Skeptical Argument: Life Outside the Universe Is Unlikely

A supernova eye. SKEPTIC'S ARGUMENT:  "The picture looks bleak so far for our survival. If the spiritual universe is completely outside of the material universe, then it has no true bearing on the physical universe, and if this is the case, then there might as well be no god. God's existence is only useful if it somehow interacts with us, in the physical universe; after all, all of our thoughts are determined by molecular motion in the brain. Prayer is initiated in the brain. A response, if it's valid, must obviously move matter through space-time. Therefore, we have this thorny problem: if we believe that there is a spiritual universe, how does it interact with the physical universe, of which we are a part?"


KEVIN WILLIAMS, B.SC.:  "Concerning life outside our universe, I assume you are not referring to the evidence from quantum physics suggesting the possibility of many other universes existing beside our own. Setting that aside, as mentioned in a previous article, you will have to give a definition of what you mean by 'god' for any discussion to take place. If you define "God" as an Old Man sitting on a Throne, then I have to agree with you that there is no such 'God.' But if one defines 'God' the same way many NDE experiencers do - that everything is 'God' (the whole 'Enchilada' you might say) - then one comes close to understanding what multitudes of people have experienced in NDEs. In other words, denying the existence of a 'Conscious Universe' may ultimately be like denying the existence of the universe itself. And there are some relatively new theories coming from quantum physics that we may indeed be living in such a conscious universe.


"Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live." - Albert Einstein

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