Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
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2. NDE Article Directory
  A critique of Mary Baxter's hellish NDE and her book Near-death and UFO encounters as shamanic initiations
  A critique of Susan Blackmore's dying brain theory NDE of space, time, and consciousness
  A theory accounting for all occurrences of NDEs Religious interpretations of NDEs
  Another look at beings encountered during the NDE Richard Eby's NDE and the second coming of Christ
  Betty Andreasson's alien abduction and NDE Sex, drugs, NDEs and quantum physics
  Grief and loss from the NDE perspective Soulmates and consciousness: New understanding
  How the new physics is validating NDE concepts The science of life discovered from an NDE
  It's time for volunteer "flatliner" near-death experiments The survival after death interpretation of recent studies
  Lessons from NDEs about the fourth dimension Why near-death experiences are different
  NDEs: Brain physiology or transcendental consciousness Why the fear of death is irrational
3. NDE Experts
  Allan Kellehear Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino Nancy Clark
  Antonia Mills Harold Widdison Nancy Evans Bush
  Barbara Rommer Ian Stevenson Nora Spurgin
  Barbara Whitfield IANDS Leadership P.M.H. Atwater
  Bruce Greyson Janice Holden Paul Perry
  Carlos Alvarado Jeffrey & Jody Long Penny Satori
  Charles Tart Ken R. Vincent Peter Fenwick
Chris Carter Kenneth Ring Pim van Lommel
  Craig Lundahl Kimberly Sharp Clark Raymond Moody
  David San Filippo Liz Dale Robert & Suzanne Mays
  Diane Corcoran Madelaine Lawrence Sam Parnia
  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Melvin Morse Susan Blackmore
  Emily Williams Kelly Michael Grosso  
  Erlendur Haraldsson Michael Sabom  
4. NDE Research Conclusions
  Afterlife Realms Life Spirit Guides
  City of Light Life Review Spirituality
  Death Music Telepathy
  Earth Orbs Temple of Knowledge
  Forgotten Knowledge Out-of-Body Experiences The Future
  God Pre-Existence The Tunnel
  Heaven Reincarnation The Void
Hell Religion Time
  Homecoming Satan Told "You Are Not Ready"
  Humanity Science War and Evil
  Intense Emotions Silver Cord  
  Jesus Soul and Spirit  
5. Hallucinations and NDEs
Albert Hint's Ecstasy NDE Larry Hagman's LSD Triggered NDE Timothy Leary, LSD and NDEs
  Joseph Kerrick's LSD NDE MaryJane Escobar's Drug Triggered NDE Why NDEs are not Hallucinations
  Karl Jansen, Ketamine and NDEs Naina's LSD NDE  
6. P.M.H. Atwater's NDE Research
7. Scientific Evidence Supporting NDEs
Children have NDEs similar to adults People can experience someone else's NDE Scientific discoveries come from NDEs
  Common elements are found in NDEs People have NDEs while brain dead Some people receive verified visions of the future
  NDEs have been known throughout history People having NDEs are convinced they're real Some people were dead for several days
  People are dramatically changed by NDEs People see verified events while out-of-body 40+ more scientific evidence supporting NDEs
  People born blind can see during a NDE Quantum theory supports NDEs  
8. Scientific Theories of NDEs
9. NDEs and Physics Research
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