Why Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" Movie Helps Al-Quida

  By Kevin Williams 

Kevin Williams photo. I am not a big fan of Hollywood except for the near-death experiences (NDEs) reported by famous movie stars. The great movies I saw while growing up will never be produced again in my opinion. I am thinking of such epic movies as "Gone With The Wind" and "Casablanca" - films which really tell a great story. Another movie which stands out in my mind is "The Planet of the Apes" because of the great impact on me as I will explain later. It seems like the only movies produced by Hollywood these days are either extremely violent or television adaptations such as "The Beverly Hillbillies IV." In 2004, a movie came out by Mel Gibson called "The Passion of the Christ" which depicted the last hours of Jesus. In my opinion, which I will also express later, is that this movie has done more damage to society and the world on many levels than it does entertain or inform.

I saw the 1968 cult classic "The Planet of the Apes" when I was about 10 years old and it changed my view of the world. This was the first movie I watched that led me to understand how powerful a good movie could greatly influence those who see it. By contrast, I believe Mel Gibson's movie "Passion" also greatly influenced people but in a negative way.

For those of you who haven't seen "The Planet of the Apes," basically its about American astronauts set in the future who travel far into space and crash on a planet in the galaxy. One of the astronauts who survives is played by Charlton Heston ("Get your damn paws off me you dirty ape!") discovers the planet is run by talking apes who act like humans. The astronaut gets captured by the apes and he learns that there are other humans on the planet but they are mute and very primitive. It is a planet where the roles are reversed between man and ape.

The apes have a religion for which they worship an Ape God who they believe created the universe. But the apes are incredulous when they capture the astronaut because they have never seen a human that is so "ape-like" and able to speak. In the end, the astronaut discovers the planet he crashed on is actually Earth only hundreds of years into the future. It is an Earth where humanity destroyed itself by nuclear war and the apes evolved far enough along to take over the planet.

This is a brilliant movie for many reasons. After I saw the movie, it made me imagine what it would be like if evolution were true (I didn't know much about evolution at that time) but more than anything it made me realize how fragile this world appears to be and how the wars over religion and material things could easily destroy this planet. And this is nothing new. According to Edgar Cayce, America's most gifted psychic and NDEr, the ancient civilization called Atlantis was destroyed because their technical knowledge exceeded their spiritual knowledge and they destroyed themselves because their weapons fell into the wrong hands. The current nuclear proliferation problem is comparable to the Atlantis situation before they were supposedly destroyed. And according to Cayce, a vast number of souls who had prior lifetimes in Atlantis have been reincarnating to America in droves for the last hundred years. So it is not a great leap of faith (for those who believe in evolution and reincarnation) to believe how America is now the reincarnation of Atlantis before its destruction. But now, once again, the stage is set to see if humanity can finally get it right and take the final step to fully evolve from the animals and become the spiritual beings we really are deep inside.

And the threat comes not only from this planet, but from outer space. In 2004, there was a "nine-hour crisis" where astronomers were very concerned that a devastating asteroid was about to hit the planet within 36 hours. And the odds of Earth actually being hit by an asteroid of the kind that killed off the dinosaurs is 1 in 65 million. But before you believe that this is a safe figure consider that according to JPL this means a 1 in 3000 probability of being hit by an extinction asteroid before the year 2200. So perhaps we should forget about exploring Mars and first deal with this asteroid threat. If we don't, then it WILL become true that the meek will inherit the Earth: the insects. And while we're at it, let's end the religious wars that have plagued humanity. The superpowers should be in the business of getting rid of their nukes and help other countries get rid of theirs before it's too late. History shows only too well how humanity learns nothing from history. If we don't wake up and stop fighting each other, we may very well go the way of the dinosaurs. Perhaps humanity needs a greater revelation from "on High" for nations to stop fighting each other and join forces to eliminate the real enemies against this planet: weapons of mass destruction, asteroids, comets  and global warming. Perhaps more apocalyptic revelations of the future from NDEs will help humanity understand this. We need to realize we are all God's children and that love is the universal tie that binds us.

Ever since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York, America has been at war against the religious fanatic "martyrs" who cause it. Then several years later in 2004, Mel Gibson released his movie "Passion". This movie about the death of Jesus has torn open old wounds - pun intended. Although Gibson's intensions may have been honorable, the movie couldn't appear on the world stage at a worst time. With the "martyrdom" of religious terrorists still fresh in our memories, I don't believe religious martyrdom is something we should be praising right now.

Every movie coming out of Hollywood goes all over the world and to places where the movie could easily be misunderstood, such as places where there is already intense anti-Semitism in Arab countries that have eager suicide bombers. I heard one movie critic describe the movie as "pornographically violent" by which he meant there was just too much of a strong emphasis on the blood and gore. For those of us who have been strongly against Hollywood's flood of intensely violent and bloody movies, to have a two-hour Christian "snuff film" suggests to the world that Christians in the U.S. may have lost the moral high ground when it religious "martyrdom." The movie certainly strained Jewish and Christian relations when it came out. Here is a good review of Gibson's movie which goes even further in its criticism.

But what really surprised me about Gibson's movie was how it was virtually silent on the teachings of Jesus - his emphasis on practicing unconditional love for everyone. No sooner than 15 minutes into the movie does the bloody torture begin. Perhaps a movie about Jesus' teaching of unconditional love doesn't draw box office revenue. I wouldn't complain so much if at least half of Gibson's movie was devoted Jesus' important teachings. I can easily imagine a much better movie with all the action and thrill of Jesus calming the sea, walking on water, raising the dead, and especially and foremost, having Jesus mention how the way to eternal life and is through the practice of unconditional love (see Luke 10:25-28).

Jesus told his followers that by going to the cross he would draw worldwide attention (John 12:32). I am sure this was not an egotistical remark by Jesus. To be sure, Jesus wanted the world's attention - not for himself - but for his teachings of love to spread across the globe. In other words, its the message which is important - not the messenger. Jesus was no egomaniac - even when he said that he was "the way, the truth, and the life." Because even in this instance, I am sure he was referring to himself as an example to follow - the fully-evolved human-divine unity which should be the goal of every human being. Jesus taught us to take up our own "crosses" and follow him in "crucifying self" - the aspects within ourselves which impede us to act in accordance with unconditional love. With Gibson's movie focusing solely on the torture of Jesus, it implies his torture is what is most important. It implies the mistaken belief held by many Christians that believing in Jesus' torture is what gets us to heaven and not obeying his universal commandment from God to love one another. And don't think the terrorist enemies of the U.S. haven't taken notice of this movie.

I hate to sound like the "Church Lady" on this but I believe America has more of a problem with violence in the media than with pornography. I would rather see Janet Jackson's breast on television during the Super Bowl than all the murder, killing, and violence passing for entertainment these days. Gibson has an obvious fixation about portraying men who are pornographically fixated on being tortured such as in his films Braveheart, Patriot, We Were Soldiers, Road Warrior, Mad Max, the Lethal Weapon series, and now Passion. There is something very disturbing about the current trend of bloody movies coming from Hollywood - even if it is about the prince of peace..

By the way, nobody killed Jesus. Let's set the record straight right now. Neither the Romans nor the Jews killed Jesus. And it is not true that "everyone killed Jesus" as some claim because of our sins. Jesus was on a specific mission from God to teach unconditional love and set an example. He knew the best way to get his message across to the whole world was to allow himself to voluntarily and unjustly be killed. In other words, Jesus needed to have himself killed to accomplish this mission which is spelled out in many Bible verses: • John 10:17-18  • Matthew 16:21  • Acts 2:22-23  • Acts 4:27-28 and • Ephesians 1:11)

Once you realize that no one else but Jesus was responsible for his death, then the erroneous label of "religious martyr" does not apply to him. Jesus knew what he was getting into and made it happen. He could have prevented it. He was obviously looking for a dispute with the religious establishment's social injustices. Many Bible scholars believe it was Jesus' action of clearing the moneychangers from the Temple which was the real reason his enemies wanted him killed. Another gross misunderstanding in Christianity is the problem of the apostle Paul's epistles where he uses a lot of anti-Semitic language when attributing Jesus' death to "the Jews" as if the entire Jewish people were responsible. This is equally as twisted as saying "Christians killed the Jews" during the Holocaust because Hitler and his minions claimed to be Christians. This kind of murderous bigotry against Jews have plagued the Jewish people for thousands of years. The last thing the world needed was Mel Gibson's "snuff film" of Jesus and the debate which followed concerning "who killed Jesus?" And for God's sake, let's support the institution of marriage by allowing gays and lesbians to participate in the wonderful institution of marriage! It has been suggested that part of the Church's current problem with pedophile priests is the long-standing tradition of not allowing priest to marry - even though there is no Biblical support requiring them to be celibate.

Portrait of Jesus. In Jesus' day, society considered people such as tax collectors, prostitutes, adulterers, homosexuals and prostitutes, as outcasts and second-class citizens. Women had the same status as cattle, slavery was sanctioned, and so-called sexually immoral people were stoned to death. But Jesus didn't follow these social norms of those days and he made it a point to emphasize tolerance. Instead, Jesus hung out with prostitutes, "sinners" and tax collectors and even made some of them apostles. So this is the example everyone must follow - social and religious tolerance.

After all, we don't get to heaven by worshipping Jesus. We get to heaven by worshipping the "divine spark" within everyone through love; and God is love. This was Jesus' whole point when he taught people "you are gods." So if we just go around and worshipping everyone as we would worship God, our problems would quickly go away and heaven would appear on Earth very quickly.

By the way, if you want to read about Christ's crucifixion from people who were actually there during a near-death experience, read these NDE testimonies: Don Brubaker who had an NDE where he was taken back into time to witness Jesus being crucified. George Rodonaia traveled back into time during his NDE and instantaneously lived in the minds of Jesus and his disciples. Gerard Landry saw Jesus on the cross in heaven during his NDE. Here are more links about NDEs involving Jesus and Christian NDEs in general.


"Religions are only cultural institutions; but love is Universal because love is God." - Kevin Williams

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