often communicates a feeling of harmony and beauty in nature with spiritual motivation. He feels very inspired by the Native American heritage. As a result, much of his work interprets his cultural observations in this country and in the hearts of its people. He draws inspiration from having traveled and lived throughout Europe, Africa, South America, the Far East, and the United States. He has been exposed to many people and cultures. This experience is also reflected in his work. Some of our deepest thoughts and feelings, so difficult to express, are visually before us in his art. His art underlies our true desire for spiritual awakening.


In general, his art is positive and relaxing. It carries a message that is philosophical and leaves much room for the individual to communicate with his or herself and to use their own imagination.


Peter states, “Our world is seen through the eye of discovery. I can't tell people what to see,” he explains, “because each person sees through the veil of his own experience. I like to see my art like seeds that flower in the hearts of those who are drawn to it.”


Works of Peter Teekamp can be seen in California (USA), Israel, India and the Netherlands. For more information, please visit

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity…. This is the dimension of imagination." - Rod Serling, television host of The Twilight Zone

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