Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
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Near-Death Experience Research Conclusions
By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.
Kevin Williams  

There are many possible components to near-death experiences (NDEs). The fact that many of these components are unique to NDEs and can be found in many NDEs is evidence that NDEs are not merely random hallucinations or dreams. However, not all NDEs have all these components; and not every component can be found in all NDEs. Generally speaking, the more transcendental an NDE is (or the longer the experiencer is near-death), the more it will have these components. But when it comes to scientifically quantifying an NDE, a scale was created by Dr. Bruce Greyson who is the professor, psychiatrist and "father of NDE studies" at the Department of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. The "Greyson NDE Scale" measures the depth of the transcendental nature of a person’s NDE and is based upon a questionnaire and point system. The more points an NDE has, the more transcendental the NDE. A score of 7 or higher is considered an NDE for research purposes. The mean score among a large sample of NDEs is 15. If you are an NDEr, I highly recommend you taking the Greyson NDE Scale Questionnaire on the IANDS website for yourself. Below are links to articles created by Kevin Williams providing research conclusions for various components of NDEs profiled on this website.

NDE Research Conclusions Index
1. Pre-Existence 10. Death 19. The City of Light 28. Temple of Knowledge
2. Earth 11. Out-of-Body Experience 20. Afterlife Realms 29. Music
3. Life 12. Silver Cord 21. God 30. Homecoming
4. Humanity 13. Time 22. Jesus 31. Told "You Are Not Ready"
5. Soul and Spirit 14. Hell 23. Satan 32. The Future
6. Religion 15. The Void 24. Life Review 33. Spirit Guides
7. Spirituality 16. The Tunnel 25. Intense Emotions 34. Reincarnation
8. Science 17. Orbs 26. Telepathy    
9. War and Evil 18. Heaven 27. Forgotten Knowledge    
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